28 Sep 2009

Pananalasa ni Bagyong Ondoy

Ondoy's Trail of Fury from Glenn Omanio on Vimeo.


Typhoon Ondoy left lots of filipino’s homeless. Some of them died..  I know others might say that this is the fruit of all the corruption and other government issues under Arroyo’s government but hey guys, this is no time for blaming each other.. The best we can do is help one another in any way we can. From a simple prayer to donations. I can’t help myself but cry when I watched this video. Thanks to Glenn Omanio..

7 Sep 2009

Jamie’s new baby

Oh right, Jamie’s new baby arrived today. Want to know what that is? check it out !


Jamie with his new baby



Tryin’ to show how thin it is!


Closer look ….


Yeah right! Its thinner and has more space capacity than his old one! For your info, the old one will be put in Ebay auction. Its rarely used and he will be including 3 games with it ( Bought last July 2009 in replacement to the PS3 80Gb we sold to Jasper, my brother when we visited Philippines). Oh dear! Hope I can pay this one. By the way this gadget is a newly released Sony PS3 Slim, 120GB Hard Drive. W'e’ll be testing it tonight! Yehey! Hmmm I will decide what game to play but definitely don't want football hehe.. not my game! I might try Resident Evil though..


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