31 Oct 2008

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween to all! Yes its November 1st and its my first time to experience "Trick or Treat". I don't really know if this tradition really exist in the Philippines but as far as I know, November 1 is the time where everyone was rushing to go home to visit their love ones in the cemetery. But of course, those Pinoys and Pinays working in the cities will rush for the bus ride going home to their province. Some are excited on All saints day because this means they will have few days off work and will have some time to spend with their family.

Here in UK, I didn't know kids will be wearing horrible masks and then knock on your door and ask "Trick or Treat". Jamie told me he used to do that before and some neighbours do give money, candies and chocolates but there are some nasty people who get upset when someone knocked on their door every five minutes just to ask Trick or treat. Well, its pretty fun in fact. I ask Jamie to give those kids some chocolate as he's giving coins to some of the kids that passed by. In the Philippines, I used to be scared when November is approaching. Most of the TV Programs tackle about ghosts and spirits and sort of. Boooh! I don't like it really. I don't like the feeling of being scared. It affects me emotionally and spiritually. Like those programs like Magandang Gabi Bayan where Noli De Castro stood in the middle of Cemetery and will show some re-enactment of Ghosts. Makes me have this goosebumps all over my body like it was real. Anyway, I just hope the Ghosts or what they call in the Philippines "Mumu or Multo"will only be "Uso" in the Philippines and will not reach UK haha..

29 Oct 2008

Just another lucky day..

My day started with a loud alarm coming from my mobile. I feel like sleeping more but I needed to get up to get ready from work. Jamie's downstairs already have a cup of tea and none other than his magic stick (cigarette). I fix the bed and go straight to bathroom.. Brush my teeth, wash my face and change my clothes. Its really cold today. I know we'll be welcoming winter soon but I think I'm not yet ready for cold winter. Here I think of going home again while shivering. Jamie came in with a piece of toast and cup of coffee ready for me and he noticed I can't speak straight.

"Edna its not that cold today... "

I told him I'm cold. How can he explain the way I look and feel at that moment. So I put on my tights, leggings and trousers then get the shirt, long sleeve and the fleece cardigan mam gave me. Whew! I can now appreciate the wonder of this jumper. Whoever the inventor of fleece, that's one heck a good job for making people like me warm and comfortable during winter. hehe

At work, I'm still cold but the hotel is warmer than our house. The arctic wind is here in Cemaes, the reason why its too cold.  Brrr.... I hate going to work if the weather is like this. Its horrible outside like no one wants to go out for a walk nor to shop for their food. I must finish my work quick and go straight under the quilt to give me warm.

At home, Jamie already lit the fireplace to make the house warm ready for me. I then asked him for a game of Wii Kart then watch a movie "Blast from the Past" after. As soon as the movie finished, Jamie told me to check if we have been paid. And yes we are. I'm in the cloud nine after checking the earnings. Got inspired to do more post and then go downstairs again to play Wii kart with Jamie. He treat me to a Steak and Kidney Pie and while we are eating, he asked me,

"If you are to choose between Mcolls and Post Office what will you chose?"

"Why will you ask me to chose among these two different establishment?"I answered.

"Just chose between two. You need to chose"

"alright.. Mcolls then.."I answered back.

So he gave me a Scratch Card he bought from the shop. He actually bought 2 the same scratch card from the shop and post office. Got all the diamonds, gold bar and 3 the same number and won a total of 25 pounds. Yehey! This is so cool. I've been lucky twice. Lol! I hope I'd be lucky again maybe, tomorrow???

28 Oct 2008

Christmas Ramblings!


I don't know why I get so bored waiting for christmas! Check out the playlist at the begining of this post, the all-time best Pinoy Christmas Songs I always love to listen during Christmas Day. You are free to comment if you like these songs I have here. I can't explain but the ambience was just to alive and carefree when I'm listening to songs that's really our own Pinoy original compositions.

Earlier, I called my Nanay and Tatay and check them if they were okay. Then started chatting to my brother online while talking to my parents. They seem pretty well. Busy and excited at the same time in their house project in the Province. I've posted here the recent picture of our house infact and tatay said there's more development at the moment. My brothers and I were so excited to see the result. Nanay was telling me some of her plans when the house is finished and I am sharing my visions with them. Well, they are still receiving some criticisms from our envy neighbourhoods and telling them why we chose to continue finishing the house when all the construction materials gone up? My tatay said,

"Bakit nakasisigurado ba kayo na bababa ang presyo ng materials?'

They have been talk of the town lately. Telling them positive and negative comments at the same time. But tatay is still positive that only few people will tell negative comments at the moment as they mouth is shut because of the continued progress of the house. We are all in a hurry to finish the house in fact to keep these envy neighbourhoods mouth shut forever lol!

Anyway, I hope they stop criticizing my parents as we are not there to protect them physically and emotionally. Why they just mind they're own business and be happy for their fellow kababayans who deserve such kind of what my nanay calls "ROI (Return on Investment) after so many years of sacrifices and hardships. hmmm

Peace everyone and Happy Christmas and Prosperous New year!

Loosing Pounds...

Alright, alright! I admit, I gain weight last year. I even reached 50 Kilos. Eating too much Jolibee, Mcdonalds, Chowking, Greenwich meals and the like. You know, restaurant meals that's always ready when you feel hungry. On the go when you feel lazy cooking meals. Drinking too much fizzy drinks like Coca-cola every after meal especially when it's too hot and you need some refreshing drinks to cool you down during summer. Whew! I end up gaining weight! From 45 to 50 kilos. But after that, I realized losing weight is really hard and expensive. The fact that you have to remove all your Extra-small or Small sized trousers and pants are really pain. I have to work and earn more to buy new clothes that will fit me and will make me more comfortable without trying to flatten my belly (check the picture below if you know what I mean) I've even experience openning my trouser's zipper when I am sitting so I can sit comfortably and breath right. Well I tried doing "After - 6" (eating anything you want before 6 P.M.) That's one way of losing weight but I'm always tempted. I always feel like eating at night while chatting to Jamie. And I always cook food like papaitan, pinakbet, sinigang na hipon as well as making graham cake which are really fattening.  I find it really hard. So I failed and try the next step. Cutting Rice intake. From 3 plates every meal to just one cup? I don't think so! What if the dinner in front of you is really tempting? I told myself, "No Way!". I'll eat more I can take in my stomach. I always love rice anyway. So I quit dieting then. And then I came here to UK. No changes from the first few months. After checking every month, my weight is slowing down. 50... 47...46.. then ended 42 kilos at the moment.


I am really shocked! My hubby is even more shock when I told him earlier. 2 more kilos and I can join the Olympics 2012 in track and field, high jump, long jump and even gymnastics! I'm really thin! Oh no!

'You need to eat more Mahal..." Jamie said.


On the other side, I like being thin. That means it will be more easier for me to get my clothes. Uh-oh! Not in this country though. As they seem to be oversize to me. Good thing there's petite clothes that I can chose from. I wonder what will my mother-in-law will say when she see me next. When I was winning about my fat belly she said,

"Edna, you're not fat... Your body if fine. You'll look anorexic if you will look thinner than that.."

Hmmm.. Let me just rewind the reason for losing weight. First, chocolate here are really cheap. but I'm not tempted to eat too much chocolate because I'm not really a fan of sugary products. Next, I ate rice in fact but maybe about 1-2 times a week. I always eat bread and make sure I eat vegetables within the week. Next, I'm not just sitting! I have a part time job that maybe burns some calories. Not really a full time job but working as a hotel cleaner really needs to be attentive, quick and needs more energy to do it in a certain time given. Whoa! Next, I like drinkng fizzy drinks but I also love Coke Zero and Max Pepsi. Lol! They are drinks that has less or no sugar. Hmmm.. Maybe these are the things that helps me lose weight. Anyhow I love the result! I don't need to go to gym nor go for a jogging like everyone else do. It just happen normaly without sweat! hehehe

27 Oct 2008

Christmas Time!


Take a look at my early Christmas Decoration for 2008. Finally, I put up my Christmas tree. I'm really excited and the house looks alive when its decorated. I feel like its Christmas tomorrow! Well, my hubby said it's too early to put up the tree as its only October 27 at the moment. But who cares? I'm a Pinay and in the Philippines, once September started, lots of Christmas garlands, Parol, and other Christmas decorations can be seen in the mall and public market. Gosh! I need to be honest, I miss the Philippines in times like this.Christmas in the Philippines is still the best Christmas at all times. Anyway, this year will be second Christmas here in UK. I arrived here last year 23rd of December. Just 2 days before Christmas and I've enjoyed it.


These are some of the pictures I saved last Christmas. The Big paper bag on top left corner was the first big Christmas Paper bag I've ever received in my whole life. I've even received lots of presents from Jamie's family and I'm quite shocked. I didn't even know I'll receive gifts then so I'm not bothered at first. But when Christmas Day arrives, I'm a bit ashamed as I don't have something to give them. Next picture was my sister-in-law Rachel and her Bf John cuddling in the sofa while watching for others to open their gifts. At the bottom part was a picture of me and mam when they take me for a Christmas Shopping at Birmingham. Next picture was me and Jamie on the couch at Wirral, England. And the best gift I've ever received, Nokia N800 which I then sell on Ebay after few months lol! I just realize I don't need it especially I'm just at home doing nothing but blogging.

This year, we are planning a lot of things. I want my next Christmas here to be memorable and happy of course even I'm away from my family in the Philippines. Right now we are busy saving every penny to buy gifts for everyone. Wow! I like Christmas! This is the best time of the year! Giving gifts, sending cards and sort of. Hmm... I'm also looking forward to a roasted turkey on my table lol! Jamie said his family will spend Christmas with us so finger's crossed, it could be one of my big christmas in UK. Hehehe.. Wonder what gift will I receive this year? Or should I make a wish list and send it to them? hahaha! just kidding!

26 Oct 2008

Oh My Daylight!

My husband told me last night to change my clock time One hour backwards as the Daylight Saving will happen at midnight. I really don't know the reason why it has to change every now and then but I listened and changed the time in my mobile (Using it as my clock). Before we sleep, I asked him again if the time in my mobile is right and he answered me a loud "YES". So I started resetting my alarm so I can wake up 1 hour early before my work schedule and so I can have more time for a cup of coffee and a piece of toasted bread before I go.

Earlier, I woke up many times as if theres hailstone or big drops of rain hitting the window glass. Due to staying up late last night, I just didn't bother to stand up and checked but I manage to get my mobile under my pillow and check the time.

"Oh , its 6:55 o'clock and I still have 1:05 minutes to catch up on sleep."

So I fell asleep again only to wake up with a big loud voice from Jamie shouting,

"Edna, its already 9:35 in my clock!!".

I did'nt bother to open my eyes even if he's in a rush waking me up. I just check my mobile and saw there that its 7:35 am. I stand by the words he told me last night so I close my eyes again and told him,

Jamie its only 7:35 on my mobile. That means I still have 25 minutes to doze while waiting for it to alarm.

He answered back,

Yeah! But according to my watch its 9:35 and that means go back 1 hour and the right time will be 8:35am! Get up now sweetpeach or you'll be late to work!

I'm in a go to argue with him but rather than talk I just get up and budget the 25 minutes left for getting ready to work. I didn't realize that my clock could've been automatically adjust the time. Gosh! I should be careful next time or i'll lose my job!

22 Oct 2008

Looking for the best haircut?


You might think that the person in this picture was a criminal. Well, you are wrong! I just want to show how I did cutting my hubby's hair. Lol! I don't think its too perfect but I'm very proud to say that I did my best to make it better.

When it comes to haircut, Jamie is not too fuzzy. He can just ask his mam or his sister to do it for him rather than  spend 7-10 pounds for a haircut. Now that I'm here, he keeps on asking me to cut it for him to save money. Can you imagine 7-10 pounds for a haircut? It's equivalent to 553 - 790 pesos that can buy 18 Pints of Semi-skimmed milk for his daily cups of tea when if we are in the Philippines, I can just ask my cousin to visit us for a cup of coffee or a bottle of redhorse and he can cut Jamie's hair for free! Gosh! Now that we are suffering from financial crisis I expect it to be higher than 7-10 Pounds. Anyway, since he got his own clippers, I give it a go! The result? The picture posted above. At first my hands are shaky as I don't know where to start. I don't even have any single experience cutting someone's hair. But then after a while and found out that its like blogging. Lol! Its easy when you have the spirit to do it and when you are striving hard enough to do it perfectly. But of course, its more easy when you are inspired to do things at your best and for the best - my hubby.

I had small cut in between my fingers while doing his hair. When he saw it in the mirror, he gave me 4.86 rate out of 5. hehe He said I've done well and makes a difference too. It was clean and neat. "I'm impressed". So in exchange for a job well-done, he prepared steak and kidney pie for my tea. So, who's next for a haircut? hehe

The Dream House


Its been 10 months now since I left the Philippines and the picture you can see in this post is our house in the province where me and my 3 brothers grew up. My brother sent me this picture. 10 years ago, this lot was full of mango, eucalyptus, ilang-ilang and coconut trees. I can still remember how it looks like when I left our province to study my degree in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. The front was lined with Yellow bush plants, 2 mango trees on each side, 1 tall ilang-ilang tree in the middle front, kamote plants on the right side ( where sometimes I plant squash, ampalaya, saluyot, siling-labuyo and sort of). The front was fenced by bamboo or what they called Isiw. and on the left side is a deep well. I mean "deep-well or balon"where we used to "limas" during rainy season. lol! But look at it now? Its completely different. When my second brother worked in Nigeria, he spent some of his savings to start this house. I shared few bucks to complete the toilet,kitchen and studio. Now, my third brother was helping my parents to finish this house. I was so inspired when I saw it. Even my husband was completely shocked when he saw it because when he first saw this house, its completely mess. Take a look at this next picture:



This is how it looks like when Jamie first saw this house. He can't believed that the floor is muddy. Lol! He told me that at first he was afraid if its ok to tap his cigarette and mess ashes in these muddy floor but then my father (tatay) came to give him some ash tray. For him, it was a funny experience. Can you imagine a British man sitting in that muddy living room, in a wooden sofa and using a fan that's nearly a decade old? hmm...


But few more months and hopefully this house will be finished. My nanay and tatay told me that this house will have about 4 rooms dedicated to all of us. We are all married now you see and they are hoping that one day, when we visited them next again we have each room for each family. Nanay wants to see lots of grand child playing in this house. Well, I'm looking forward to see this house personally, maybe next year or 2010? Sounds exciting!

17 Oct 2008

Caffeine Withdrawal


I have a mild headache earlier and was checking why could I suffer for headache every now and then. Could it be my migraine again or my eyes? Upon searching and of course asking my husband about it, he told me the possible reason could be "Caffeine Withdrawal". I didn't know about this till I found out myself that it could be the positive reason. I tried drinking juice yesterday morning so I can cut down coffee intake. But sadly, I can't just stop it instantly. If you're like me who likes a hot coffee most of the time ( especially now that is officially Autumn), here are the symptoms:

  • Irritable
  • Restless
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Headaches, moderate to severe
  • Chills and/or hot spells

    Sadly, I felt all these symptoms. So I go back making a cup of coffee again this morning after the heachache attack and it goes away without even taking paracetamol or Ibufropen.

    I also found out that excessive intake of caffeine has even more side effects. I only take coffee about 1 - 2 cups a day. But I remembered Jamie when he was in the Philippines taking more than 10 cups of coffee a day. Flippin' Heck! That's what you say excessive intake. 3 cups of coffee is considered moderate dose but more than that is too much! Check the following effects of excessive caffeine intake:

  • Jitteriness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Flushed face
  • Nausea
  • Accelerated heartbeat

    Be cautious! Taking tea or hot chocolate doesn't mean that these drinks are free from caffeine. They have less caffeine but not completely free of it. So if you want to cut down taking too much caffeine, do it slowly by cutting it by half cup of tea a day or use herbal tea as alternatives.

  • 9 Oct 2008

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    6 Oct 2008

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