22 Oct 2008

Looking for the best haircut?


You might think that the person in this picture was a criminal. Well, you are wrong! I just want to show how I did cutting my hubby's hair. Lol! I don't think its too perfect but I'm very proud to say that I did my best to make it better.

When it comes to haircut, Jamie is not too fuzzy. He can just ask his mam or his sister to do it for him rather than  spend 7-10 pounds for a haircut. Now that I'm here, he keeps on asking me to cut it for him to save money. Can you imagine 7-10 pounds for a haircut? It's equivalent to 553 - 790 pesos that can buy 18 Pints of Semi-skimmed milk for his daily cups of tea when if we are in the Philippines, I can just ask my cousin to visit us for a cup of coffee or a bottle of redhorse and he can cut Jamie's hair for free! Gosh! Now that we are suffering from financial crisis I expect it to be higher than 7-10 Pounds. Anyway, since he got his own clippers, I give it a go! The result? The picture posted above. At first my hands are shaky as I don't know where to start. I don't even have any single experience cutting someone's hair. But then after a while and found out that its like blogging. Lol! Its easy when you have the spirit to do it and when you are striving hard enough to do it perfectly. But of course, its more easy when you are inspired to do things at your best and for the best - my hubby.

I had small cut in between my fingers while doing his hair. When he saw it in the mirror, he gave me 4.86 rate out of 5. hehe He said I've done well and makes a difference too. It was clean and neat. "I'm impressed". So in exchange for a job well-done, he prepared steak and kidney pie for my tea. So, who's next for a haircut? hehe


  1. pwede ka na palang magpatayo ng barber shop jan eh.. :)

  2. hehe pag wala nang work na available eh malamang manggupit na lang ako ng buhok..... ng tupa lol!

  3. Hehehe, I did the same thing with Rodney, he asked me to clip his hair, but I got scared, when it was uneven, I gave him the clippers and he finished it..At least, he cannot blame me, I told him, I can only cut my kids hair. Now, he pays 10 bucks.

  4. The first time I cut Jamie's hair sabi nia its too short daw at uneven. Kalbuhin ko na lang daw sia! Lol aba ayoko nga! Biruin mo magkakaroon ka ng asawang kalbo.. ngii hehe



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