22 Oct 2008

The Dream House


Its been 10 months now since I left the Philippines and the picture you can see in this post is our house in the province where me and my 3 brothers grew up. My brother sent me this picture. 10 years ago, this lot was full of mango, eucalyptus, ilang-ilang and coconut trees. I can still remember how it looks like when I left our province to study my degree in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. The front was lined with Yellow bush plants, 2 mango trees on each side, 1 tall ilang-ilang tree in the middle front, kamote plants on the right side ( where sometimes I plant squash, ampalaya, saluyot, siling-labuyo and sort of). The front was fenced by bamboo or what they called Isiw. and on the left side is a deep well. I mean "deep-well or balon"where we used to "limas" during rainy season. lol! But look at it now? Its completely different. When my second brother worked in Nigeria, he spent some of his savings to start this house. I shared few bucks to complete the toilet,kitchen and studio. Now, my third brother was helping my parents to finish this house. I was so inspired when I saw it. Even my husband was completely shocked when he saw it because when he first saw this house, its completely mess. Take a look at this next picture:



This is how it looks like when Jamie first saw this house. He can't believed that the floor is muddy. Lol! He told me that at first he was afraid if its ok to tap his cigarette and mess ashes in these muddy floor but then my father (tatay) came to give him some ash tray. For him, it was a funny experience. Can you imagine a British man sitting in that muddy living room, in a wooden sofa and using a fan that's nearly a decade old? hmm...


But few more months and hopefully this house will be finished. My nanay and tatay told me that this house will have about 4 rooms dedicated to all of us. We are all married now you see and they are hoping that one day, when we visited them next again we have each room for each family. Nanay wants to see lots of grand child playing in this house. Well, I'm looking forward to see this house personally, maybe next year or 2010? Sounds exciting!

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  1. Parang Wall of Famous people ang dingding nyo ah, hehehe..Sarap tingnan nang pictures nyo na lahat kaung magkakapatid ng graduate. I admire your parents and of course I admire all of you. That's a great accomplishments for your folks.
    Ang laki ng house nyo ha. In no time, matatapos din yan. Patulog na lang sa kwarto nyo ni Jamie kapag napasyal kami sa inyo in the near future, kapag nasa pinas ka rin at the same time.
    Grandchildren will be roaming around your house..Hahaha, maloloka nanay mo sa ingay at gulo..but I am sure, masaya naman kaung lahat..



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