9 Jul 2008

Nintendo Wii Fit Benefits

I came across this wonderful invention made by NINTENDO. We all know that Nintendo is one of the top game consoles in the world today. Well, let me discuss you the benefits of these Wii FIT. In some parts of the ‘civilised world’ children and teenagers have been ‘accused’ (by parents and media) of too much non-physical activity in their spare time. The television and video games combined with junk food have been good company to a certain age group in the last few decades which has triggered arguments among doctors and psychologists. The Benefits of the Nintendo Wii Fit are plenty...

However, we cannot deny the role of cartoons in teaching small children a series of useful things in life, including a foreign language (since most of them are subtitled in most non-English speaking countries, retaining the original voices – and English – of the characters) or that of many games which successfully exercise the brain. Besides, playing a game in the family always enhances the bond between its members for the benefit of the little ones.

Playing a video game simulator is a good way to acquire and improve certain skills that will be very useful later in life (think of driving and piloting games that definitely make things easier for whoever is willing to take up the real thing).

Wii Fitness benefits the kids. Some games have appeared to involve more or less physical activity, of which, Nintendo Wii has made the biggest leap in the history of video games. The wii console uses a sensor which tracks the movements of the controller while you are playing the game. In this way, the game is highly interactive and the gamer does a lot of physical exercise.

Think of the Wii Sports whose controller is literally used as a baseball bat or a tennis racket, depending on the game that is played, with the player learning and improving his or her movements while seriously ‘training’ in the game. The five games offered by Wii Sports are all very useful training material and much fun for both teenagers and adults. They cannot replace outdoor activities but at least make you work on while spending time in the house. The benefit cannot be denied.

Another form of activity recently brought into our homes is Wii Fitness. The Wii Fit Balance Board, much enjoyed by young people these days, can not only help you improve your balance but also tone your muscles and build stronger bones.

However, for teenagers a Wii Sports experience of about 30 minutes a day will make an important impact on the heart rate and energy expenditure. Moreover, it has a good chance to burn some calories and thus change the way that gamers look.

Physical exercise is one of the most important ingredients of a healthy life style. Appropriate eating habits and enough sleep combined with physical activity will make you a healthy (and happy) individual. The Wii Fitness is an awesome tool to get fit and have fun at the same time!

Most of us do some jogging or go to the gym a couple of times every week but sometimes we feel like saving time and doing some exercise at home. Those who have already created a mini-home-gym, are probably happy with what they have in there but exercising can be made more fun with a less space-consuming device that is as efficient as many of the elliptical trainers available.

You dont have to worry now because you can exercise in the comfort of your home. You must try the latest game created for the popular Nintendo Wii console – the Wii Balance Board. It looks like a weighing scale but it is far more intelligent than that and provides a unique way to control your movements on the TV screen. The board registers every single movement that your feet do and the progress in the wide range of interactive mini-games that you can play.

Wii Fit comes with over forty activities and exercises which will require a good amount of physical effort. It is the best choice for beginners and professionals who are looking for fun while practising. There are breathing and Yoga exercises meant to relax your body in an efficient way, to control the circulation of oxygen and help you unwind and recharge your batteries.

By doing the balance exercises you can train and improve your balance in some simple mini-games like table tilting, heading soccer balls, ski slalom and many other. You will only have to shift your body from front to back, right to left and vice versa, and move your arms in a controlled way.

The Wii Balance Board can also help you tone and train your muscles through a variety of movements meant to help you build up strength in your arms and legs. While training your muscles you will surely build stronger bones too.

This interactive device will make sports a lot more fun than other fitness tools will ever manage to. By following the drill on the TV screen you will also manage to correct your position and perfect the technique that these exercises require. You don’t need anyone to help you along the way; you will know exactly what you have to do and be able to improve day after day. SOURCE

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