31 Jul 2008

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Its About You!

28 Jul 2008

Watch MAMA MIA now!

I have been dying to watch this movie for quite long now. I might say I am a fan of Musical movies like "Dreamgirls" starred by Beyonce and other popular holywood actors/actresses. According to the movie addicts, this film did very well at the box office and had the largest opening weekend of any musical film in U.S. History. Well, I've watched it and it really does!

Mamma Mia is a new musical movie based on the songs of swedish pop group ABBA. If you're a fan of ABBA then you'll love this movie. As for those who sit on the fence regarding the 70's pop group this film is still worth a watch as it has good comical moments and an interesting story line of a young fatherless bride to be (Amanda Seyfried) who finds her mother's diary and discovers she has three possible fathers. It has an all star cast which includes Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada) and Pierce Brosnan (James Bond/The Matador), Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgård.

I've enjoyed watching this movie. Not only because of the story but because you can dance and sing with the songs. You'll be carried away while watching. I'll give it a rate of 9/10. Its worth a watch guys and highly recommended!

Baby Bronson of That's My Doc

Heard about "Baby Bronson?" The picture beside this post is Baby Bronson also known as Carlo "Bronson"Balmaceda. He's a little brown boy who first appeard on Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo Movie starred by Judy Anne Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. He's a funny little kid. As you see he looks like a malnourished child but his character in the movie was really great. Cutie Baby Bronson is again part of the next sequel of KKK which is Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo Movie. This time, he's not just doing a cameo appearance. He has been officially made as supporting cast!

On the second quarter of this year, Baby Bronson finally had his debut on Barrio of Tabuneknek at "That's my Doc". He was one of the cast of this famous ABS-CBN Comedy Sitcom that made the Sitcom more comedy. He's doing really well I must say! Who will tell that he can be a star? I'm looking forward to his healthy career as he might be the next comedy king of his time. Lol! But really, I congratulate him for making every filipino happy with his innocent acting. Job well done Baby Bronson! Goodluck!

27 Jul 2008

Gambling News Website

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Spring Roll Recipe

When did I last posted a recipe here? I can't remember. Anyway, the good news is I've made a new recipe and decided to post it here. Its my version of Srping Roll Recipe. I've enjoyed making this one and made a pure vegetable Spring Roll for my neighbor Muriel ( Old Lady - Vegetarian ) to fatten her up. And the Spring Roll with Pork for my hubby and Dad. I am shock as Dad thought I bought that ready made. He said he's quite impressed with this recipe. Well, If you want to try this and impress your hubby or friends, check the complete procedure on how to make it, HERE.

My Favourite European City Breaks

Please note – this is a sponsored post. Today I would like to let you all know about a company promoting city breaks to Spanish cities Barcelona and Madrid. I have been requested to talk about one and have chosen Madrid. Madrid ‘the capital of Spain’ is relatively a newcomer to the most desired list of city breaks, but it has plenty to offer. It is home to the world famous football team Real Madrid’ and thousands of tourists visit the city just to see the team play. As for sightseeing Madrid has the Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor, the Almudena Cathedral and many other historic buildings to keep you busy. Other tourist hotspots include many museums which are second to none. One such museum – Museo del Prado is internationally recognized as one of the world’s premier galleries. However, if sightseeing is not for you then you may be interested in the night life. Madrid has a reputation for being one of the world’s liveliest cities. Most Spanish describes their city Mucha Marcha which means a city that never sleeps. There's always something for everybody whatever nationality, age and preferences you would like. Sounds interesting? One more thing, Spain is known to be one of the cheapest European countries to live in, so if you fancy a trip to Barcelona or Madrid, then check out this link - European City Breaks

26 Jul 2008

Christian, Expelled from PDA!

I have been waiting for this since last week. And here goes the result! Christian is the newly expelled scholar in the academy. Its so shame that people didn't save him. I want him to stay really but the Inaki got the highest vote. I hope Christian won't stop dreaming. I still believe in his talent and he still have a lot to prove! Goodluck Christian!

25 Jul 2008

When gas prices go up, you ...


The long wait has come to an end! Last July 23, the result of June 2008 NURSE LICENSURE EXAMINATION has been released after 35 working days. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that 27,765 out of 64,459 passed the Nurse (First Timers, Repeaters, Removals) Licensure Examination this year.

The TOP TEN Highest ranking examinees. Top Performing Schools as well as the complete result of June 2008 Examination for Nursing can be checked at BOARD EXAM RESULT.





CLICK HERE to view the complete list of successful examinees. CONGRATULATIONS to the new Nurses!

24 Jul 2008

Who will stay? Who will be expelled? Christian or Inaki?

The stay of one of these scholars will soon to end. Tomorrow will be abig night for both Christian and Inaki inside the Pinoy Dream Academy. Who will stay and who will be expelled as they perform their final song tomorrow. It will also be a tough fight between the two talented scholars as they will be performing duet with the song composed by the APO Hiking Society Member, who is the last years Head Master Jim Paredes entitled "PANALANGIN". As usual they will be graded individually wven if they will be performing it in duet. Below are some notes to our latest Probitionary Scholars to help you decide who will you want to stay. Would it be Christian? or Inaki? Find out thru watching the Sixth Gala Night tomorrow only at ABS-CBN Channel.

Notes on Christian (Small Boy Wonder):

Once in a taxi, he was almost molested because the offender thought he was a girl. At the bank, t hey usually mistake him for a child.Way back in school, he was always the odd guy.

‘Forever be a boy’ could be Christian’s tag line for life.A 25-year-old man inside a teenage boy’s body, he has received more insults in his life than anyone deserves.For those who have taken time to learn about his condition, it’s easy to understand that it’s the result of growth hormone deficiency, a syndrome that has afflicted him since birth.

Despite – and perhaps because of – his condition and everything he has gone through, Christian remains strong, his conviction held fast, and his view of the world and of himself still cheerful. “I know I’m beautiful inside and out, and I know bad words can’t let me down.”It helps that he has a dream, and holds on to it, and he knows that the Academy will get him there, one way or another.

Notes on Iñaki (The Stage Performer):

Nephew of Juan Miguel Salvador, of the famous and well-respected Salvador clan, Iñaki took to the theater at age six like it was his playground.The stage was where he spent most of his summer days, performing with professional theater actors we could only admire from the audience booth.Iñaki prefers to make it on his own through his innate talent rather than flaunt the famous name that he carries.That he has won lead roles by auditioning alongside other actors is an achievement that speaks of his talent.

Will the stage performer, accomplished as he is in the theater scene, find himself the lead role in a reality TV talent search?Will he be able to convey this talent to a wider and more diverse pop audience?

Caregiver (2008) Movie Review starring Sharon Cuneta

Caregiver (2008) is a movie directed by no other than Chito S. Roño. This movie is starred by our very own Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, John Estrada, Boots Anson-Roa, Ima Castro, Lotlot De Leon, Nikki Feriols, Rica Peralejo, Makisig Morales, etc.

Chito Roño’s “Caregiver” (scripted by Chris Martinez) is a movingly realistic tribute to Filipino OFWs especifically Caregivers who put up with all sorts of hardships and indignities to make money for the loved ones they’ve left in the Philippines. There have been other such movies in the past, but Roño’s film is better than most, because of its sometimes acutely raw realism.

The film follows the story of Sarah (Sharon Cuneta), a teacher who leaves her son behind so she can join her husband Teddy (John Estrada), who’s working as a nurse in London. She trains as a caregiver so she can help her husband generate enough income to raise the “show money” needed to eventually bring their son over, so they can become a real family again.

Alas, her dream of family unity is shattered when she’s quickly traumatized by her yucky duties as a caregiver, which include having to deal with the smelly mess that her incontinent wards at an old folks’ home constantly create. She’s also turned off by her husband’s spendthrift ways and generally peevish attitude, which eventually prompt her to make a big decision at film’s end.
Along the way, she gets to interact with a number of Filipinos living and working in London, as well as some generally surly and unappreciative English patients.

What will happen to their plans when one of them quits?

23 Jul 2008

Go Bugoy of Pinoy Dream Academy!

Its been a tough week for the scholars last Fifth Gala Night. Bea was the latest expelled scholars due to not performing well for the past weeks. Her dream to be a star has ended. Miguel was really sad about it as he have unfinished business with Bea before she left. But then the mentors decided to allow Bea visits her co-scholars and finally bid goodbye to Miguel. Whew! I wonder what will happen next week.

It's really obvious that my bet to win this ABS-CBN's Reality TV Show is Bugoy, the Farmer's Son also known as Jay Bogayan from the province of Camarines Sur. His natural talent brought him to his good performance from the very first day he entered Pinoy Dream Academy. Even Mr. Ryan Cayabyab believes and expected so much from him. We'll see how will he perform this next Gala night! They've been given an assignment to sing in group. Meaning, They will be singing their song as trio ( Sen, Van and Bugoy) but will be graded individually. This another task he must succeed. For more information about Bugoy, CLICK HERE. Go Bugoy!

20 Jul 2008

It's a hodgepodge, a mishmash, a salmagundi

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19 Jul 2008

Handguns Everywhere??

Can Laarni survive inside PDA with her mood swings?

I have been constantly watching this Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 and was very annoyed in this girl ( Laarni ). I know that she's struggling very hard with her self issues but she should act professionally especially she's one of the oldest scholars inside the Academy. Her other scholars have the right to raise their eyebrowse and roll their eyeballs with her immaturity. Even teacher Monet noticed her bad attitude. I personally think that she should be expelled. She's very talented, there's no argue about that but she should know that everyone was watching her worldwide. So if she really like to stay inside and learn more about singing she had better make a way to ammend with her bad manners ti her co-scholars. Teacher Monet was even right about telling her that he will disagree even if she get the best score on the Fifth Gala Night. I really think they should expell her!

18 Jul 2008


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17 Jul 2008

Bangor and Liverpool Escapade

I am busy with work the past days and been very lazy posting. First, We attended the graduation of my sister-in-law in Bangor University. We came home late with Eleanor and her son Joe after the Dinner at "The Antelope working early so I can have a shower befo". It was a long day for me as I have to finishre traveling to Bangor. Good thing that Eleanor offered a ride so we didn't really have a hard time waiting for the bus.

Next day I came to work again. I finished early and decided to go for a nap that afternoon. I know that my Pinay friend Delma and her son Christian will be leaving the next day ans was inviting me to go with them. But as usual I can't go because I have schedule for the next 5 days. One more thing was I'm broke. Meaning I dont have spare money to go with them. So while I'm sleeping Delma and Christian knocks on our door. I promised her the other day that I'll teach her how to use the Digital Camera. When I woke up I asked Jamie to go with me and visit the couple for the tutorial. Before we left the house, the phone rings and its the Manager of the hotel cancelling my work schedule for Wednesday. Thats great! I am longing for a day off. We then go to Delma's and after we finished teaching her, Jamie suggested I should go with them since its my day off. He said God might have planned this so I can have a day trip with the church people. Oh well, since my husband told me to go then I dont have excuse to turn down the offer. In other words, I'm with my friend the next day.

Here we are in Liverpool! We a There's a massive traffic in therrive there before 12 noon. border. We have passed the long tunnel near the Liverpool Citycenter and it was great. There's no tall buildings up there but I can say the the area was really urbanized. Lots of big shops and massive museum. The buildings are amazing! Liverpool was really a City of Culture. Most of the buildings a preserved long time ago. What really bothers the people are they are planning to built new buildings and knock down old buildings. Those are historical buildings that should always be remembered.

I got approved at PPP!

This is shocking! I finally got approved in this Pay Per Post that I've been applying for months. Check them out payperpost. This is definitely one good opportunity to all those bloggers who want to earn some extra money by simply making posts. Well, what will I do with the money I will earn from PPP? Let me think about it. I know its too early to decide what will I do with the money but I guess I'll just put it in my savings account and just leave it there to earn some interest. Or might as well wait ready for Christmas. I can also do it with saving for a decent Holiday somewhere in Germany, Italy or France. Was it too impossible? Anyway, it's obvious how I am overwhelmed about this good news. I know that lots of bloggers around the world are dying to do paid postings. I joined this not only for the money but for the knowledge I can gain from it. I'm sure my blogger friends would like to do this too. Its highly recommended to those bloggers who want to explore the beauty and adventure in Blogosphere. What are you waiting for? Join now and earn something for yourself. Cheers!

12 Jul 2008

Klitschko vs Thompson Fight

A crowd of 3,000 spectators came to Karstadt Sports in Hamburg, Germany yesterday to watch world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (50-3, 44 KOs) and challenger Tony Thompson (31-1, 19 KOs) in an open workout in Germany in a preview and final prep of Saturday night’s IBF/WBO heavyweight championship.

Thompson entered the ring first and began a 15 minute workout. To the surprise of everyone in attendance, as Thompson’s workout proceeded, Klitschko took a seat ringside to watch the challenger in the ring.

Thompson said: “It’s great to be back in Hamburg, a place that brings back great memories because I earned the biggest win of my career here last year against Luan Krasniqi. I won’t go back to the states without the titles.”

The IBF/WBO heavyweight champion was next, and the crowd roared as Klitschko began his 30-minute regimen at Karstadt, the biggest dealer of sporting goods in Hamburg.

Said Wladimir following his workout: “It feels great to fight in Hamburg again. This is the city where I started my career and now I come back as the champion. This is my second home and I won´t disappoint my fans on Saturday.”

The traditional weigh in will take place on Friday, also at Karstadt Sports (Mönckebergstr. 2, 20095 Hamburg, beginning at 12 pm (CET), and open to the public.

HBO Sports will televise Klitschko vs. Thompson on Saturday, July 12, at 4:30 PM/ET, 1:30 PM/PT on World Championship Boxing Source

If you want to watch this live CLICK HERE.

9 Jul 2008

Nintendo Wii Fit Benefits

I came across this wonderful invention made by NINTENDO. We all know that Nintendo is one of the top game consoles in the world today. Well, let me discuss you the benefits of these Wii FIT. In some parts of the ‘civilised world’ children and teenagers have been ‘accused’ (by parents and media) of too much non-physical activity in their spare time. The television and video games combined with junk food have been good company to a certain age group in the last few decades which has triggered arguments among doctors and psychologists. The Benefits of the Nintendo Wii Fit are plenty...

However, we cannot deny the role of cartoons in teaching small children a series of useful things in life, including a foreign language (since most of them are subtitled in most non-English speaking countries, retaining the original voices – and English – of the characters) or that of many games which successfully exercise the brain. Besides, playing a game in the family always enhances the bond between its members for the benefit of the little ones.

Playing a video game simulator is a good way to acquire and improve certain skills that will be very useful later in life (think of driving and piloting games that definitely make things easier for whoever is willing to take up the real thing).

Wii Fitness benefits the kids. Some games have appeared to involve more or less physical activity, of which, Nintendo Wii has made the biggest leap in the history of video games. The wii console uses a sensor which tracks the movements of the controller while you are playing the game. In this way, the game is highly interactive and the gamer does a lot of physical exercise.

Think of the Wii Sports whose controller is literally used as a baseball bat or a tennis racket, depending on the game that is played, with the player learning and improving his or her movements while seriously ‘training’ in the game. The five games offered by Wii Sports are all very useful training material and much fun for both teenagers and adults. They cannot replace outdoor activities but at least make you work on while spending time in the house. The benefit cannot be denied.

Another form of activity recently brought into our homes is Wii Fitness. The Wii Fit Balance Board, much enjoyed by young people these days, can not only help you improve your balance but also tone your muscles and build stronger bones.

However, for teenagers a Wii Sports experience of about 30 minutes a day will make an important impact on the heart rate and energy expenditure. Moreover, it has a good chance to burn some calories and thus change the way that gamers look.

Physical exercise is one of the most important ingredients of a healthy life style. Appropriate eating habits and enough sleep combined with physical activity will make you a healthy (and happy) individual. The Wii Fitness is an awesome tool to get fit and have fun at the same time!

Most of us do some jogging or go to the gym a couple of times every week but sometimes we feel like saving time and doing some exercise at home. Those who have already created a mini-home-gym, are probably happy with what they have in there but exercising can be made more fun with a less space-consuming device that is as efficient as many of the elliptical trainers available.

You dont have to worry now because you can exercise in the comfort of your home. You must try the latest game created for the popular Nintendo Wii console – the Wii Balance Board. It looks like a weighing scale but it is far more intelligent than that and provides a unique way to control your movements on the TV screen. The board registers every single movement that your feet do and the progress in the wide range of interactive mini-games that you can play.

Wii Fit comes with over forty activities and exercises which will require a good amount of physical effort. It is the best choice for beginners and professionals who are looking for fun while practising. There are breathing and Yoga exercises meant to relax your body in an efficient way, to control the circulation of oxygen and help you unwind and recharge your batteries.

By doing the balance exercises you can train and improve your balance in some simple mini-games like table tilting, heading soccer balls, ski slalom and many other. You will only have to shift your body from front to back, right to left and vice versa, and move your arms in a controlled way.

The Wii Balance Board can also help you tone and train your muscles through a variety of movements meant to help you build up strength in your arms and legs. While training your muscles you will surely build stronger bones too.

This interactive device will make sports a lot more fun than other fitness tools will ever manage to. By following the drill on the TV screen you will also manage to correct your position and perfect the technique that these exercises require. You don’t need anyone to help you along the way; you will know exactly what you have to do and be able to improve day after day. SOURCE

Want to see the trailer of this new product? CLICK IT HERE.

7 Jul 2008

Can Hatton Defeat Pacquiao?

Ricky Hatton says he will fight twice more before retiring from the sport.

Hatton will fight Paulie Malignaggi later this year in Las Vegas for the IBO and IBF light-welterweight title.

The Manchester boxer, 29, then plans to end his career against Filipino great Manny Pacquiao or Mexican Oscar de la Hoya at Wembley next year.

"I don't want to go on forever and would have done everything I dreamed off, so two more fights and then I think I'm done," Hatton told BBC Sport.

Hatton confirmed that his fight against American Malignaggi would be in Las Vegas, the scene of his only defeat, against Floyd Mayweather in December.

"I'll fight Paulie Malignaggi in November in Las Vegas again, so I'll be able to take my wonderful fans over there again and if I win that, then it'll be my eighth world title," he said.

A showdown with Pacquiao, who claimed the WBC lightweight title with victory over David Diaz on Saturday, would pit two of the most popular boxers in the sport against each other.

Both Hatton and Pacquiao have a huge following and the fight, which the 'Hitman' hopes to hold in front of 100,000 fans in Britain, would prove a fitting finale to his career.

"In the New Year I'm hoping to fight either Manny Pacquiao or Oscar de la Hoya at Wembley Stadium in front of 100,000 people and after that I'll probably retire," added Hatton.

Source : BBC Sport

6 Jul 2008

HammeRuler Survey!

Birthday Surprises!

Oh well, after a few days of rest into blogging I'm back again! What's with July 04 by the way? Aside from America's Independence Day, this date is also my BIRTHDAY. I have a lot of things to thank for. First, I thank God for giving me another year of life. My 2008 birthday had been a very fruitful and important year to me. Although I'm celebrating my birthday apart from my family and friends back home (Philippines), I must say its one of the best birthdays I had. Its full of surprises. I'm counting all my blessings and share it with my family as far as I can. My life change since meeting Jamie. He get me here in UK and now been working as part time. I have the best In-laws ever and they like me being here. They are very supportive to us. Thats the reason why I'm saying this year's birthday is fruitfull and important.

Gong back to the surprises and gifts I'm telling about. Aside from having fun playing Wii which is one of the best gifts I have received from Jamie. He bought me Dvd movies, and perfume. Crafts from my mother-in-law, Jewelry, Wii Game, movies,cards and not to mention the cash I have received from inlaws and family friends. Truly one of a kind. My friends from the Philippines did try contacting me last July 4 but I'm on trip with Jamie on Ireland. Yes on Ireland! I don't have any idea that Jamie was planning to bring me there for a whole day trip. ( but he slips when we are talking before the day, lol). Nevermind! The important thing is he did try to surprise me. I really am appreciating all of these may it be small or big gifts. I mean, simple Happy Birthday will do. Its amazing that all the people around me really cares a lot. They are really thoughtful when it comes to celebrations like these which I haven't experienced in younger years. I told myself that when Jamie and I will have kids in the future,I'll retain these custom of upbringing kids. I want my kids to experience things like these while they are growing up.

This last picture is taken at Dublin, Ireland. I took this while we are having Lunch at McDonalds at the City Centre Dublin. The journey was quite fast. We leave here at Cemaes Bay at 7:10 am and arrived at Holyhead at about 8:00am. From there we took the 8:45am trip to Dun Laoghaire via Ferry. We arrived there before 11:00am in the morning but was stopped at the immigration because the officers told me I need a Visa to enter Ireland. Jamie and I were shocked about it as we are not told at the Hoyhead Ferry about the Visa thing. Still getting lucky on my birthday, the officer told Jamie they will allow me to enter Ireland just for a day. They did told me they should have stamped my passport as refused but the officer told me they won't do it. Whew! That makes me nervous. Whenever I see immigration I have trauma. Lol! Anyways, It was a nice day out. Even we got lost at Bray, Ireland. One thing that's annoying were the Filipino's over there. I just can't get why some Filipinos abroad are some kind of proud and boastful. I don't want to be hypocrite but thats the truth. I saw some filipinos there and try smling at them but they just ignored me. Some do smiled back but most of them are really rude. I am expecting that my fellow kababayan will be as nice as me but they never did. I had a chat with one of the Filipina there while waiting for the bus to Dublin and told me about it. She said there are really lots of filipino and filipina's like that over there. Really annoying! I won't let them spoil my birthday though so I just ignored them. If I smile and they smile back thats good. If the talk and chat to me thats better. But if they will be rude, nevermind. I will never be like them. They have this so-called crab mentality. We returned home at about 5:45pm and arrived here at Cemaes by 8:30pm. Thanks to Dad's friend Frank for picking us up at the Stena Ferry Station. I wonder what was Jamie's surprise next time? Can I request? lol!

Cyber Relationship Survey!

3 Jul 2008

Oh My Toblerone!

Today is July 3. One more day and i'd be one year older. I don't want to get old! Arghhhh! Can't do anything about it though..

Well, as you have seen in the picture its a Chocolate treat from Jeanette and Eleri. I was surprise receiving this from the manager's daughter and my co-worker Eleri. They are quite nice to work with. Even better because the manager was away, lol! Anyways, I'm not a fan of chocolate but since today is also our 3 monthsary ( Wedding ) too, I'll share it with Jamie. I bet Jamie will like it! He's on diet but ill tease him with this mouthwatering chocolate. Yummy!

Tag Cloud Generator

My blog is totally rubbish the past few days. Want to know why? I've been really lazy to post articles because my tag cloud is not working properly. So I try looking at google to know what to do and found out this helpful site for TAG CLOUD Making. It was really easy. All you have to do is just put your URL and it will automatically generate the HTML code for your Blog. Wanna try?? Check it out! Follow the instructions in this LINK.


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