19 Jul 2008

Can Laarni survive inside PDA with her mood swings?

I have been constantly watching this Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 and was very annoyed in this girl ( Laarni ). I know that she's struggling very hard with her self issues but she should act professionally especially she's one of the oldest scholars inside the Academy. Her other scholars have the right to raise their eyebrowse and roll their eyeballs with her immaturity. Even teacher Monet noticed her bad attitude. I personally think that she should be expelled. She's very talented, there's no argue about that but she should know that everyone was watching her worldwide. So if she really like to stay inside and learn more about singing she had better make a way to ammend with her bad manners ti her co-scholars. Teacher Monet was even right about telling her that he will disagree even if she get the best score on the Fifth Gala Night. I really think they should expell her!

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