18 Jul 2008


Ever heard of this Online game called MahjongTime.com? MahjongTime.com is the leading online mahjong club where the worldwide community of mahjong players can play mahjong anytime, anywhere without having to download any software. It is literally a chinese game of skill where four players are involved. Currently, this online game offers five versions of game. These are:

  • Mahjong Competition Rules (Chinese Official)
  • Hong Kong Mahjong
  • American Style Mahjong
  • Japanese Modern Mahjong
  • European Classical Mahjong
  • World Series of Mahjong
That means, anyone can play by just choosing the game version you like. If you get bored or tired browsing the net, why not try this game? I'm pretty sure it will be fun and exciting as you can play with safe and secure environment. Not only that, there's a wide range of tournaments you can join and will get a chance to win $500k. Might as well join the World series of Mahjong and get a chance to win $1,000,000 which will be held in Asia this coming September. If you would like to know more about this fantastic online game, click this Mahjong. What are you waiting for? Play it online and discover the real online mahjong today!

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