29 Aug 2008

Christening to Christmas!

Yes! She is indeed a cute little princess. My hubby said she's his favorite niece as of the moment. No wonder why. She's easy to babysit. Very placid and was just happy seeing the birds or walking with her mommy and grannies. How I wish I have a cute princess too like her.

Anyway, this picture was taken last August 24. It was her christening day. Everyone was waiting for this event not only because of her special day but because its time to get in touch with old friends and family. My in-laws are one of the few people who also enjoyed this day. They have to admit that Lucy brings the family relations intact. I mean hey, Jamie's brother made it after 2 or 3 years of not visiting his parents. I'm talking about Sean. And I finally met him the day before the Christening. I also enjoyed it because I have 4 days off to work. Duh!? I desperately need day off due to too much work the past few weeks. Just thinking about cleaning the rooms make me want to just lye in bed and sleep without waking up. hahaha! Well, since the Christening is finished, we have to move on on the next season to come. What am I talking about here? Christening >>> then Christmas! Whew... I have to save every single penny for the Christmas gifts. The Moroney family is getting bigger and bigger. Plus I'm exempted on last years Christmas because I arrived here on 23rd of December. All I did last time is to receive tons of gifts! hahaha... I think I should sneack back to Philippines nearer the time to save some money ( just kidding ).. Honestly, its a good feeling knowing that few months from now its Christmas time. I can even hear some Christmas songs in my TFC and the thought of it makes me very excited!

Clearing 2008 at the University of Bedfordshire

Please note - this is a sponsored post. Are you interested in higher education? Do you want to gain a qualification and improve your career? Have you considered going to university? If you can answer yes, then Bedfordshire University could be the place for you. They are currently in the clearing process and there are plenty of vacancies. The clearing 2008 process began on Thursday 14th of August and runs through until the middle of September. For more information call 08000130925 or click this link University of Bedfordshire - Clearing 2008. Courses will also be available during clearing process. Still thinking? Imagine what can Bedfordshire can do to change your life in a few years of studying. Why not grab this opportunity to take hold of your dreams and aspiration? Be wise and decide now! Bedfordshire is the key to your success!

21 Aug 2008

The Internet on your Television??

How true is this news? This is one of the Yahoo Headlines today. Intel and yahoo joint forces to plan on making a so-called "Widget Channel". This widget channel will be using computer programs that will give more easier ways to those internet user to check stocks or sport teams messaging friends, and accessing videos thru Internet. That's awesome! I'll be looking forward to these new plan. Honestly, i'm pretty sure that as years passed by, there will be more new inventions that will alter the traditional TV into more better and bigger technology for the consumers or users. My husband said, here in UK they are changing all the analog satellite into digital one. Meaning those people in remote areas who are using FM/AM signal or even watching television using Antenna will be eradicated soon. The new generation is doing transformations since my birth. As long as there are lots of inventors, scientist or what ever you call those genius people, new technologies/inventions will be endless. Which I think is healthy because they make things easier for us. Of course disadvantages is on the lists. All we have to do is to become more wise and chosy in buying things we need and we want!

20 Aug 2008

Cucumber Recipe?

Hey guys! I tried making a Chinese Recipe today and i think you might like to try it. Just the other day, my Filipina neighbor just gave me a cup of stir-fry which she said a chinese recipe. It is made out of pork and cucumber. Hmm? Sound interesting isn't it? Actually its easy to cook and believe me it was really yummy. I didn'd know that you can substitute Cucumber with our very own "Upo". Is that right? Well it taste the same. So rather than making salad with cucumber, you can experiment it with other recipe. I assume it can also be a substitute to "Sayote". Well, i'd better experiment it on Sayote meals before posting it here. Anyway, if you want to try this meal click it in this LINK. Enjoy!

11 Aug 2008

Cheap Burger Recipe

Everything in the market rises today. Gasoline, food, meat, vegetables, etc. I can't even shop for nice clothes and shoes. I really need to set aside my luxuries and pay attention for necessity. Budget, budget, budget!

This week is a very tough week for me and my husband. We have a very minimal to budget for the week. And speaking of budget, I'll share you a very cheap recipe that will help you get through the day. This recipe was taught by my "nanay" way back in the province.

Here you go! All you need is a can of sardines, garlic, onion, egg, ground pepper, oil and spring onion to garnish. It was so easy! Just separate the sauce from sardines and mix all the ingredients all together. Then bingo! Its ready to cook. This meal can feed 4-5 person. Do you want to know the step by step procedure? Believe me it was really yummy! Ready? Click it HERE!

10 Aug 2008

Miscalculation on Yesterday's Gala Night!

Another big controversy has shocked the viewers of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 regarding the miscalculation of the yersterday's grades of Acadreamians. Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab released an official statement signed by himself with his sincerest apology on the issue regarding the top three scholars of the week.

It has been revealed that it should be Cris and not Liezel was included in the top three scholars. After the recalculation the final scores are as follows:

Bugoy with a final grade of 9.60; Poy witht he final score of 9.13 and Cris with a score of 9.10. The official ranking of Liezel in this 8th Gala Night is fifth.

Congratulation to Cris!

9 Aug 2008

Beijing Olympics Ceremony/Updates!

Just yesterday night, the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 finally openned. Nearly 4 Billion people watched this most awaited Olympic games. The Ceremony was really amazing! And after 84 months of preparation and Billions of money spent with some traditional and hi-tech features, the outcome was successful.

Chinese former gymnastics champion Li Ning ignites the cauldron which combines technology and traditional arts. Whoah!

Anyway, below are the most recent Medal Standings and Medalist of the Beijing Olympic Games. Check it out!

Seems like US and Korea are striving hard to catch up on Top! Well goodluck to all the participants!

8 Aug 2008

Beijing Olympic Games 2008

Today is the openning of Beijing Olympic Games. My brother told me to watch the LIVE STREAMING and check for the Philippine Athletes marching in the middle of the huge crowd. Manny Pacquiao is the one bearing the Philippine flag. I hope Philippine Athletes gives pride and get lots of gold this year. Hmmm, I'm sure they will. I know they will go home with flying colors! Its a challenge as well for them too to give their best while the Philippines is in the middle of crisis and controversies. Check out BEIJING OLYMPIC 2008 for news and updates! Go! Go! Go! Philippines!

All About Shoes

I'm being tagged by Icelog. Its been a while since I got a tag from her. Anyways, since I have it i'd better do it and tag others before I got a slap from Icy hehehe.. Well the shoes I attached here was the monthsary present from my ever loving husband. I'm not really asking for gift from him but he just surprised me with this rubber shoes. I haven't used it since I got it. ( As if im hiking lol!). Maybe when we go for a holiday I might! Now I'm tagging Ate Liza, Wren-Der, Messy thoughts of me, and Texas Sweetie.

{Start Copy}

What’s your shoe size? Are your feet the same size as your mom’s feet? How about your sister’s feet? Can you borrow shoes from each other?

Post a picture of your latest shoe buy. Tag the number of women of your shoe size, i.e. size 5 = tag 5 friends. Don’t forget to drop a line in this blog when you’re done.

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My shoe size is UK Size 4. My Mom's feet is about the same as mine but my feet are narrower than her ( Lol, You know what I mean ayt?!). Way back in the Philippines, since I fancy buying shoes and slippers every Pay day, My mom whom I call "Nanay"always use anything she wants to wear in my shoe rack. I'll be surprise my sandals, slipper or shoes are loose ( side to side).

6 Aug 2008

Best Soundcard for Notebook

Few weeks ago I was mesmerize with this product I'm longing to have for my ACER Laptop. When I was in the Philippines, my brother has this Desktop PC with Creative Soundcard he used for hi 7.1 Creative Speaker. The reason why I'm blogging about this is when you are into gadgets, you tend to buy lots of accesories that you can install into your gadgets. Not only few people are mad on buying these new technology in the market today. Well I might say I'm one of them. Anyway, going back to the topic. Since my brother have this 7.1 Creative speaker with Soundblaster, he was able to connect it to his desktop PC and line it in to videoke/karaoke. As one of the frustrated singer in the family, we are recording songs in the comfort of our home. Watching movies using surround sound or what do they call it? Dolby Surround sound? I'm not sure, but thanks for Creative Products!

Now that I'm here in UK, I miss recording songs. I can do record songs using my laptop but I'm not contented. So out of my earnings, I asked my husband to buy me a soundcard that would fit or can be installed to my laptop. Of course, I asked my brother about it. And he suggested me to buy this Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio Notebook. Out of excitement I just bought it straight from EBAY. I really want to have it and record music which I can send to my parents in the Philippines or post it in my friendster. The product arrives the next day after I bought it. But heres the problem! The soundcard don'd fit with my multimedia card slot. I was so upset! I been working on browsing internet for the possible solution but failed! Well if anyone out there looking for soundcard for their laptop better make sure on the compatibility. As for me, Im using ACER Aspire 5570 Series. And this product that I bought only works if you have 54mm expresscard slot. If you are planning to buy, and not sure on the size of your expresscard slot then I suggest you to but the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi 5.1 . Make sure you check all the system requirements and compatibility so you won't regret buying it. But since this branded soundcard is a bit expensive, you might want to try this other option that is best for those people who wants to save yet looking for a quality product. SWEEX 5.1/7.1 USB External Soundcard.

As for the item that I bought, Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio Notebook I've found a solution for this one but still waiting for the actual product. I bought an Expresscard to USB Dongle Adapter that I hope would work on my Creative Sound Blaster. Finger's crossed! I'll keep you posted on the result once I recieved the parcel!

4 Aug 2008

Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 7th Gala Night!

Finally I've watched the complete episode of the Gala and probation night held last Saturday on Pinoy Dream Academy. For me the scholars that stand out among the face off's are:


Actually, the competition this gala night was really a close fight. Like for example, Bunny vs. Cris. I think Bunny stand out than Cris. How she delivers the song was far better than Cris. On Miguel vs. Ynaki, I chose Miguel. Because I can see his progress among his past performance. He really did a good job. Van vs. Sen, my winner is Van. I like his rendition of the song plus the stage performance. Bugoy vs. Apple, I'm on Bugoy's side. Although Apple really sings really good but the quality of Bugoy's voice was really amazing compared to Apple. I think juror's noticed that Apple's voice is somewhat normal. I mean, typical as they say. There are lots of singers out there who have the same quality of voice like her. But in fairness to her, I like how she perform her song choice. And Laarni and Liezel, these two are really rival to be the grand champion. Laarni has the voice. She is really gifted and maybe future diva. She's very competitive when it comes to Liezel. Mentors mentioned especially Ryan Cayabyab that Liezel has a very clean and nice voice too. I agree with that. But should be Laarni this time. The only thing that maybe pulled her score down was the last part of her song. Anyway, these Jurors know what they are doing. And in fairness to the Mentors they also know who needs more improvement or not. We just have to accept the outcome of this latest Gala Night and to the scholars, somehow they will learn something out of this competition. The so-called Sportmanship! Goodluck to them!


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