21 Aug 2008

The Internet on your Television??

How true is this news? This is one of the Yahoo Headlines today. Intel and yahoo joint forces to plan on making a so-called "Widget Channel". This widget channel will be using computer programs that will give more easier ways to those internet user to check stocks or sport teams messaging friends, and accessing videos thru Internet. That's awesome! I'll be looking forward to these new plan. Honestly, i'm pretty sure that as years passed by, there will be more new inventions that will alter the traditional TV into more better and bigger technology for the consumers or users. My husband said, here in UK they are changing all the analog satellite into digital one. Meaning those people in remote areas who are using FM/AM signal or even watching television using Antenna will be eradicated soon. The new generation is doing transformations since my birth. As long as there are lots of inventors, scientist or what ever you call those genius people, new technologies/inventions will be endless. Which I think is healthy because they make things easier for us. Of course disadvantages is on the lists. All we have to do is to become more wise and chosy in buying things we need and we want!

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