28 May 2008


I can't help you with the procedure of another countries visa. But as for the uk visa process, here are some additional tips. Thanks for my hubby for helping me with these.

1. Tell your partner to keep all the letters (including envelopes) you send her.
2. Make sure you have 3 to 6 months of bank statements to hand before the application.
3. If you are a homeowner have your deeds handy.
4. If you rent then have a letter from your landlord saying it's ok for your partner to stay with you.
5. If you work then have your salary slips available.
6. If you're unemployed, have proof of benefits. (Unfortunately if your income is too low you will most likely be rejected as you have to prove you can support your partner without claiming any more public funds for him/her.) A way round this is to get letters from family members (saying they will help support you) along with their bank statements. Due to illness I recieve Income Support and D.L.A. This was deemed acceptable and my 'then' fiancee was granted her visa.
7. Include pictures of you together with your partner.
8. Write a letter of invitation

If all of the above are followed then a finacee visa shouldn't be a problem. A few years back my wife was refused a visit visa, she wasn't my wife then of course but she was refused on 3 points. She mentioned looking for work (A BIG NO NO on a visit visa) I mentioned she was having problems at home in my invitation letter (ANOTHER BIG NO NO) They said that she had weak family ties which led them to believe she wouldn't leave the uk and would become an illegal immigrant. The final reason for refusal was just a document problem which wasn't our fault.


If you are successful in your application, whatever you do DON'T just buy the ticket for the following Day. Your fiancee/spouse must attend a seminar and have her passport stamped. Nobody informed us of this, not even the Visa people so my partner had 2 trips through the seemingly endless security checks at Manila airport, the first time being refused at check in.

27 May 2008

Where is Karen?

As mentioned in my previous post, I was asked by the manager to clean the hotel today. Karen, the new girl wasn't able to continue the probationary because of some issues. Hmmmm.... Whatever it is, I hope it will be sorted. But I miss working with her. Telling her the tips I gained from cleaning everyday and sharing points of view about everything. Cath says she might come over tomorrow as she spoke to her about the matter. If that is true then Welcome back Karen!

Finally, I have my real day-off tomorrow. I cooked Pork Adobo earlier and had my dinner with Jamie. Before I came to work earlier, I asked Jamie to lit the fireplace so I can have a proper bath. And I did it. It was so relaxing. Then asked Jamie to give me a quick massage. I plan to sleep early tonight and rest the whole day tomorrow for my next duty. Life is really hard. We have to do everything just earn couple of pounds to send to your love ones in the Philippines :(

How to apply for your UK Visa

Step 1. Determine the kind of UK Visa or Permit, if any, for which you are eligible to apply. This is an important step and you can find information to help you with this question on the British Government’s official visa and work permit information sites. If you do not seem to be eligible for any of the UK Visas, Certificates or Passports listed, or the consulate or embassy tells you that you need to be sponsored by a UK employer - you will likely need a UK Work Permit.

Step 2. Once you know for what you are eligible to apply, you will need to contact your nearest British High Commission, Consulate or Embassy and ask to have the appropriate application forms sent to you, or you can often download these forms quickly and easily from their websites.

Step 3. Read through the forms carefully to ensure you qualify and to see what documents you will need to supply. Fill out the forms completely and return to the British High Commission or Consulate in your country with all of the information and supporting documentation they have requested. If you have questions about filling out the forms, you should contact the British High Commission or Consulate on the number provided on your UK visa application forms. When should I apply?

Step 4. Wait for receipt of written confirmation of your successful UK Visa application from the British High Commission or Consulate to which you applied. If there are any problems they will contact you, usually by phone.

Step 5. If you are planning to work in the UK and have not already created a UK file online with WORKgateways – you can do so now! Apply for jobs and to agencies to start your UK job search. Be sure to upload your resume and keep your file updated as your travel plans become clear. Have a great time in the UK! If you are just “thinking about going” you can subscribe to our e-newsletter.

Timing: When to apply for your visa

With regards the timing of your application, you should check with the individual UK High Commission or Embassy as they all have different processing times. However in general, be careful not to apply too early (a year ahead) for your UK Visa as they often have a ‘use before’ date. However don’t leave it too late either! Most UK Visa applications (Ancestry, Working Holiday, Right to Abode, Spouse etc) will be processed within six weeks in most Commonwealth countries, but that is not a guarantee. If you are applying for the Highly Skilled Migrant Program this may take much longer and you should give yourself several months. It is not normally recommended to purchase your airline tickets until you have received your UK visa if this is something that will effect whether you go to the UK or not.

This information should be used as a guideline only. For official information on work visa and permit processing times please contact your nearest British Embassy or Consulate.

Source : WorkGateways

The new UK points-based immigration system

Many visitors have been searching on my page lately about the UK VISA. Here are other information that might be of great help to you.

The new UK immigration system, to be implemented in stages in 2008, combines all the current UK entry visas into five tiers. The five tiers have different conditions and criteria.

  • Tier 1: Highly skilled individuals to contribute to growth and productivity; (implemented 29 February)
  • Tier 2: Skilled workers with a job offer to fill gaps in United Kingdom labour force (being introduced in Autumn of 2008);
  • Tier 3: Limited numbers of low skilled workers needed to fill temporary labour shortages (currently suspended);
  • Tier 4: Students (introduced spring of 2009);
  • Tier 5: Youth mobility and temporary workers: people allowed to work in the United Kingdom for a limited period of time to satisfy primarily non-economic objectives. (This will replace the working holiday visas in the uk being introduced in Autumn of 2008)
Source : WorkGateways

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26 May 2008

Rest Day here I come!

Wow! This is my last schedule after 5 days! Wohoo! After helping the new girl in the hotel, I came home with a big smile in my face. You know what I mean why I'm so happy today. Its because I have 3 days off starting tomorrow! So even though there are lots of stripping and cleaning today. Even I'm really slow because of the effect of grumpiness and that sleeping tablet, I know theres a rainbow at the end of the day.

I have done lots of mistake last night and today. I can't concentrate in what Cath is asking me because of the slang accent last night. What will you do if you have about 20-25 British around you with different accent and speaking slang, and fast? Whew! I might say i'm grumpy mentally than physically! lol! I had a hard time translating each command in my brain. Sometimes I just do it logically when i got 1-2 clear words. I bet most of Pinays abroad is doing the same. Its really hard! I imagine my brain is a bit drained because of it. I've done better than what I've expected. Clap! Clap!

When I arrived home, I just had a coke and mushroom soup and go for a nap. Wow! I miss our bed!. And when I woke up? The manager called if I can do cleaning tomorrow. Not again! They say "No Pain, No Gain". More hours of work means more pay! Lol! Well I have no choice but to go there tomorrow. I spoke to Cath and she told me she'll explain it to me why I have to be there. I'm kinda nervous and worried. Jamie said I'd be alright as they probably like me do the job than any other girls. I just hope its not about me being a worst worker coz I'm doing my job well. Or the new girl must have been dropped the job because of the work itself. It's not really easy. The time constraint made it hard to finish all the rooms bu oftentimes there are few guests who are checking in. I'll be there tomorrow but hoping that I'll have my two days off after tomorrow. I'm still looking forward to it. And maybe, Jamie and I can watch Indiana Jones if im not to tired. hehehe

25 May 2008

Patient? or Impatient?

Patience is the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset, or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties.

Impatience is an opposite of patience or having a lack of patience.

I have to open my computer and start searching for the right meaning of this two words. I felt being patient and impatient at the same time today. Lol It might be because my work is realy busy at the moment. Like my shift last Friday night, I worked twice a day. But today was a bit shocking to me. Its my first time serving loads of orders , getting their orders and clearing up tables but hey, Im not superman to do all this and not either trained for this job? I know I can't say no to the commands that has been asked but at least check them if i can do the job that quick. My patience earlier is really low. I didn't expect that there will be plenty of customer's coming in. I bet, tomorrow will be a lot more stripping than my work for the past week. Well i won't deny that I'm poor in being a waitress. First, I have the communication barrier. Second, I was shock on the bulk orders and third I only have a few idea on how to serve and accomodate them. Finally, the time pressure and pressure to learn the job itself. Lol!

I've done most of the cleaning earlier in 6 rooms. How tiring is that when you started working on the about 9:30 and you will have to finished it by 12:00? Geez! I dont know what to think but im getting impatient for the the job. They might say I'm a grafter but I cant possibly be good at all jobs. The good thing in it is I'm learning all of it but please, not to quick.

Right now I'm am so grumpy. I think I need a break on work. I have been duty for the last five days and been waiting for my rest day. Weeee! Finally I can sleep more than eight hours. Staying in bed till I have enough relaxation as well as a nice massage from my hubby. Looking forward to it now! Wohooo!

24 May 2008

Friendship Tag

Got this tag from Sabel. I never like linky tag because it's really hard for me copy all of the names and url but now that I know how it's just too easy. I tried it before but it didn't work so I tried it again this time hmm..it works..I don't what happened before but anyway just copy and paste it guys that is so easy..


1. Copy from ::Start Copy Here:: through ::End Copy Here::.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. Just make sure to post this to each of the blog you added in the list
3. Tag other online friends you know.You don’t need to be tag in order to join. If you want to join just post this one in your blog.
4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list.That way, everyone is happy and can meet new friends too!
5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up!
6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

Let us now continue the link to my other friends online to: Ate Liza, Confessions of an army wife, Chy, Inaj, Retchel, and Vanny

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23 May 2008

Things to Ponder

Today was one of the busiest day on my CAREER LIFE. Lol! I got up 6:30 am till 12:40. Then go back again at 7:00pm till 9:20pm this evening. Its not hard really. The manager is guiding me in my every move and teaching me everything that needs learning. With me is her grandchild and daughter who was chatting me while working with the orders. Its indeed bank holiday today and they're expecting lots of customers coming in. There are quite few couples who drop by and order some drinks and food but beyond their expectation. They've compared it to the past bank holidays which is about 34 meal orders and so on. Well, people might have chosen to stay home and rest for a bit. Hopefully, they might go tomorrow or the next day to unwind with some pint of alcohol or a shot of lemonade and vodka. Hmm! Sounds interesting! I might do it again one time. Its been a whole since I last got drunk!

Anyway, I'd be honest but I saw the happy side of my co-workers today. Before, I am scared to commit mistakes as if I'll be shouted or told off with what I did but they aren't really like that. All I saw later was,they are joking around, winding up each other enjoying the times while working. The environment was really light. Opposite of the straight, serious face I've encountered at first. I'm quite chuffed about it. And not only that, I've learnt a bit of what they call British Humor. I don't get every joke but at least I'm picking up things.

I guess that's all for now! The sleeping tablet is kicking in and I will still need to get up early for my morning duty.. Tarah!!

21 May 2008

Umbrella - Vanilla Sky ( Rock Version )

I was browsing Imeem today and was looking for new videos that I will be using for blogging when i came across this funny MTV. Originally, I'm looking for the original version of the song Ümbrella"sung by Rihanna or Mandy Moore but all I can find was a blurry Music Videos.

Anyway, Let me share you this video that you might like. Make comparison on the original MTV and this one.

One BARBECUE afternoon!

Earlier, I had a barbeque lunch with my hubby and Dad. The three of us sat there for about one hour cooking the barbeque in a live charcoal grill. Jamie got this disposable barbeque grill for 2.99 Pounds in the nearest shop. I had so much fun with it as I turn the barbeque sticks till its cooked. Jamie and Dad was watching me cooking this mouthwatering dish that I marinated last night with my very own version of recipe. I should say this is one of my best recipe ever! I'll be looking forward to do this again with some neighbors as I'm pretty sure they've smelled how nice these barbeque's are. Whew! It was really yummy!

This recipe was just a test as I don't really know how to do it. In the Philippines, when there are birthdays or party's, I'll just go in the nearest minimart and bought a ready made barbeque and put it in the skewer. But here, I have to make all the marination myself if I wanted to have one. I have never failed making lots of dishes. Maybe because I have the passion in cooking and its therapeutic sometimes making such kind of dishes. But of course, I won't be knowledgeable enough to do all of these if not for Marriage Life. I'm oblige! Lol! So whether I like it or not, I must cook the food or else I'd be on diet eating cereals and sandwich everyday.

So guys, If you have the passion for cooking or simply want to try different style of making your barbeque, you are free to get this recipe HERE. Just follow the instructions and BINGO! You have these yummy barbeque on your plate. Take your live charcoal grill out in the sun and enjoy the pleasure of grilling your very own barbeque dish. Don't forget to add some vegetables like what you saw on the picture and it will be more healthy than eating a plain BBQ on stick! Get your favorite vegetables to match with this meal! Ciao!


Its been a month since I last ask my cousin Liza to teach me how to make this so-called LECHE PLAN Recipe. She's quite good at it and it made me curious on doing this delicious recipe since its my day off.

Usually when I am trying to cook recipes, I used google to collect at least 3 style on how to make it and then combined those three as part of the experimentation. So far, I have never been failed when I started this idea.

The picture shown in this post is the finish product of my Leche Plan Recipe. Thanks to Ate Liza for reminding me on how to perfectly make it. You can check her blog on her version of leche plan or my recipe blog if you feel like trying my version. CLICK HERE for the recipe procedure. Ciao!

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Friends Around The World

Start Copy from the Picture
Rule:1. Copy from ::Start Copy Here:: through ::End Copy Here::.2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. Just make sure to post this to each of the blog you added in the list.3. Tag other online friends you know.You don’t need to be tag in order to join. If you want to join just post this one in your blog.4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list.That way, everyone is happy and can meet new friends too!5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up! :D6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen, using alphas and tapes from Kate H, flowers from Ida, paper by Catrine.1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6.Because Life Is Fun 7. Piece o’Kaje 8. Mon a Bric 9. Celebrate Life 10.My Journey11. Deeply In Love 12. Pink and Brown Diaries 13. Happyheart 14. Wilstop 15. Fun|Fierce|Fab 116. The Nook 17. Dabawenyako 18. Life Away from Home 19. YOUR BLOG!

::End Copy Here::

Thanks for the tag, Yen! Now, I'm tagging Liza, Raine, Wren, Rose, & You!

20 May 2008

Cleaning Addict

Finally I've got time to BLOG! I've been up since 9:00 am this morning just to CLEAN the whole house. I cleaned everything and stayed half-day cleaning the kitchen. Lol! That's not a joke. I keep on scrubing the walls, cup board, washing machine, oven, freezer and refrigerator. And after I've cleaned it all, Jamie said, "Wow! Looks like its newly painted! Why are you so addicted to cleaning?"I simply replied him, "There's no way I'm cleaning each room in the hotel and won't be cleaning our own house.. Duh?!". He was laughing his head off with what I've said but to be honest, most of you who have the same job as me usually forgets cleaning our own house or area. I still remember when I'm working back home (Philippines), my desk is always clean and organize but my computer table at home was never like that clean. I don't know why, whenever I clean it, it gets messy before the day ends. Or another example was our preventive maintenance in the service department. Preventive maintenance simply means cleaning your computer be it software or hardware. We clean the CPU, printer, monitor and even the whole table of the person using it. Removing the spam, virus and etc. including reformatting and so on. But we have never done preventive maintenance on our own office equipments. Unbelievable! We should actually start all things with our self may it be regarding to work or any other else. If you are a salesman or businessman, you can't ask your customers to try your product/s unless you haven't tried it yourself. Same with our everyday chores or way of living. If we are pleasing others then it should be time to please yourself first. Everything should begins with ourself primarily.

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19 May 2008

Busy Week

Busy Schedule! Those box shaded was my schedule the past 2 weeks and this week. Whew! Its tiring but I'm beginning to enjoy what I'm doing. On 23rd of this month I'll be on work twice in a day. I don't think I can blog by then. The manager told me that it will be a busy weekend as its one of the longest Bank Holiday in a year. I want to try the night shift so I will know what to do in case Kath wants to duty at night in summer. That might be tiring yet full of thrill for me. As you all know, I'm new in this line of career.

I'm looking forward to finish this weeks schedule. Like any other worker, I'm longing to finish my work quickly to have rest or a glass of cold water. I hope I get more days off next week. What a life!

18 May 2008

Friend's in need is a friend in deed...

This is one of the nicest Friendship Song I love most. Of course there are lots of other songs but this one surely stand out among them. I'm dedicating this song to my friends in the Philippines as well as the circle of friends I made here in Blogging. This song is to all of you friends...

Thank you for teaching me how to love
Showing me what the world means
What i've been dreamin' of
And now I know, there is nothing that I could not do
Thanks to you

For teaching me how to feel
Showing me my emotions
Letting me know what's real
From what is not
What i've got is more that i'd ever hoped for
And a lot of what I hope for is
Thanks to you

No mountain, no valley
No time, no space
No heartache, no heartbreak
No fall from grace
Can't stop me from believing
That my love will pull me through
Thanks to you


There's no mountain, no valley
No time, no space
No heartache, no heartbreak
No fall from grace
Can't stop me from believing
That my love will see me through
Thanks to you
Thanks to you

For teaching me how to live
Putting things in perspective
Showing me how to give
And how to take
No mistake
We were put here together
And if I breakdown
Forgive me but it's true
That i'm aching with the love I feel inside
Thanks to you
Thanks to you....

Blister and Callous!

I'd be honest with you guys. Upon searching on the web, I'm not too sure if the translation I saw was correct. I have this so-called "Kalyo" in may right palm I got from cleaning the hotel. Because my right hand works more than my left hand, I easily got this bad "Kalyo".

According to Webster Online Dictionary , The Kalyo translation is Callous. Since there are two synonyms in the context Callous, I might say I got the correct word for it. Callous means thick-skinned, Hardened skin, numb or dead skin and usually became senseless part of skin. I remember when I was in high-school and college, I usually get Kalyo in my fingers due to too much writing. My teacher used to ask me to make an outline of our lesson the next day especifically in Biology. She used to check our notes and will ask me to write it in the board so my other classmates can copy and use it as a reviewer on the following quizzes or exams after the discussion. Some got this Kalyo when you overuse you hand holding something for example Mop. When you Mop everyday like the way I'm doin you can get this KALYO. And that's one hundred percent! No wonder my father ( Tatay ) have this hard palms. Its because of using his Araro tilting the soil to plant different kinds of crops. It's not easy having this kind of hardened skin as its painful everytime you press it. But as soon as you get used to it, you might think that its been there because it protects you to have those Blister ( Paltos ) on and on. Oh by the way, I learned that today! Ahhhh!! I really need to improve my English Oral and written communication.

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17 May 2008

XBOX , Wii, PSP, NDS, Playstation Game Site

Are you a video gamer? Like games? Love games? Then you should check out this site! It is a new site dedicated purely to games (such as PSP, Wii, Xbox, Playstation and NDS). You'll find reviews and the latest information for all new games for the mentioned consoles. For those of you who are struggling with games, then click GAME DEPOT to find a walkthrough that may just help you get past that tough part.

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16 May 2008

Its Shopping Time!

This picture was taken after I get back to work. I quickly changed my uniform into kikay style to get ready for bus at 12:58. Is it obvious that I'm excited going out, wear my sun glasses and have sun bathing? Well, its sunny outside and I guest its the best time for walking under the sun. I'm sure we'll enjoy walking through the shops today.

One more picture and we're ready to go! I sat on Jamie's little office. This is where he do his PPP Opp. Click!

We've finished all the important business early
and then started shopping for our food.

Yes we had this cheap offer that made us over spend our weeks budget. We bought lots of meats specifically pork and beef sirloins for the steak I'm planning to make this week. I've been dying to try the recipe I've watched in TFC called "Korean Steak Recipe". Believe it or not, I've tried it earlier and its really lovely! Don't miss it guys just click the recipe highlighted and prepare a delicious meal for your loving husband. Give him some surprise meal before he got home!

We also got this Weetabix Cereal. It's one of Jamies Favorite Cereal. I've only tried eating cereal three times since getting here. That's
because I think I'd be easily hungry eating just cereal for breakfast. I used to eat big breakfast like Fried Tinapa with Alamang, Onion and Tomatoes with lots of Rice of course. That's mouthwatering Ilocano meal that I miss so much. Yummy!

Well, I've tried this cereal and its not that bad. In fact its yummy and delicious. Jamie said I should be eating cereal as its healthy and nutritious. I might surprise Jamie one day asking for this quick meal.

We also had vegetables. Everytime we go shopping I make sure theres vegetables in it. But if Jamie made the shopping lists, he wont put vegetables coz he hates it. Lol! Since g
etting here, I've succesfully convinced him to eat some to balance his meal. And thats a good news according to his mom. He rarely eats veggies not unless I cook this "Beef Stew or Nilagang Baka".

Believe it or not, I finally saw Okra in TESCO. I nearly jumped when I saw it. I also got this Finger Chilli or Siling-Labuyo in local name. Its hard to find fresh vegetables like this here. Unlike in the Philippines, you can easily get these vegetables anywhere. Well, Its nice to see local vegetables that you really miss eating. I plan to make this Korean Steak with Soy Sauce (of course with chopped onion, chilli, soy and calamansi) and fry this Okra ( Lady Finger). Hmm.. Can't wait to eat that meal! I asked Jamie to watch out for eggplant ( Talong ) next time we shop. I'd be overwhelmed to have that for my Tortang Talong with Toyomansi and Chilli!

Koreak Steak Recipe

Just later this afternoon, I made Jamie a brillian meal. I've just watched in on BOY and KRIS two weeks ago and was asking Jamie to complete the ingredients. We can't find all the ingredients here in the local shop that's why when we have the time to go in TESCO - Holyhead Branch, I successfully got allt he ingredients.

This recipe is such a wonderful meal. I took a picture of it and show you how it looks like.

I also include here sauted mixed vetetables as a side dish with fried Okra.

For complete procedure for this recipe, CLICK HERE. You won't regret having this meal because it's really delicious!

Horrific Day!

I missed blogging yesterday due to unexpected working schedule at the hotel. I should have three days off since Wednesday up to Friday but the manager needs a reliever for Thursday. So she called me up if I can work on Thursday and of course I won’t say no to that. We are a bit skint these two weeks and additional hours will mean more salary. By doing that we can have spare money for buying things we need like food, milk, and etc.

After work, we go to Holyhead for my Bank schedule. Yes! Finally, I can open my account now for saving purposes. I think it’s time to save for future expenses like vacation in the Philippines or Christmas Gift for December 2008. Whew! I need to work hard to fulfil these future plans or else we’ll both rush where to find money to buy presents for Christmas.

As soon as we finished our business in the bank and Jobcentre plus, we go to TESCO to buy some groceries for the week. Of Course I have listed the things we need for the coming week, but hey! We over spend! I knew it would happen! That’s the reason why I brought my money with me just in case. Our food budget for this week should have been £ 30.00 but the total of all the things we bought was about £ 73.00. Its heck a lot than expected! We have seen lots of sale items as well as food offer where we can buy meat products for a very low price. There’s no way you can’t grab that cheap offer. But never mind! We have got our food for three weeks. It’s a lot cheaper than going back to TESCO and get all the stuff we’ll be needing. That’s petrol money plus spending time out when I can use that time for cleaning the house or BLOGGING.

While travelling back home we’re on a very slow speed because of the three cars ahead of us which we figured out in the end that there’s a big truck ahead of those three cars. I must be a Field Truck used in tilling the soil or so. Just 20 minutes before our destination, the third car turns right. Then the second car go for overtake which made her bump the first car. We’re on a shock maintaining our speed for about 30Kph. But the second car continues to drive till they reach the gasoline station. I can still remember how the side mirror of the 1st car broke. I am horrified with what I saw. When we passed through the gasoline station, they are arguing about what happened. Maybe asking who should be blame. I don’t want to be judgemental coz I really know very little when it comes to the roads and driving but I can say that the second car should be blamed. In the first place, the third car shouldn’t overtake while the first car is doing the same thing. I might missed something but as far as I can see the third car is one of the reckless driver I’ve ever saw. I then ask Jamie if he was on shock. He just told me, “I would be if someone died”. I’m a bit worried on Jamie afterwards. He was on a driving lesson at the moment because of me. I was asking him to take some lesson so he can drive Dad’s car and ask him instead to drive rather than asking his friends to do that for him. Plus I know that it will give him personal satisfaction and achievement for this skill he’s about to gain. To make sure, I won’t ask him to drive on the main road till he’s not yet professional in driving. The lesson in this tragic moment was to learn SAFE DRIVING. They must have this proper driving ethics specially when you're on the national road.

14 May 2008


During the past months, We've heard about lots of entertainment news among the two tops rival stations. One of these are the remake of so many Foreign Novels like the recently finished Marimar which had a successful end. Now ABS-CBN are making lots of remakes such as My Girl starred by Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson and Betty La Fea starred by Bea Alonzo. While I was browsing Youtube lately, I came across this Mexican Series who also starred by Thalia many years ago. And I hope they will remake it coz its one of my favorite series. Here;s the video teaser of MARIA MERCEDEZ Pinoy Remake and its cast-to-be. Check it out!

I won't lie to you guys but seems to me that the CAST are pretty good on their soon-to-be roles. I, myself watched the whole story of this series and became addicted to it. So if ABS-CBN will be making this one then its worth it! We'll see in the next few months. For the meantime, enjoy watching this video and leave some comment if you have some suggestions!

13 May 2008

Charice Pempengco on OPRAH

Here comes the new young international singer from the Philippines. Everyone was waiting for the appearance of Charice Pempengco in OPRAH show which we knew had been finished a month ago. The talk of the nation was here. Check the video and see it yourself how good she was.

Another video post for Charice in Oprah Show.

12 May 2008

Best Mom Tag

Its Mother's Day everyday and it's time to tell the world how grateful we are of our mothers who gave us life and love. I appreciate Lara for this tag, I wanna pass this tag to my blogger friends namely; Liza, Rachel, Filipino in canada, Rosemoreno, and Desperateblogger. Friends now is our opportunity to tell everybody in the blogesphere why we have the best Mom in the World.

Please copy the link below and add yours then pass also to other mommies.

1. Bregie- her love for us is endless!
2. Bing - for us she is more than perfect!
3. Francine - of the life she gave me in this world!
4. Cherie - of her undying love, understanding and support in everything that I do
5. Le bric à brac de Cherie -she's always there to give my spirit a lift when I am really down and she never gets tired of loving me and the entire family. I wanna be like her!
6. Gen - for being my mom forever...
7. Lara- she understands me and fill my needs.
8. Laradee - she loves me and cares for me no matter what.
9. Byaheng Pinay - she gave the best for me.
10. Eds - for her unconditional love to us.

The Irony of LIFE...

Just after coming home from work, we head back to Llangefni to bring Dad home. Jamie thinks he's stable now on one week's stay with us. Plus as I have mentioned in my latest post, I have to buy a new pair of black pants and white tops for my work. Lots of sales in every shop we've been. And I have this massive shopping bags with me when we came back to Dad's flat. When we arrive there, his neighbour is there having a chat to dad but a bit drunk. He's sentimental-like and I though he will burst into tears. He's really depressed I would say because he have this sentiments about life. Talking about the death of his family in a car accident and his childhood nightmare. I've seen this man once and in my first impression, i didn't like him. He has this huge body and was like a bad man in his early years but now that I've seen him depressed, my impression to him changes. Its really easy to judge person at first glance but we really have to know the person first before judging. That's the irony I learned today. I know most of us been and there in the same situation. Now I can say that this person has some kindness and softness in his heart. I now understand how he hides his weakness about life. He's been in a tough situation.

We stayed for a while while he is saying,

"I shouldn't be here.. You're family is here.. You're lucky you have your family to take care of you.. ".

Dad just replied its alright. Nothing to worry about. As Jamie also told him that we're about to go in a couple of minutes. I know I'm being outnumbered again but seems to me that his life in interesting. He then started telling Jamie,

"You know, when you're drunk you tend to be sentimental. "

His girlfriend wasn't there to comfort him and he sounds helpless. He continue talking about his family who died in a car accident then blaming God for what happened. I told myself he needs a proper guidance. He lacks on spiritual help. I can't say that have not made any sin or mistake but I am making sure God is with me all the time. It made me think about how this country help his citizen to be financially well when spiritually, the people are lack in God's guidance.I met lots of Jamie's family friends and I then understand now why people are depressed. This depression roots on the bad things that happened to them and then blaming God on it. I don't think its fair. They won't understand this life's obstacles if they don't accept God in their heart. I just hope God will continue to guide them. They aren't bad people neither but I pray to God to continuously guide and bless them.

We head back home after a couple of minutes. I told Dad to take care of his friend. And he will surely do that.

I go upstairs and get this "Religious Lucky Dip" . I always pick one rolled paper in it and it so happen that most of the Bible Verses helps me motivate myself and strengthen my faith to God. I don't know but somehow its related to my everyday life. I asked Jamie to get his pick and this verse appeared to that little paper.

"Fear not for I have redeemed you..."

Coincidence! Dad's friend was on his very depressed day. Jamie's been into hard times like that before. Asking God so many question. Blaming God for all those hard times he have been. I remember on one of the conversation between myself and my husband. Jamie mentioned that God asked him through the bible if he should approach him with an IRON ROD or WITH LOVE. Jamie replied "WITH LOVE". A very short time later I came into Jamie's life and we fell in love. Jamie believes God brought me to him...........

11 May 2008

Aiza Seguerra Made my Day!

Today was one of my very unlucky day. I came home from work earlier feeling tired and exhausted due to too much cleaning. Aside from planning to make some posts, I'm planning to iron the pants I used to wear at work. But I'm doomed to burnt it without even realizing that, that's my only black pants I brought from the Philippines. And its not only that, It's one of my favourite. I asked my aunt to make one for me before I left Philippines last year and now its gone! What will I wear tomorrow????? I have no choice but to wear other pants tomorrow and tell Kath that I'll buy replacement black pants on Wednesday. Anyway, I don't want be be frazzled all night thinking and worrying about it.
To divert my attention from that, I watched "That's My Doc" starred by Aga Mulach and Lara Quigaman. Tonight's Episode really made my day. It wasn't the first time I saw Aiza Seguerra wearing dress but just the thought of it makes me laugh. Aiza wearing Tube gown with semi-skinned haircut and tatoos all over her arms and back? My gosh, she looks gay. But In fairness to her, she's gorgeous when she wore that wig and heart-style long gown for the "Maria Elenä"shoot. She has a nice make up too and makes me imagine what if she's not what she is right now? I adore her talents. In fact, she's one of my favourite child actress when she's still young. I even love watching her as the Little susie, and the girl who's turning into a duck( I forgot the movie title) Petrang Kabayo and etc. Fantasy-like movies which is really funny. Those classic movies makes her famous those days. Since then, I never heard of her till she launched her single "Pagdating ng Panahon". After the success of in her singing career, she became vocal about her true personality. I still like her but somehow I can't help but think what if she's still the same Aiza Seguerra? Come to think of it? She have all the talents that no one has. Whatever she was right now, I'm still proud of her. She's one of a kind!

10 May 2008

Tiring yet rewarding day!

What a tiring day! I almost cleaned all the rooms at the hotel today. Taking some orders, serving breakfast, cleaning all the toilets, sweeping and mopping the floor are some of my responsibilities. Whew! I nearly passed out. (Kidding!) I enjoy cleaning though. That must be the reason why it takes me a couple of minutes to clean and strip the room. I did not even recognize that I need to be quick. ( Silly me!) He He He. I’m really slow at cleaning even in my own room. Maybe its because I assume that everything needs to be done perfectly. I learned that when I was working in my brother's office. Thats why I assume that it will be like that here either. I do things the best I can so there will be no reason for them to tell you that your work is not good and so on. Well there’s nothing wrong with that but I should be quick especially when there are lots of guess to be served. Kath (the manager) remind me about that earlier. She said she will show how to do it tomorrow. I felt sorry for being so slow though. I hope she won’t fire me. Hehehe. Anyway, I guess I have to make a strategy to make it quicker without even skipping other things to be cleaned. Sooner or later I know I’ll get used to it.

I ended up receiving my 3 days salary. Whoa! What a reward! It’s a good feeling when you got something out of your own sweat isn’t it? I head back home with a big smile in my face. Even the work is a bit hard, and my arms and legs are crumpled at night, I don’t mind. Upon receiving my salary, it automatically swept all the pain and weariness I felt for the past 3 days. Wow! I’ll be busy thinking of something to buy for myself tonight (lol!) That’s the point really. You work and save for something you want. I remember earlier, Bradley (Kath’s Grand Child) was there at the hotel to help stripping and tidying other rooms. He’s about 14 years old and was working part-time during weekends. I asked him why does he wants to work and earn.He replied, “simply just to save for Xbox 360”.He’s clever and a good example to other teenagers. Most teenagers will tell you something like they save for their future dates or so or might just be asking their parents for certain amounts just to buy these luxuries. His parents must be showing him that money should be earned from working and not just picking it in the ground. He should strive hard to study and earn big amount of money. I wish hime goodluck in the future.

9 May 2008


Yesterday, I came home very tired and starving. So I decided to cook the second version of Pork Kilawin that I've posted here in my blog. To my fellow bloggers, you might want to try this as well. Here is how it looks like:100_8781

Its easy to cook and I bet you will love it. All you need is onion, garlic, tomatoes, green finger pepper or Chinese pepper, black pepper, salt, pork in strips and MSG. For full details, CLICK HERE.

8 May 2008

DYOSA - Anne Curtis ( Fantaserye of the Year)

After the success of ABS-CBN's Top Rated Primetime Bida Shows heres the new Fantaserye that everyone is waiting for. Its entitled "DYOSA"which will be starred by Anne Curtis, Sam Milby and Luis Manzano. This will be a love triangle that everyone's dying to watch for. This fantaserye is believed to compete GMA7's "DYESEBEL"which is starred by Marian Rivera. Well, I can say that competition is healthy. Let the viewers be the judge who among the top philippine station made the best series for this season. Here's the


I was busy thinking of what could be the best post I can make today. I am absolutely tired from working and thinking too much. Upon chatting with my Bro who's working in Kuwait, he then remind me of something to post. Its about the cheapest call to Philippines. My husband always use this whenever he calls me in the Philippines especially when I'm still applying for my VISA. Its of great help because the call is not too expensive. Better share it to my fellow kababayan who lives here in United Kingdom.

To all my fellow kababayan here in United Kingdom who are looking for cheap calls in the Philippines, check this SITE. Stay connected with your love ones. No voice delay! Klarong-Klaro eka nga!

Kissable Lips

I got this tag from Thata. You will need to post a picture of you with Kissable Lips. She posted a picture of her and her daughter and I think its cool. So, I'm posting it here in blog too. Let the readers be the judge if I have a Kissable Lips!

1. Post a picture of yourself wearing your favorite colored lipstick.
2. Tag two bloggers.
3. And don’t forget to link the blogger who tagged you!

Comment me if I've got the Kissable Lips. My husband says I have lol! Anyways, I'm tagging Liza, Inaj, Raine, Sweetiepie, rachel and arianyoung.

7 May 2008


Here are some tips to my fellow kababayan who wants to apply for UK VISA. I struggled applying for my Visa before getting approved. At first we tried applying for TOURIST VISA which I assume to be not advisable because of the tendency of disapproval. I got lucky the second time when I've read all the necessary things to do before applying. Heres what you must do:
  • Make sure to collect all the pictures, proof that you are in constant communication with your hubby such as letters, emails, chats, webcam shots, postcards and proof that you hubby is sending some allowance or so. Thats important.
  • Make sure you have all the letters that will prove that you will get married when you get to UK. That includes the letter from the registry office, Certificate of singleness ( both ), letter of support from your hubby and his parents or brothers, letter from the lanlord, and any other letters that will prove about your plan to marry.
  • You hubby must have a good bank statement. It will help if your family can provide a letter of support with their bank statements that they will support you in case there will have a financial problem in the future. Bank certificate is a must.
  • Make a letter to the embassy regarding your pure intention about the aplication.
  • Make sure you have the renewed passport or not tampered passport as they won't accept passport with tamper. ( it happens to me so take my advice so you can save going to the embassy)
  • When all your documents are ready make sure you filed it properly including all the small details you can attach. ( as to my experience, I even include all the chats and some flower tags when my hubby is sending me flowers at work as well as pictures with him and my family and friends.)
  • Everythings ready! Make an appointment to the British Embassy. They will give you a reference number, date and time when will you submit all your requirements.
HE UKVAC contact details are:
VFS Philippines Services Private Inc.
Unit 2501 –2502
25th Floor Phil. Axa Building
1286 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue cor. Tindalo Sts.
Makati City 1200
Website: www.vfs-uk-ph.com
Email: info@vfs-uk-ph.com
Office Hours:
09:00 – 15:00Monday - Friday
Call Centre Hours:
08:00am – 08:00pmMonday – Friday
08:00am – 6:00pmSaturday
For PLDT/Touchcard Subscribers: 1-909-885-8472 or 1-909-885-VISA
For Bayantel Subscribers: 1-903-847285 or 1-903-VISAUK
This service is available nationwide through a toll charge costing Php32.00 per minute for landline calls (excluding VAT and applicable NDD charges for calls made outside Metro Manila). Additional rates may apply for calls made through payphones, prepaid phone cards or mobile phones. Recorded information is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Exchange Rate: Php 85.00 = £1.00 (with effect: 23 January 2008)

Remember that you will inquire everything on the address and telephone number above. Make sure you have your pen and paper as well as your passport ready when you call them. ( The call is really expensive). Might as well load 500.00 pesos card so the call won't be cut. You can browse the complete details HERE.
  • Next, include the Postal Money Order paid to "The British Embassy-Manila" the sum of the money you will be paying for the VISA. For new visa fees please CLICK HERE.
  • When all documents and appointment are sorted, have it phococopied. All you documents for they will ask you for it. All originals should be given to them for review.
  • Make sure you go to the scheduled appointment 1 hour before the scheduled time. I've experienced it myself to be late because of Traffic. They are strict when it comes to Time and Documents. Also, get a checklist from their helpdesk to avoid being told of infront of other applicants. Got embarassed when one of the helpdesk told me why my documents are not filed accoording to their checklist. So be warned.
  • Wear tops with collar, preferably white top with blazer, slacks and closed shoes.
  • Be confident when they asked you something. It helps when you answered them straight. Don't show any nervousness or they might think you're hiding something.
  • They will ask for you Biometric scans and its done. You'll wait for 2-3 weeks and you will finally know when you get your visa or not. Make sure you told them your mobile number coz you might receive the result thru text or call. Make sure its open 24 hours a day hehehe ( my phone got stolen when after I've applied for the Visa. good thing I put my brother's phone number on my passport. Theý've contacted me a month after my Visa approval.)
Thats it! All you have to do after is pray for the result. If you want to have more information about application CLICK HERE.

Cemaes Bay Beach - Anglesey

Here's the picture of Cemaes bay when its lowtide. Its my first time seeing it like that and it was captivating. The marks made by the small waves made the sand looks artistic.

Its amazing how deep the sea was when its high tide as I can even see the marks on the side of the hills. Whoa! I can still remember the fresh air when I'm there. It also helps when you're in deep thinking or just merely wants to unwind from busy work. Its worth a vacation when you visit this place. Just 10-15 minutes away was the Llanbadgrig Church which is belie
ved to be historical among Welsh. The place is also good for Mountain hiking. Its a small village and yet believed to be one of the great scenery in Anglesey. Theres hotels and beach house just round the village and some small shops where you can get some emergency stuffs. You'll enjoy the place. Very peaceful and the people were nice and polite. There are also bars where you can visit when you feel like having a night out. Harbour hotel, Woburn Hill Hotel and Douglas Inn. They serve great food if you feel like have a meal with your dates or with your family. Its a cool place and nice place for a great vacation. Highly recommended for all the tourists especially now that its nearly summer! Take your summer clothes and go to Cemaes Bay Beach!

Caregiver Movie Trailer - Sharon Cuneta

Here's the sneak peak of the upcoming movie of Sharon Cuneta this year. Its a movie dedicated to those OFW's who are working as Caregivers in any part of the world. It isn't easy doing those job when you're professionally skilled in the Philippines. But because we can't get a good paying job, Pinoys tend to sacrifice what they have in the Philippines in exchange for the good money. I'm looking forward to seeing this film. Mabuhay to all Pinoys around the world!

Also please check this another interesting Caregiver post about Sharon Cuneta's Movie Caregiver.

6 May 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Its one of the hottest days in Cemaes Bay since I've been here. It was a nice day outside. Everyone was out and excited to wear their short pants and sleeveless. at 5:00pm most of my neighbors are having sunbath. Cool! Cherry blossoms everywhere. Teenagers are out with their best summer clothes. Some are taking their top clothes off ( Men ) and some go to the beach to play kites and collect peebles. Whew! Cemaes bay is getting busy. Its still spring here but the temperature is not that cold anymore. Dad said that it will be officially summer in June 1st. How exciting! I have things to look forward too. I missed wearing my sleeveless, shorts and other fashionable stuffs that you can only wear during summer.

Anyways, aside from having a sunny day, today is also my first day of work. Its only a part time job but still excited to go back to work and have a little reward afterwards. I know it wasn't a pleasant job but I have to start on scratch especially now that im in the new way of life, new environment, new country. Everything new! As I've said on my recent posts, I met the Manager of the hotel yesterday. On today, she taught me everything that I should be doing during work hours. Four hours has passed and I finished all the jobs successfully. Theres some minor things that needs improving but all in all my job was great.

I got home at 12:45pm and I am really starving. Because I don't have much time before I went to work, I didn't had my breakfast. I guess thats the responsibility of Jamie from now on. To prepare my breakfast coz her wife will be going to work. Cool! Anyway, he prepared someting for me when I got home so it doesn't matter really. We go out for a walk later in the afternoon because the electricity keeps on going on and off. Hmmm.. I'm beginning to know everyone else in the village. As we pass through the shop, we saw Jane, Megan, Megan's friend, Dad.s friend, Neighbors, Christian and other else that I forgot the names. Im starting to get familiar in this country now and feels like I'm one of them. Great day.

The beach is low tide and we manage to take some pictures down the beach. Watching some ships on the sea, taking some pictures, playing with the sand and looking at the footprints. What a nice day! I hope everyday is like this. We head back home eating some tasty Ice cream cornetto then watched a movie called "Deep end of the Ocean"starred by Michelle Piffer while eating my tea of course, Chicken Spicy Wings! My day ends up sitting here making blog about things that happened today. See you again on my next post. Tara!

Free 6 months Kaspersky Key

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You might want to try installing the Kaspersky for free and let it run for 6 months. Get your 6 months FREE Kaspersky License Key, and follow the instruction posted on that site.

5 May 2008

Commission On Filipinos Overseas

Let me share you a short story about this so-called CFO Certificate and PEDOS. Make note of the addresses ans telephone numbers of the said office at the bottom of this post.

Last December 2007, I am scheduled to leave Philippines bound United Kingdom. That was a long process since failing my first UK Visa Application as Tourist on 2005. Since then we have been carefull in processing our documents and make an appeal to the British Embassy to try another application. This time the process is easier and more strict. I have to renew my passport, collect documents such as letters, cards, emails, bank certificate and other documents that will prove that I'm in constant communication with my hubby and planning to get married when I get here. So to make the story short, I finally got my Settlement/Marriage Visa approved. I've prepared everything getting excited to buy loads of stuff to bring to one of the coldest country in the world. On top of it was my Plane Ticket. We bought it online and everything was set. All i'm waiting was my departure.

December 18, 2007 on my scheduled date of departure, my flight was cancelled! They are looking for this so called CFO Certificate and PEDOS. I can't believe it! I'm in the immigration already and it was the last step to finally confirm that I'm leaving the Philippines. Sad to say but I have to go back and ask the Airways to off-load my luggare. I feel sorry for myself. The helpdesk of CFO was helpful but the British Embassy Personnel ( Manila ) should have been informed me that I need those certificates. As much as the immigration officer wants to help me, he need to do his job properly and ask me to go and get it. Too late, coz the plane was about to leave in 30 minutes. And that certificate will be given if I attended the seminar as pay another Php 650.oo. Im really disappointed! Not only because the flight was cancelled but because its embarrasing. Everything is set. I have my Despedida Party and all and here I am going back to Manila while my brother was laughing his head off. My mom also cries a lot when I left the car just to know the flight is cancelled. Geez! Well, What else can I do? My brother still bullying me telling "Testing lang pala! Hahaha!"

Anyways, to all those Pinoys who are leaving the country using Spouse or Fiance'Visa here's what you should know, requirements, telephone and address of CFO Offices :

As per the Philippine Republic Act 8239 and the Department of Foreign Affairs Order No. 28-94, Filipinos proceeding abroad as fiancees or spouses of foreign nationals are required to attend the Commission on Filipinos Overseas guidance and counseling program. The objective is to help the said clientele make informed decisions and prepare them for the realities of CROSS-CULTURAL Marriages.

Citigold Center, 1345 Pres. Quirino Ave.,
Corner South Superhighway, Manila
Tel. No.: (02)561-8321 loc. 104-105, 201-203

For the Seminar please check below details for your reference:

Saint Mary Euphrasia Foundation
Center of Overseas Workers
Good Shepherd Convent
1043 Aurora Blvd., Katipunan, Quezon City
(02) 913-6439/(02) 911-1814

People Reform Initiative for Social Mobilization, Inc. (PRISM)
2nd Floor, BDO Building
2422 Taft Avenue., Manila (Please note that this Taft Avenue is Near Dela Salle)
Tel. No.: (02)525-3114 / 525-3783 / 525-4314

Here are the Requirements you should bring:
  • 2 Valid identification card with photograph
  • Passport
  • Visa ( Original and Photocopy)
  • P 250.00 counselling fee ( This fee is updated last December 2007 )
  • P 400.00 Registration Fee ( This fee is updated last December 2007 )
  • Authenticated marriage contract (original and photocopy)
  • Immigrant Data Summary for USA bound emigrants (original and photocopy)
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence for Canada bound emigrants (original and photocopy)
For the schedule of seminar phone those numbers. Goodluck fellas!

Driving Lesson

Today was a very important day. Why? Here are the 3 reasons:
  • 1. Today is my orientation on my part time job at the high street hotel.
  • 2. My sister-in-law and her bf will be coming over so I must tidy up a bit for their arrival.
  • 3. I'll be cooking Jamie's favorite meal which is "Chicken/Sausage Soup ala Eds"
  • 4. It's Jamie's driving lesson. (This is unexpected or should I say UNOFFICIAL)
Well, I must say that this is the highlights of the day.

Starting of with the first reason. Last night, I alarmed my phone so I can wake up early and prepare for my orientation today. I'm excited about going back to work again after my 4 months vacation to work. I should say I am lucky to have that long vacation but silly me, I really missed working. Well, that runs in the blood I guess lol. Kidding aside, I hope I can manage to do my responsibilities.

I met Cath and Brian, the owner of the hotel and they seem a nice couple. Cath told me about the work I should be doing and ask me to familiarize myself into the listed Job Responsibilities. Hmm, seems hard but I think I can manage. Filipino never say no. Filipino never say I can't. I told them I'll do the best I can to finish the job the way they want it to be. If I have forgotten something then they can tell me everything and I'll just listen and do it. Thats how it should be to have a healthy relationship with your employer. We'll see what will happen next. The result of my first appointment is 10/10. I manage to handle myself confidently. Sounds good!

Second reason is to tidy up a bit. Hmm, I know that my sister-in-law were about to arrive when I get home from the hotel. But theres some issues Jamie is telling me about .. Minor problem but I think not to serious. Just advice Jamie to be patient and to say sorry for his little sister whatever they have been misunderstood about. I know what Rachel ( his sister ) feels coz I am feeling what she feels. Because of that I forgot to tidy up the kitchen. Hahaha! But hey, I remember tidying it up last night before I go to bed. Hmmm.. Its really hard to be outnumbered by men or should I say smokers hehehe.. It doesn't matter anyway. Sooner or later Jamie will do it for me when I'm settled to my job. The result, hmm 7/10??? Not bad.

Im on the third reason now. Jamie have been whinging about cooking him his favorite meal which is called "Sopas"in Tagalog since Saturday. Poor Jamie but he don't have all the ingredients so I have to postpone cooking it till today. And since he wants to make up with his sister (I know that) he invited the sweet couple to eat tea with us. When Jamie said I'm the chef, I started preparing the meal. Is it obvious that I love cooking? After about an hour, I finally finished cooking the meal. Whew! The result, I must say 10/10. They said its tasty!

I'm on the scary reason. Kidding! The last reason is the unexpected driving lesson from Rachel. Whew! After eating dinner Rachel offered Jamie for a quick tutor round the parking area near the Power Station. I'm at ease at first but got really scared when Jamie take charge. No offensement to my loving husband but I am really scared! Dear me! My heart nearly fell when we're on the first parking lot. I thought it was the end of my stay here in UK. Lol! Jamie needs to be more gentle in using the break, handbreak, reverse and etc. He was really a bit keen to reverse the car. I am tense inside the car though I have my seatbelt on. Dad was laughing his head off seeing me tightly grabbing the headboard of the front seat. Well I guess he just need to be in control, inaggressive and dashed when driving. Just need more practice really and he will be a great driver. But as of the moment I rate him 3/10. I told him I wont ride again till he's professionally trained. Hehehe.. ( Peace!) Tomorrow will be his professional driving lesson and Rachel's tips helps him a lot. Thanks to her for a quick orientation on how to start and reverse the car. I'm looking forward to Jamie's Driving Lesson tomorrow. I bet there will be a new improvement on his next try. Goodluck Sweetpeach!

4 May 2008

Regine VS Charice?

I was browsing Youtube earlier watching the new Internet Sensation in the Philippines who is now known as Madonna Decena. She joined the prestigious British Got Talent 2008 and got famous after posting her video in Youtube. I read lots of comments about them then diverted my attention in this so called Vocal Battles Video. ( credit to vocalbattlesvids2). Theres lots of Philippines great singers that was being compared and one of them is this video I feature here.

Yes, its Regine VS Charice. Regine Velasquez who is know to be the Asia's Song Bird and Charice Pempengco now known as the new International Singing Sensation who had been guests to International shows in US and London. Whew! What's your view about this battle? See it yourself and comment. But as for me, we don't need to compare each song artists and make them hate each other. Rather just be proud of them as they are giving credits how talented Filipinos all over the world. After all, they've got this own style and they have done their best to prove their talents. Lets support and be proud of them. I'm proud of all Filipino Talents!

My love story

I woke up late today because of not enough sleep last night. Jamie keep on waking up for what reason. Today is our two months being married and got a bouquet of flower from my husband. Thats it! He might have been planning this for a week and I was surprised. It was so romantic and sweet. He's always been since I met him 3 years ago.

Three years ago I am a simple Edna Leen who dreamt to be loved and be loved by someone. I am young ang innocent when it comes to love as I've never had a boyfriend since. I'm the only girl in the family and I grew up with fear from my father and three elder brothers. I've always been so old fashioned and conservative. But then , everything has always its end. When I turned 24 I came to realize that I missed most of my teenage days. You know, the typical courting and dating someone. Then Jamie came into my life. For me he was an answered prayer, heaven sent as they described because he came in during the time that I needed someone .

I met him online. Our love story begins when a spam message reached my email. It was an invitation of Elitemate giving a lifetime membership to register. Its a dating site for bachelors worldwide who are looking for a lifetime partner. I ignore it at first but then it keeps on sending invitation in my email so that pissed me off and signed up. Nothing to lose anyway. So I signed up and upload one picture in it. Weeks after, loads of single, divorced, bi-sexual emailed me interested to know me but ignored all of them as I thought they we're just looking someone for fun or flirting or just simply for SEX. Emails continue to flood but one mail caught my attention. The mail was just a typical message of someone who want to have a friend but I dont know what pushes me to reply back. His name is Jamie. A bachelor from United Kingdom.

We started mailing each other at first then later on I taught him how to use Yahoo Messenger as he was new to it. I don't know but theres something in this guy that I can't understand. He don't have a picture in his account but he's eager to get my trust. I know and I feel that this man I'm chatting to has a pure heart. I then convinced him to send me a picture although he keeps on refusing. Then I succeeded.

When I first saw him, he was thin, pale and looks like he's not sleeping because of black patches under his eyes. I was scared at first but still continue chatting to him. I know that I should not judge someone on his physical appearance plus I am not so pretty to act like that. I came to know him better. He's kind, thoughtful and sweet guy. He kept on telling me I am beautiful and smart even if I'm not. He boost my confidence and gives me moral support when I'm down. He courted me after few months and then I told him we can try online relationship but if it doesn't work we can remain friends or even best of friends.

It was hard at first especially telling my friends and family who's my BF. Invisible, Online BF that I have not even seen in person. I sometimes find it hard to tell them I already have a boyfriend fearing that they will criticize me. Some say don't trust him, some just say you can try, some say hes just fooling you and some just laughed at me. But it doesnt stop there. Jamie decided to meet me in person.

August 28, 2006, he arrived at NAIA and I picked him up. It was embarrasing at first. But since I'm the hostes, I should be very polite and entertaining.He met my parents after and asked if he can marry me. My parents never disagree whatever my decision will be coz they say I'm in the right age and as long as he will take care of me there will be no problem at all. My family and Jamie came along very well during his visits. When he got home, we realized how we missed each other very much.So he did his very best to get me and finally decided to apply for settlement visa here in UK. I got lucky and travelled here last December 23, 2007.

Finally, we got married last March 03, 2008 (Which is our 3rd year Anniversary) and now celebrating our 2nd wedding monthsary. Who would tell that my online buddy, my chatmate and my email buddy in that dating site will be my future husband? I realized that, no one can really tell who will be the right guy for you. There's no right and wrong guy. But theres only one person that is destined for you. The best thing we can do is just wait for that RIGHT TIME to come because only future can tell who and when will that person will come. I always read in some quotes not to look for it, instead just wait and it
will come naturally. In my case, its right! Who knows, one of your love story will be like mine? We can never tell! But if that man turn up, whatever struggles that come your way, he will be your 100% Lifetime partner!

3 May 2008

KFC Popcorn Chicken

KFC which also means Kentucky Fried Chicken. I'm really craving for a really yummy chicken. And since we are going to out

This kind of chicken is so-called Popcorn Chicken. In the Philippines, everytime KFC launch a new product and recipe I go in weekends and try the meal. This Popcorn KFC is similar to Chicken Hot Shots in the Philippines but this is more yummy I must say. It looks like a real popcorn.

Check this out! this is how it looks like. Good for travelling when your stomach needs something. So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest KFC Outlet and try this.


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