5 May 2008

Driving Lesson

Today was a very important day. Why? Here are the 3 reasons:
  • 1. Today is my orientation on my part time job at the high street hotel.
  • 2. My sister-in-law and her bf will be coming over so I must tidy up a bit for their arrival.
  • 3. I'll be cooking Jamie's favorite meal which is "Chicken/Sausage Soup ala Eds"
  • 4. It's Jamie's driving lesson. (This is unexpected or should I say UNOFFICIAL)
Well, I must say that this is the highlights of the day.

Starting of with the first reason. Last night, I alarmed my phone so I can wake up early and prepare for my orientation today. I'm excited about going back to work again after my 4 months vacation to work. I should say I am lucky to have that long vacation but silly me, I really missed working. Well, that runs in the blood I guess lol. Kidding aside, I hope I can manage to do my responsibilities.

I met Cath and Brian, the owner of the hotel and they seem a nice couple. Cath told me about the work I should be doing and ask me to familiarize myself into the listed Job Responsibilities. Hmm, seems hard but I think I can manage. Filipino never say no. Filipino never say I can't. I told them I'll do the best I can to finish the job the way they want it to be. If I have forgotten something then they can tell me everything and I'll just listen and do it. Thats how it should be to have a healthy relationship with your employer. We'll see what will happen next. The result of my first appointment is 10/10. I manage to handle myself confidently. Sounds good!

Second reason is to tidy up a bit. Hmm, I know that my sister-in-law were about to arrive when I get home from the hotel. But theres some issues Jamie is telling me about .. Minor problem but I think not to serious. Just advice Jamie to be patient and to say sorry for his little sister whatever they have been misunderstood about. I know what Rachel ( his sister ) feels coz I am feeling what she feels. Because of that I forgot to tidy up the kitchen. Hahaha! But hey, I remember tidying it up last night before I go to bed. Hmmm.. Its really hard to be outnumbered by men or should I say smokers hehehe.. It doesn't matter anyway. Sooner or later Jamie will do it for me when I'm settled to my job. The result, hmm 7/10??? Not bad.

Im on the third reason now. Jamie have been whinging about cooking him his favorite meal which is called "Sopas"in Tagalog since Saturday. Poor Jamie but he don't have all the ingredients so I have to postpone cooking it till today. And since he wants to make up with his sister (I know that) he invited the sweet couple to eat tea with us. When Jamie said I'm the chef, I started preparing the meal. Is it obvious that I love cooking? After about an hour, I finally finished cooking the meal. Whew! The result, I must say 10/10. They said its tasty!

I'm on the scary reason. Kidding! The last reason is the unexpected driving lesson from Rachel. Whew! After eating dinner Rachel offered Jamie for a quick tutor round the parking area near the Power Station. I'm at ease at first but got really scared when Jamie take charge. No offensement to my loving husband but I am really scared! Dear me! My heart nearly fell when we're on the first parking lot. I thought it was the end of my stay here in UK. Lol! Jamie needs to be more gentle in using the break, handbreak, reverse and etc. He was really a bit keen to reverse the car. I am tense inside the car though I have my seatbelt on. Dad was laughing his head off seeing me tightly grabbing the headboard of the front seat. Well I guess he just need to be in control, inaggressive and dashed when driving. Just need more practice really and he will be a great driver. But as of the moment I rate him 3/10. I told him I wont ride again till he's professionally trained. Hehehe.. ( Peace!) Tomorrow will be his professional driving lesson and Rachel's tips helps him a lot. Thanks to her for a quick orientation on how to start and reverse the car. I'm looking forward to Jamie's Driving Lesson tomorrow. I bet there will be a new improvement on his next try. Goodluck Sweetpeach!

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