27 Nov 2008

Watch Land Down Under Full Movie Trailer - Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin


"Land Down Under Movie" will be on the the cinema wordwide soon. Above is the sneak preview of the first movie team-up of Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin under ABS-CBN, Start Cinema Production. I'm pretty sure, there are lots of fans out there waiting for the release of this movie since its a different story plot. I know for sure that this will be another box office like the recent movie releases from Star Cinema, "Caregiver, When Love begins, A very Special Love, For the First time". Like those movies, the soundtrack of this album is also sung by none other than Piolo Pascual himself. Angel Locsin however improves in her acting since moving to ABS-CBN Station. I think she's proving everyone that she's really talented. She's singing, hosting and dancing now unlike before. Though there's a massive population of big stars on ABS-CBN, she still get some big projects like the recently finished "LOBO", the first Teleserye Team-up with Piolo Pascual.

Well, I will definitely watch this movie. I'm not a fan of Angel Locsin but I know she did well in this Movie. The trailer speaks for her how good she is, as well as Piolo Pascual. Lets supports this movie guys! Goodluck to cast of Land Down Under Movie!

Thanks to NassJamesGoodlooking for this trailer.

26 Nov 2008

Charice Pempengco in Good Morning America Full Performance

Oh yeah, here comes another performance of our very own Charice Pempengco, the internet sensation who's now taking her chances to become international singer. Hmm, she really have the guts to be one of them anyway. Those full and clear voice is now taking a big step in the Hollywood. Wow! I wish my voice is like her too. And my manager is David foster and Oprah haha.. She's really lucky to have been blessed with such a golden voice. I'm really impressed! At first, She's just a normal singer to me. You know like Sarah Geronimo and the like but she's improving more and more in her performance. I just hope she really can make it to the top. Enjoy the video!

Our New Living Room!


This is our new re-arranged living room.. Yay! That's the reason why i'm not online the whole day. I'm trying to fix and re-arrange everything ready for christmas ( Hmmm... my excitement is really obvious hehe) I've changed the long coffee table with this small one and just move the leather sofa near just near the fireplace since its getting really cold. ( Just don't know why we still have to use the real fireplace though when other village can use gas?) I also put 4 new cushions I bought from Morrisons last week ( Buy one, get one).


This next picture shows where I positioned the Television. yeah its really huge and old fashioned TV. We are trying to sell it for just 200 Pounds so we can get a better one that will suit better in this medium sized living room. Actually, I'm planning to move the other bookshelf from the front living room and move the Fish tank as well. Jamie suggested that I should put pictures of his family and mine on that wall and put the wedding picture in the middle where my solo one is located. I should have done that long ago anyway but we are just busy.. blogging!lol.


And this is Jamie's new workplace. He said he's gonna buy a new computer bigger than mine. A computer table better than mine and a chair more expensive than mine. That's if I approve him to do so. Just kidding!

25 Nov 2008

Office at home?


This is my office.. Oopsss! Just pretending to be working lol!. Anyway, honestly, this is my office at home. This is the place where I blog. When I last got my wages from my part time job, I asked my husband to buy me a comfortable chair and here it is. A full ergonomic chair which is really  good for my back. I can just tilt it down if I feel like having a nap or simply turn on my 5.1 speaker and listen to Susan Wong or Sitti Navarro's songs. By the way, the table arrived just this morning and I asked my hubby to fix it for me. And here is the picture of the finish product. Since our room is not really posh and a bit small for all the gadgets I want to put lol, I just bought the corner computer table ( that's from Greatuniversal) in walnut effect, buy a cheap lamp shade from Morrisons to give some touch in our room and there it goes. I'd be happy writing some posts thinking how to start and how to end an article. hehe! At least I have this nice ambience while working on my sites. I'm so grateful having these kind of gadgets that I'm wishing for. My 2008 is really full of blessings and I'm thankful for that. The Christmas is not over yet but I'm looking forward to 2009 already. Let me think what I want to have?? I think I'll just wish for a healthy baby .. eherm! That will make me even more complete and happy wife and .. mommy??

20 Nov 2008

I miss Crispy Pata!


I'm sure you know what this recipe called. Eherm! My very own version of Crispy Pata. Yes Crispy Pata is one of the popular Philippine Delicacy where you can order mostly In different Resto Bar. Crispy Pata is on top of my list whenever we eat out or whenever I'll be celebrating my birthday with my friends. I used to get Fiesta order which include Crispy Pata with cracklings side dish, Sinigang na Hipon or Bulalo, Rice, T-Bone Steak, Tempura, iced Tea, leche Plan and other dish included in the package.Sorry, I failed to remember some of it but I remember asking for Sisig or Chicharong bulaklak if me and my friends wants to stay longer with some bottle of San Mig Lights while singing in the centralized videoke.

Anyway, when Jamie first visited me in the Philippines, he is as thin as stickman. But I introduced him to Crispy Pata and Lechong manok. Since then, he never failed to ask for a whole crispy pata ( one big pork leg ) which he always eat by himself. He loves the dipping sauce of it. Made out of soy sauce, calamansi, red chilli pepper, chopped onion and black pepper! Hmmmm... yummy! Yesterday, Jamie did request the meal. I finally found a pork shank that I can use to make this meal. In fairness he liked it. he said,

" How can we afford to go back to UK"

I'm puzzled with him at first because I can't get what he wants to say. He repeat it once again and told me its because he feels like we're in the Philippines eating his favorite Crispy pata. He then told me afterwards that I can't always make the meal though the pork shank is really cheap at a price of 1.50 Pounds, he's scared he might get hi-blood or heart problem eating too much pork. As if! He didn't realize that when he's in the Philippines. Anyway, I'm just happy that I did this small request my hubby wants me to make for him. Its a little surprise but he's chuffed with it.

If you want to get to make this recipe, the procedure can be found in this LINK.

4 Nov 2008

Dreamhouse Updates

House Update

Time for updates! Few weeks ago, I posted here our house that is currently building in the province where me and my other siblings grew up. Today, my brother Jasper sent me updates of the house and the picture you see above was the House plan (It should look like that when its finished) and the picture on the right side was the current status of the house. Hmmm... its nearly looking the same.

We are all excited to see how will it look like when its finished. But hopefully, the roof will be finished by this month. My other brother is helping my parents now to finish this house and so we can plan going home maybe after another two years??

bhay ulit

It will be nice to spend a vacation here if we will be able to save some money for the flight. And I can feel that my parents have joys in their hearts while seeing every details and progress of the house each day. Let me think which side will be our room in this house.. hmmm.. Right side? or Left Side?? I told my nanay I'd choose the side where there is a good and relaxing view hehehe..

Wish Officially Granted

My Wish 2 Months Ago

Check the picture above. It was September 9, 2008 when I blog about this All-in-One HP Touchsmart IQ500.  I mentioned in the post that if I've got enough money to buy this very luxurious technology, I will definitely buy one for myself. I mean hey, I know it cost a lot but for a technology geek like me ( or should I say trying hard lol) I will definitely spend lots just to have one. You can check the specification of this HP Model in the above link.  And now take a look on the next picture.


This is the actual picture of my 2 months old wish! I finally had a chance to own one. Thanks for my hubby for granting my wish. Like what I've mentioned before, setting your GOAL really works somehow because you will be inspired to do everything and to strive harder to save for something you want to have. I think I've learned a lesson anyway. Before , I thought it will all be just capital  W-I-S-H! I had to put it as my desktop background so I can see it every time I open my laptop and boost myself to strive more.And every time I turn off my laptop, I will have a quick browse on the web to check for the price (monitoring the price huh?!) and glance on the picture and tell Jamie, " I can buy YOU one day, " pointing on my desktop background. And then Jamie will either smile or laugh as if he was saying, "its impossible..."

Finally, its officially granted. I'm talking about my WISH of course. When I bought this and was testing it (excited of course) I've realized that the cost of this computer is as expensive as a second hand car here in UK. Gosh! But nevermind, at least I'm happy and contented for achieving this goal. Not too bad ei? What about a Second hand car for my next GOAL? hmmm ..


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