26 Nov 2008

Our New Living Room!


This is our new re-arranged living room.. Yay! That's the reason why i'm not online the whole day. I'm trying to fix and re-arrange everything ready for christmas ( Hmmm... my excitement is really obvious hehe) I've changed the long coffee table with this small one and just move the leather sofa near just near the fireplace since its getting really cold. ( Just don't know why we still have to use the real fireplace though when other village can use gas?) I also put 4 new cushions I bought from Morrisons last week ( Buy one, get one).


This next picture shows where I positioned the Television. yeah its really huge and old fashioned TV. We are trying to sell it for just 200 Pounds so we can get a better one that will suit better in this medium sized living room. Actually, I'm planning to move the other bookshelf from the front living room and move the Fish tank as well. Jamie suggested that I should put pictures of his family and mine on that wall and put the wedding picture in the middle where my solo one is located. I should have done that long ago anyway but we are just busy.. blogging!lol.


And this is Jamie's new workplace. He said he's gonna buy a new computer bigger than mine. A computer table better than mine and a chair more expensive than mine. That's if I approve him to do so. Just kidding!


  1. Wives are supposed to have all the better stuff..Don't you think? Bigger desk, bigger computer, better chair, Hahahaha!!!
    No wonder you were MIA all day today..You were busy being a wife and a home maker..Looks great Edna..

  2. Yup! When it comes to gadgets, spoiled daw ako? but i work hard nmn hehe so i think i deserve it:)



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