25 Nov 2008

Office at home?


This is my office.. Oopsss! Just pretending to be working lol!. Anyway, honestly, this is my office at home. This is the place where I blog. When I last got my wages from my part time job, I asked my husband to buy me a comfortable chair and here it is. A full ergonomic chair which is really  good for my back. I can just tilt it down if I feel like having a nap or simply turn on my 5.1 speaker and listen to Susan Wong or Sitti Navarro's songs. By the way, the table arrived just this morning and I asked my hubby to fix it for me. And here is the picture of the finish product. Since our room is not really posh and a bit small for all the gadgets I want to put lol, I just bought the corner computer table ( that's from Greatuniversal) in walnut effect, buy a cheap lamp shade from Morrisons to give some touch in our room and there it goes. I'd be happy writing some posts thinking how to start and how to end an article. hehe! At least I have this nice ambience while working on my sites. I'm so grateful having these kind of gadgets that I'm wishing for. My 2008 is really full of blessings and I'm thankful for that. The Christmas is not over yet but I'm looking forward to 2009 already. Let me think what I want to have?? I think I'll just wish for a healthy baby .. eherm! That will make me even more complete and happy wife and .. mommy??


  1. Oy EDS, oo nga noh..Hahaha! nice chair, yung akin, mumu lang..Saka ang dsk ko, Gudwil! hehehe..Ang galing mga mga bloggers, have their own workplace, at least ikaw may sweldo, ako barya, lang..Hahaha, pahirapan pa..
    Great workplace you got there too. Yup! your 2008 is full of blessings..Hopefully 2009, you will be a mommy like me...

  2. its my first time to to have a decent computer table hehe.. Sale lang sia sa great universal kaya ako kumuha. zero interest kasi kaya pwede na kung kapalit nman eh maging comfortable ako sa pagbblog haha.. anyway, ill be posting more pictures kasi nman maghapon ako nagmove ng mga abubot. nyak! as if me igaganda pa tong bahay nmin sobrang luma ..



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