20 Nov 2008

I miss Crispy Pata!


I'm sure you know what this recipe called. Eherm! My very own version of Crispy Pata. Yes Crispy Pata is one of the popular Philippine Delicacy where you can order mostly In different Resto Bar. Crispy Pata is on top of my list whenever we eat out or whenever I'll be celebrating my birthday with my friends. I used to get Fiesta order which include Crispy Pata with cracklings side dish, Sinigang na Hipon or Bulalo, Rice, T-Bone Steak, Tempura, iced Tea, leche Plan and other dish included in the package.Sorry, I failed to remember some of it but I remember asking for Sisig or Chicharong bulaklak if me and my friends wants to stay longer with some bottle of San Mig Lights while singing in the centralized videoke.

Anyway, when Jamie first visited me in the Philippines, he is as thin as stickman. But I introduced him to Crispy Pata and Lechong manok. Since then, he never failed to ask for a whole crispy pata ( one big pork leg ) which he always eat by himself. He loves the dipping sauce of it. Made out of soy sauce, calamansi, red chilli pepper, chopped onion and black pepper! Hmmmm... yummy! Yesterday, Jamie did request the meal. I finally found a pork shank that I can use to make this meal. In fairness he liked it. he said,

" How can we afford to go back to UK"

I'm puzzled with him at first because I can't get what he wants to say. He repeat it once again and told me its because he feels like we're in the Philippines eating his favorite Crispy pata. He then told me afterwards that I can't always make the meal though the pork shank is really cheap at a price of 1.50 Pounds, he's scared he might get hi-blood or heart problem eating too much pork. As if! He didn't realize that when he's in the Philippines. Anyway, I'm just happy that I did this small request my hubby wants me to make for him. Its a little surprise but he's chuffed with it.

If you want to get to make this recipe, the procedure can be found in this LINK.


  1. Ay ang sarap nyan huh, favorite yan ng sister ko, di mahilig si Rodney dyan, coz anything with fat and skin, he's not fond of.
    Ang mahal ng order nyan sa Barrio Fiesta..kaya pati buto ang sarap pangalin...
    One time, mag try din ako nyan, baka sakali..ako n lang ang kakain..

  2. hehe si jamie adik jan .. pambihira, kaya niyang ubusin un isang pork leg. tapos isang buong lechong manok! gosh! kaya nun umuwi daig pa ang buntis sa mga naglalakihang fat belly .. :p



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