30 Sep 2008

Online Video Karaoke Free

Are you an overseas worker trying to find online karaoke that you can use while your at home surfing the internet? Finding some entertainment that can erase your boredom due to homesickness and the like? Tired of surfing the internet, going to chatrooms and browsing funny videos online?


Well, this post is just right for you. If you are a karaoke lover then you'd better rush signing up in this website where you can record, sing and even do the party with you friends. This website has a lot to offer. Not only because of online karaoke but because of the friendly environment in this site. I am like you before, but upon browsing the net for the best karaoke site, I've found this and want to share it with you. Grab your microphone, turn on your speaker, open your webcam and sing like a pro while having a few drinks with your friends like what I did. Here's a sample of the

Singsnap Karaoke Online absolutely free.

27 Sep 2008

Watch The Jacksonville Jaguars v The Houston Texans for free via live online video feed.

Sunday, September 28th 2008 1:00 PM EST

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) will be welcoming Houston Texans (0-2) in Jacksonville Municipal Stadium today as a part og AFC South Division.

Both teams suffered from a very disappointing defeats. Although sports predicted that Jacksonville has a lot of chances winning this match up, Houston will do their best to spoil the game steal the victory on Jacksonville team.

Watch~Jacksonville-Jaguars-Live Watch~Texans-Live

Find the hot result of this match by watching it online thru live feed. Just connect to your internet and install P2P Software such as sopcast or TVU and you will be ready for a non-standing match live on ur PC. Alternately, you can pay small amout of fee for a good quality stream.

26 Sep 2008

If I win the Euro Millions, What will I do?

Yahoo headlines today point out the winning jackpot in Euro Millions today. The lottery jackpot prize is the world's biggest lottery prize at an estimated £100,000,000.Gosh! That's a big amount of money. If you win the jackpot prize, what would you do? Personally, I'll save some money for my future. Buy things I need (such as things that I have not experienced to have), help family of course,travel, help charities and put up a business for long term investment. I mean hey, I can't be spending, spending and spending money everyday without securing my future right? But as yahoo suggests, if one person will win this jackpot prize they suggest to go for a vacation and think carefully on what will they do in their winnings. Which I think is true, lol. Sometimes we tend to be emotional and hyper due to excitement that we can't think of better things to do with the money matter. If you win the jackpot, what will you do? share your views.

25 Sep 2008

Where would you go on holiday if you had an RV?

Please Note: This is a sponsored post.

Today my sponsor has asked me to write about where I would go on holiday if I owned a RV - (Recreational Vehicle).

Well if I owned an RV I would like to tour most of the world. I would start in Europe with countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Greece to experience each capital city and the other attractions on offer also to experience each unique culture. Then I would move onto Egypt to see the Pyramids and Sphinx. I would definitely have to visit Israel for it's historic religious values. I would skip the middle eastern countries and head for Eastern Asia, with countries like Thailand, India, China (Including Hong Kong) and if my RV could be transported via boat, then the Philippines and Japan would be high on my list. Again if I could use a ferry I would be sure to visit Australia and tour all the major cities there. Also New Zealand. As for America, I would like to tour several of their states, driving along their famous Highways, states such as Colorado, California, New York and of course Florida as well as other famous cities throughout the U.S. I would tour Canada and move north to Alaska which, although we are informed is very cold, has MONTHS of sunlight for several months a year. Which I would love to experience for a few weeks. I mustn't neglect South America, which has a lot of cultural experiences to offer. Mexico and Brazil would be my top two choices, but political stability allowing I would tour them all. My goodness, I almost forgot Africa, I would love to experience an African Safari and some of the developed countries.

Check out my sponsors site here


They have a whole range of New and Used Recreational Vehicles on offer. My personal choice would be a RV with all the comforts of home, good kitchen, comfortable beds, a 50" LCD TV, Satellite and plenty of space inside.

Curry Thursday!

When was the last time I posted my ramblings here in LAFH? Hmmm.. Its been a while because I was so busy learning and earning. But today, I finally have time to cook for my hubby. Not because I was busy working, learning and earning but because we are very tight in our budget and lived on tomatoes, eggs, bacon and bread for the past weeks. Lately, my hubby asked me to cook one of his favorite Filipino Dish - Chicken Curry (Pinoy Style). Also gave a bowl to my filipina friend so I can pay her back on giving lots of food and pretty plants.

Now, I'm thinking of going back again to learning how to optimize my adsense earnings lol. And then go back to eating eggs and tomatoes. By the time I have learned all the tricks in adsense, I'd be so skinny and yet lots of earnings lol!

Where I would Choose a Holiday Home

Please Note: This is a sponsored post.

Today I have been asked to post about where in the world I would choose to have a holiday home.

The country where I would most like a holiday home is the Philippines. My reasons for this choice are because of the weather, people and scenery.

The weather has a six month dry season, which begins in March, and a six month wet season. Don't get me wrong though, the wet season does not mean constant rain. In fact it is like an endless European summer all year round.

Aside from the odd rouge, the majority of people in the Philippines are very pleasant, happy and religious people. Officially the Philippines is a third world country, but the people are very hard working and the cities are always bustling.

Scenery wise, the country has beautiful landscape. There are many sight seeing destinations such as Volcanoes, The Rice Terraces, The 100 Islands and my personal favourite local holiday resort - Baguio. Baguio is a City high up in the mountains and is a common destination for all the locals holidays. There is plenty of nightlife, parks, shops and other places of interest. If I could choose two holiday homes, my second would be in Bagiuo.

As I mentioned earlier, the Philippines is a third world country. Therefore, all prices are very low. You could buy a very nice, spacious, detached 3-bedroom house, in a safe area, for around £10,000 ($19,500).

The current exchange rates are

£1 is 86 pesos

$1 is 46 pesos

As of today 25th September 2008

Let me give you an idea of what just 100 pesos is worth in the Philippines.

100 pesos equals - 5 Tricycle fares from one side of a city to another. A tricycle is a motorbike with a side-car welded on.

100 pesos equals - 2x 2 litre bottles of regular coca cola with about 25 pesos change

100 pesos equals - 3 packets of 20 Marlborough Cigarettes

You could even cook a whole meal with 100 pesos.

All in all, my recommendation for a holiday home is the Philippines for sure. Check out my sponsors website

property investment property agents

I hope you like my post, and be sure to check out the above website if you are interested in property investment.

22 Sep 2008

Watch The Spanish Primera La Liga Football Matches Live Onli

Watch The Spanish Primera La Liga Football Matches Live Onli: "Wednesday 24th September 2008 Tonight s selected games are as follows 20:00 Barcelona v Betis 22:00 Real Madrid v Sporting Gij�n 22.00 Sevilla v Espanyol choose your game and watch it online free via video streaming."

21 Sep 2008

Welcoming the Autumnal Equinox 2008

According to the news today, Fall will officially arrives this coming Monday ( September 22) at 11.44 a.m. when the Sun cross the celestial equator in the sky heading from North to South. This will mark the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

PARI Astronomer Bob Hayward said "There are two days of the year when the Sun is above the horizon for exactly half the day and is below the horizon an equal amount of time. At the moment, the Sun in its apparent path around the sky will stand directly over the equator of the Earth. That’s when the length of daylight is equal to that of the night, earning the name “equinox” from the Latin for “equal night.”

The hours of daylight will continue to shorten each after the autumnal equinox. This will continue until the winter solstice at 7:04 a.m. on Dec. 21. Following the solstice the days get longer until at the spring or vernal equinox - at 7:44 a.m. on March 20 - the day and night are once again equal in length.

19 Sep 2008

Watch Judy Ann Santos's Next Nurse-serye - Humingi ako sa Langit ng isang Himala!

Watch the upcoming Nurse-serye of Judy Anne Santos soon in ABS-CBN Kapamilya Primetime Bida Soon!! Watch the "Humingi ako sa Langit" teaser. Everyone's looking for the TV comeback of Ms. Judy Ann Santos since her last appearance as "Ysabella"with Ryan Agoncillo and Derek Ramsay. Will this TV Series be the next big hit again? Well, Judy Ann will be playing a very different role here Directed by Mr. Andoy Ranay. She will portray as a Nurse set abroad and in the Philippines struggling and asking for a miracle.

The Best Amusement Park in New Jersey

moreyspppPlease note this is a sponsored post. Are you looking for a new holiday idea?  Are you the kind of person who likes Amusement Parks? Or maybe you just like taking your partner and the kids for a good day out? Well if any of these questions were answered YES, then I would like to recommend a New Jersey Vacation. Please click the following link, which is highlighted for further information family beach vacation for further information. New Jersey Is in the United States of America close to the city of New York. Morey’s Piers is rated the best of the amusement parks in NJ and have plenty of special offers for newbie tourists as well as veteran tourists. They have special offers for almost every day of the week. To check out the latest special offers please visit this link http://www.moreyspiers.com/magicalmondays.html. This website also provides help on finding accommodation in Wildwood, New Jersey. To check out the rides at this great amusement park please click here Wildwood attractions. Our family has been to this part of America and it is highly recommended destination for anyone who would like to experience a piece of the fantastic American culture that New Jersey provides, So if you get the chance you should check it out. Thanks for reading my post.

18 Sep 2008

Charice sings with Celine Dion Live!

Here's another update on Charice Pempengco's career. Watch it here!

You might as well want to watch the full coverage of this clip HERE.

17 Sep 2008

Watch UFC Fight Night 15 Video Replay Online Free Nate Diaz vs Josh Neer & Mac Danzig vs Clay Guida

Fascinated with mixed martial arts? Then, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the answer for your choice. The match is on as Nate Diaz vs Josh Neer & Mac Danzig vs Clay Guida will be having their grand face off tonight 8pm ET/PT at Omaha Civic Auditorium, NE.


Don't miss it! Other matches will also be highlighted on tonight's UFC Fight Night with their official weight in results:

Watch UFC Diaz V Neer Here!

155 lbs.: Nate Diaz (155) vs. Josh Neer (155)
155 lbs.: Clay Guida (155) vs. Mac Danzig (155)
185 lbs.: Ed Herman (185) vs. Alan Belcher (185)
205 lbs.: Houston Alexander (205) vs. Eric Schafer (205)
185 lbs.: Alessio Sakara (185) vs. Joe Vedepo (185)
185 lbs.: Ryan Jensen (185) vs. Wilson Gouveia (185)
155 lbs.: Joe Lauzon (155) vs. Kyle Bradley (155)
205 lbs.: Brad Morris (205) vs. Jason Brilz (205)
185 lbs.: Drew McFedries (185) vs. Mike Massenzio (185)
185 lbs.: Rob Kimmons (185) vs. Dan Miller (185)

13 Sep 2008


Is it Cuban Vs. Mexican Grand Face Off tomorrow? Watch out for the sizzling fight of Joel Ël Cepillo"Casamayor (Cuba) and Juan Manuel Marquez (Mexico) on September 9PM ET/6PM PT at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.


The Cuba’s left-handed slippery eel of a fighter Casamayor (36-3-1, 22 KOs) last fight was really amazing! He was first knocked out of the ring but survived before blowing off Michael Katsidis. The big question, can his left hand good enough to hammer Marquez off the ring?

Marquez (48-4-1, 35 KOs) who is known to be the "King of Counter-punching, the master of perfect punch and stance was last seen after Manny Pacquiao beat him up. Now he's ready to for this pound to pound fight!

The two great warriors are ready to get the "Ring Magazine lightweight" title. Both boxers are ready to show off their bests! Watch Free Online Streaming using your PC or desktop! The clash is on!


Please Note, this is a sponsored post. I would like to start by introducing my sponsor for today. It is an online entertainment site named money casino, I think the name gives away what type of entertainment site it is. Well if you like gambling, then this could be the place for you. It has all the trimmings just like a real casino does. With games such as roulette, blackjack and slot machines. There is currently a special offer where the casino will double your first five deposits up to a total of $500 in bonus chips. For example, if you deposit $100 five times, for each of your deposits you will be given an extra $100 in bonus chips. The specials don't end there, you can also be awarded matchplay bonuses and special promo coupons. Staff are online 24/7 and are their to help with all your needs. Even though I am being sponsored to write this post, I won't let it stop me in saying that you should gamble responsibly. You should only gamble what you can afford! If you have self control then i'm sure you can treat it as a bit of fun. My personal casino game is Roulette.

There are many systems people use. One such system is as follows.

The Low, Middle and High waiting game - all numbers are split into 3 categories - low numbers, middle numbers and high numbers

What the system involves is waiting patiently until one of the categories has not come up for 5 times. For example, Low and High have been coming up constantly over 5 spins of the wheel. Therefore you start by betting $1 on Middle, if it doesn't come up again then $2, and if it still doesn't come up then $3

You tend to make small profits but over time can become quite hefty.

I have tried this system myself. I started with $50 and if I remember correctly got to over $500 but ended up losing it all, probably due to greed. Anyway, without further ado. If you want to visit this website then please click here casino online.

11 Sep 2008

Watch Free Online Filipino TV Series!

I have a previous post about how to watch Filipino TV Series ( Filipino Teleserye ) of ABS-CBN Kapamilya and GMA7 Kapuso. You can choose among variety of shows including documentaries, Philippine News, Celebrity News and game shows.

Filipino Movies, Teleserye (TV Series) of ABS-CBN Kapamilya, GMA7 Kapuso Network - Watch Online!

Most of the latest Pinoy movie and TV Series trailers can also be watched absolutely free. Reality shows including the best of the best can be seen in two rival networks. Watch now!

10 Sep 2008

Charice Pempengco is back of Oprah! - Highlights of September 9 guesting!

Watch Charice Pempengco on OPRAH - September 9 Online!

Few months after her guestings to Ellen and Oprah Shows, the limelight opens to the new singing sensation. A filipina named, Charice Pempengco. The young dreamer proves everyone that she can achieve what she wants. Long after that, offers flooding and appears on international concert of David Foster and Andrea Bocceli. Everyone was mesmerize on her performance which lead audiences to give her standing ovation. She's star and Philippines proud! Watch her latest guesting on Oprah including her life changing story!

Charice Pempengco on Oprah part 1

Continue watching other videos here:

Charice Pempengco on Oprah part 2 , Charice Pempengco on Oprah part 3 , Charice Pempengco on Oprah part 4

Charice is indeed blessed this year. Lots of doors open for her not to mention her invitation directly from Ms Celine Dion! Whoa!!!! I Can't wait to see this concert. And I'm sure Charice will do her best on this concert like what she did on other concert she attended. Go Charice! We are really proud of you and will always be proud of Pinoy Talents!

9 Sep 2008

Latest Technology: HP All-In-One TouchSmart IQ500

I was browsing the net today and found out this elegant and stylish new Desktop made by HP. Truly magnificent invention! It is HP All-In-One TouchSmart IQ500. Compared to last years TouchSmart IQ770, this model is far better than that. Lots of improvement should be

taken down when it comes to comparison. The monitor is 22 inches compared  to 19 inches of IQ770. It has also TV tuner, larger hard drive and faster CPU than the old one. I can't wait to get one of these. If only I have tons of money I can buy this instantly. But as of the moment, I should just put it in my GOALS and strive more on blogging! For core specifications check details below:  HP All-In-One TouchSmart IQ500iq500_2

Processor Type Intel Core 2 Duo T5850
Clock-Speed 2.2GHz
Front Side BUS 667
Cache 2 MB
Operating-System Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
RAM Memory 4096 MB
Hard Disk Capacity 500 GB
Optical Drive 1 Dual Layer DVD Rewriter
Built-in TV Tuner YES
Built-in Digital TV Tuner YES
Built-in Radio Tuner YES
Remote Control YES
802.11g Wireless Network Ready NO
Graphics Memory 256mb MB
Graphics Description nVidia GeForce 9300M
Media Card Reader 5 in 1
No of USB connections 5
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse YES
Weight 10.7 kg
Height 535 mm
Width 442 mm
Depth 84 mm
Network LAN Ethernet 10/100/1BT integrated

8 Sep 2008




Once again, Bea Alonzo's latest teleserye will kick off again the Philippine Television and TFC this Month of September! She will play as Ms. Beatriz Pengson in this Series. Find out how will ugly duckling Betty will adjust in the glamorous world of advertising? Check out the official trailer of the comedy-drama series HERE as the Betty-ful BETTY LA FEA Premiers on Primetime Bida, September 8!



7 Sep 2008

Kahit Isang Saglit Teleserye on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida!

ABS-CBN is proud to present you this new series called "Kahit Isang Saglit" to their worldwide viewers starred by no other than Jericho Rosales (Filipino) and Carmen Sue (Malaysian). This will be the first time ever that ABS-CBN (Philippines) and Double Vision (Malaysia) team up in a wonderful series that will take off this September on ABS CBN Primetime Bida. Watch the Full Trailer HERE.

4 Sep 2008

Mario Kart - Nintendo WII Game Review - Mario Karts

We have had our Nintendo WII about 3 months now and have bought several games. However, the only one that has had any impact on me is MARIO KART. What a great game!!! It is the latest in the series and only available on the Nintendo games console. Upon start up, it gives you four tournaments with a total of 16 courses. It also has a further 4 tournaments/16 courses that you can unlock by finishing in the top 3 overall after completing two full Grand Prix in single player mode. Unlike the older games in the series, modern technology allows you to play over the internet using your home broadband connection. You can play people from all over the world!!! For those of you that don't know what Mario Kart actually is, well here is the description of the gameplay. It is a cartoon like driving game, you have a choice of motorcycles or Karts and the choice of character, i.e Mario, Luigi or any of the other 10 characters from the Nintendo franchise. The game is divided into 2 methods of play, RACE mode or BATTLE mode. In the race mode it is the same as any other Car Racing game, except you can pick up special weapons to slow down your opponents or speed yourself up to catch the other contenders. In battle mode you enter one of several arenas, some straightforward, others more difficult. Each player starts with 3 balloons attached to their car and every time you get hit by a weapon you lose a balloon. When all 3 balloons have been burst you are out of the game. Overall this is a very good game and my personal favourite on the WII. I would even go as far as to say my all time favourite game. Worth every penny!!!

VERA EQUINOX TECHNOLOGIES INC. : Your Innovative IT Partner In Nueva Ecija

Are you looking for the best computer sales and services in Nueva Ecija? Or looking for service partner of IBM, HP/COMPAQ, and ACER ? Well here's the solution to your problem. If you have Computers, Printers, and monitors with warranty, VERA EQUINOX TECHNOLOGIES INC. will help you with your problem. Not only that, they can also help you fix you computer and other peripherals even without warranty. They specialized in hardware and software computer problems may it be with warranty or without warranty. Trained engineers will also assists you in dealing with your problems.

Vera Equinox Technologies Inc., also offers Computer Selling including peripherals. Branded Desktops, workstations, notebook and handhelds, printing and multifunction, Biometric System ( Fingerprint Scan) and proliant servers. Also, they can help you with your software and programming problems.Believe me, they have their 100% support on all the items you will buy including the installation.

Lastly, Vera Equinox Technologies, Inc. has a wide range of services offered including preventive maintenance on your PCs including general cleaning of hardware and software. Installation of softwares you need as well as networking for those customers who are planning to put up computer business.

Vera Equinox Technologies, Inc. has been operating for more than 10 years. And if you are looking for the company that can be trusted, this is the right answer. Below are the contact address and number for your reference:

Space 6, Ramoso Building, Burgos Ave.,
Cabanatuan City 3100
Contact Person: Engr. Jasper Agustin
Service Hotline : (044)464-2173
Sales Hotline : (044)600-5180

3 Sep 2008

Fertility Calculator : When is the best time to conceive?

The picture on the side was the "Fertility Calculator"that I'm curious about. I wonder how it works.

Earlier, I was busy reading some post about blogging and how you can optimize post thru different Search engines. Upon searching, I'm glued on this specific topic about "Pregnancy".

Is it obvious that I really want to have baby. Lol! In other words, I continue reading about this article and the do's and don'ts on planning to get pregnant. I was reading about the reason why some couple don't conceive on the first few months or year as a couple. I come to realize that today is our 6th monthsary. And still waiting for God's gift. My in-laws told me there's no pressure for grand child. Well, i'm still enjoying being a plain housewife as of the moment but seeing my nephew and nieces growing makes me envious about it. I want to have a baby! That's what I have in mind right now.

The picture above was the fertility calculator that I have tried today. Those dates with blue shades are the dates where my ovulation is expected. Meaning, I am most fertile on the 6th to 12th of September. Its quite amazing using this Calculator. It somehow help women out there plans to whenever they want to have a baby. Or even to couples who believes in natural family planning. This is really cool! Believe it or not, this a very useful tips to us!

2 Sep 2008

Spinach Recipe Experiment!

Are you familiar with the so-called Spinach? How often do you buy a pack of spinach but can't use it all because its too much? Well, theres a solution to that! Most of the time when I buy a pack of spinach, I only used it in one meal and put something left in the bin or just goes out of date.

Yesterday, I cooked "Ginisang Mais with Spinach leaves ( Alternative for Ampalaya leaves)."And because my spinach is too much, I had lots left. I've experimented recipe for it and here it is!

The picture you see in this post was the actual recipe I made out of the spinach. What you need to do is make a mix of flour,egg,black pepper,salt and msg (optional). Get the spinach leaves, coat it with the mixture and fry. Prepare a mixture of chopped onion, chilli and vinegar. You now have a crispy spinach snack! This is so yummy! I bet you will like it guys. You can also check the full procedure HERE.

1 Sep 2008

Watch "For the First Time" Full Trailer - KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez

For the first time? Yeah thats definitely true. For the first time Love team up of a Kapamilya's hottest leading lady and Kapuso's hunk. For the first time movie ever made of Miss KC Concepcion. For the first time Kilig Factor you will ever felt watching this movie. For the first time Star Cinema's Block Buster hit after "A very special love". Hmmm.. I'm quite intrigue in this movie and I can't wait to see it. Its the talk of the country today and I guess this will not be the first and last movie team up of KC and Richard. Well, I've watched news last sunday and the premier of this movie exceeded the first day income of the movie of John Lloyd and Sarah Geronimo. First time ever appeared on his daughter's premiere on camera of Mr. Gabby Concepcion. Gosh! I will definitely watch this! Here's a sneak peak of the most voted love team up of the year! Check it out!


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