4 Sep 2008

Mario Kart - Nintendo WII Game Review - Mario Karts

We have had our Nintendo WII about 3 months now and have bought several games. However, the only one that has had any impact on me is MARIO KART. What a great game!!! It is the latest in the series and only available on the Nintendo games console. Upon start up, it gives you four tournaments with a total of 16 courses. It also has a further 4 tournaments/16 courses that you can unlock by finishing in the top 3 overall after completing two full Grand Prix in single player mode. Unlike the older games in the series, modern technology allows you to play over the internet using your home broadband connection. You can play people from all over the world!!! For those of you that don't know what Mario Kart actually is, well here is the description of the gameplay. It is a cartoon like driving game, you have a choice of motorcycles or Karts and the choice of character, i.e Mario, Luigi or any of the other 10 characters from the Nintendo franchise. The game is divided into 2 methods of play, RACE mode or BATTLE mode. In the race mode it is the same as any other Car Racing game, except you can pick up special weapons to slow down your opponents or speed yourself up to catch the other contenders. In battle mode you enter one of several arenas, some straightforward, others more difficult. Each player starts with 3 balloons attached to their car and every time you get hit by a weapon you lose a balloon. When all 3 balloons have been burst you are out of the game. Overall this is a very good game and my personal favourite on the WII. I would even go as far as to say my all time favourite game. Worth every penny!!!

1 comment:

  1. i have it loaded in my nintendo ds .. and til now I'm having a hard time playing with it.. huhuhu...

    maybe i should try it in my Nintendo Wii and we'll see if there's an improvement in my part.. whehehehe..



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