29 Jan 2009

The One I love...

I kept on moaning on Jamie about not giving me attention for how many weeks now since he bought his Playstation 3. He usually stay downstairs and I stay upstairs to blog while he is playing his newly bought games or presents he received on his birthday. Sometimes, he invites our neighbour and they play Call of Duty 4 Online till 2 am or so. I felt out of place. So when we go to Wirral to visit and treat my mother in law, I still felt the same that I have to just sit on one corner and use my laptop making myself busy blogging or surfing the net and checking my friendster. My mom-in law might have noticed it so when we go to Heswall for my haircut, she bring me to one of her favorite shop who's selling very unusual things. I know she got something but I thought it was for her.

That night I took half sleeping tablet so I can sleep straight through. I really find it hard sleeping whole 8 hours when I'm not in my own bed and not cuddling my own blanket. When I lift my handbag, here's what I saw :


I am touched about the card. But since I've already taken the sleeping tablet and it kicks-off before I found it out, that moment didn't register in my mind till the next morning. I thought I was only dreaming about it. lol

Here's what it says inside :


Isn't it sweet? Anyway, I told him I always love him even if we argue a lot. Then the next day, he came home from the shop with 1 dozen orange roses.... because he said he won on horse racing hehe.. At least I know now that he's always thinking of me.


Me and Jamie, January 26, 2009.

Christmas Parcel from Ate Liza!


Jamie woke up about 9:00 this morning because of the loud door bell from the Parcel Force. Oh well, I don't know what was that as we are both expecting delivery today. Jamie is expecting the Wii Game Call of Duty (World at War) and I am expecting ate Liza's package for me. I am not really sure when will it arrive but I'm so excited to receive it.

" Riiiinnngggggg!!! " , doorbell.


And here is the parcel. Quite big for a Wii Game so I assume its Ate Liza's Parcel .. Wuhooo!!

When I opened the parcel it says at the back that the parcel contains Sweets! Hehehe Good job ate liza! But here's what inside this parcel :



Goldilocks Polvoron, Ajinamoto Ginisa Mix, Barrio Fiesta Ginisang Bagoong (Yummy!) and those foiled dried fish. I haven't tried opening the other foild fish but you might be familiar with these:


Hehe it looks like Smoked Fish (Tinapa) but you are wrong! That's none other that Tuyo! Yahoo! At long last! This is the moment I've been waiting for. Lol! I have been trying to find some of these dried fish here but they dont have it. They are really fuzzy when it comes to these kind of delicacy. They think its rotten and it stinks the whole house when you fry it. Gosh! But I don't care what will my husband will say about my food. I cleaned the kitchen, cook rice and prepare my food.

" hmmmm.. what will I try first?..." sigh

I finally decided to try the Tuyo. With Chili and vinegar. Boiled chinese cabbage and chopped tomatoes and onion and mixed Barrio Fiesta's ginisang bagoong.


Finally, its breakfast time! I served it with rice and a cup of coffee of course ( with coffeemate ). Ahhhh! This is so good! my very first filipino breakfast! I enjoyed it so much but I have to shut all the doors and eat my breakfast alone in the living room hehehe.. But who cares?

Anyway, here's my first "subo" for ate Liza! :


Cheers Ate Liz for sending me this wonderful Christmas treat hehe.. I really appreciate it that even if I am drooling to taste the tuyo i have to take a picture first so I can blog it. Again, thank you so much! You don't know how grateful I am. ( felt like I won Best Actress when I opened your Parcel!)

" ....... Sa Uulitin ...." , hehehe

24 Jan 2009

Toyota SPA15 Flip Sewing Machine

Got my first sewing machine ever last Thursday. I really love it. I just have a basic lesson on using sewing machine when I was in high school. We use to have a subject called Home Economics (T.H.E) where we are learning about lots of handcrafts like cross stitch, sewing, cooking. We also learned basic child care, haircutting and even gardening.

Going back to sewing, I learned how to make my first pair of pyjamas, pillow cases and apron during high school days. And I am using an antique manual old fashioned singer sewing machine. Its quite hard using it because I need to familiarize myself in putting the bobbins, adjusting the stitches and using the pedal to make good stitches. But now that I have my Toyota SPA15 Flip Sewing Machine, it makes sewing really easy for me. Just after my sewing machine arrived, I ran in the attic and get one small fabric cut it in the desired length and sew my first pair of  curtain for my kitchen. haha!

Toyota Sewing Machine

This machine that i've got was Electric sewing machine. Check below for the full specification:

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Built in sewing advisor with 3 steps to sew, trouble shooting and guidance, threading information illustrated on the machine body.
  • Large sewing area.
  • 15 automatic stitches including blind hem, scallop, castle, fagotting, mending, straight, zig-zag, decorative overcasting and serpentine.
  • 2 needle positions.
  • Top loading bobbin incorporating automatic thread take up.
  • See through bobbin cover helps see how much thread is left.
  • Automatic bobbin winding.
  • 4 step buttonhole.
  • Zipper insertion.
  • Twin needle capability.
  • Push button reverse.
  • Clip-on feet.
  • Large dials and levers for ease of use.
  • Includes zipper foot, buttonhole foot, screwdriver, bobbins, needles, spool cap, buttonhole ripper, battery dust cover.
  • Size (H)28, (D)39, (W)22.5cm.
  • Weight 7kg.
  • Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee.

I've got mine in Argos at 89.99 Pounds. I'll give it 5/5 score since its my first sewing machine and was easy to use! All I  need to do now was to learn how to make simple curtains and pillow/cushion cases.


Check out some sample of my first try using this machine. I did the right thing on the second illustration though. The first picture should look like the second one. But since I'm not still used to it, I kept on pulling the fabric while sewing that why it looks like that. I told you I need more lesson hehehe. I'll be expert in it soon though. This is my new toy now so Jamie should kick my bumbum to get into it. All in all its a must buy sewing machine!

18 Jan 2009

Dream House Update


Here's the latest updates of our house. I know its a long way to go to finish this big house but i'm pretty sure we will all admire the outcome of our hardships.

The picture shows Nanay and Tatay posing in front of our house. My Tatay said he's planning to put circle cement or bulb on those posts. Thats a good idea I should say to prevent robbers from getting inside the house. I was planning to buy them another dog. I got them one few years ago but because they usually go to Cabanatuan and no one left in the house, they then arrived one day that Marius (the Dog) was already dead. Poor Marius! His death is still not resolved hehe..



Side view of the house. Nanay is just showing me where the money goes when I last sent her money for the House Project. Hehe (The fence is nearly finished)



And another side view shot which shows how good it will look like when its finished. I can't wait to see the house finished. Nanay told me that we will all get rooms when we visit them. And the rooms will be designed in accordance to our requests lol! Of course I have my A/C installed as Jamie can't bear the hot weather in the Philippines. I should be investing too for a small bar where we can drink some wines and Gin?? hehe

8 Jan 2009

Smoked Mackerel with vegetable salad - Filipino Style

I have been dreaming lately that I came back to the Philippines and was eating my favorite dishes like Pinakbet and some dried fish (tuyo or daing), Smoked fish ( tinapa ). I am brought up to these filipino dishes when I was young that is why since I go overseas I was like having a nightmare with these foods. Its my wildest dream to taste some Pinoy delicacies like these. Filipino Breakfast

Here in UK, they don't like fish with head. Take a look at the illustration above, the smoked mackerel don't have head nor bones. Anyway, it doesn't matter to me. Well, thanks to Morrisons for selling these smoked fish thats totally taste as good as our very own Tinapa made out of bangus or Galunggong. I really love it! When I bought these, I can't wait till the next day to cook it. Dreaming of something I can partner with my smoked fish meal, I ended up boiling some Chinese or Nana Cabbage (Baguio Cabbage) and Vegetable salad which is a combination of bagong halubaybay, onion and chopped tomatoes. Add some chilies (siling-labuyo) as appetizer while eating it with plain jasmine rice. Yummy!

Honestly, this is the first time i'll eat smoked fish and I've enjoyed it very much. I can't wait for my next food shopping again and sneak to Fish area to get some more of these haha.

7 Jan 2009

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4 Jan 2009

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3 Jan 2009

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