29 Jan 2009

Christmas Parcel from Ate Liza!


Jamie woke up about 9:00 this morning because of the loud door bell from the Parcel Force. Oh well, I don't know what was that as we are both expecting delivery today. Jamie is expecting the Wii Game Call of Duty (World at War) and I am expecting ate Liza's package for me. I am not really sure when will it arrive but I'm so excited to receive it.

" Riiiinnngggggg!!! " , doorbell.


And here is the parcel. Quite big for a Wii Game so I assume its Ate Liza's Parcel .. Wuhooo!!

When I opened the parcel it says at the back that the parcel contains Sweets! Hehehe Good job ate liza! But here's what inside this parcel :



Goldilocks Polvoron, Ajinamoto Ginisa Mix, Barrio Fiesta Ginisang Bagoong (Yummy!) and those foiled dried fish. I haven't tried opening the other foild fish but you might be familiar with these:


Hehe it looks like Smoked Fish (Tinapa) but you are wrong! That's none other that Tuyo! Yahoo! At long last! This is the moment I've been waiting for. Lol! I have been trying to find some of these dried fish here but they dont have it. They are really fuzzy when it comes to these kind of delicacy. They think its rotten and it stinks the whole house when you fry it. Gosh! But I don't care what will my husband will say about my food. I cleaned the kitchen, cook rice and prepare my food.

" hmmmm.. what will I try first?..." sigh

I finally decided to try the Tuyo. With Chili and vinegar. Boiled chinese cabbage and chopped tomatoes and onion and mixed Barrio Fiesta's ginisang bagoong.


Finally, its breakfast time! I served it with rice and a cup of coffee of course ( with coffeemate ). Ahhhh! This is so good! my very first filipino breakfast! I enjoyed it so much but I have to shut all the doors and eat my breakfast alone in the living room hehehe.. But who cares?

Anyway, here's my first "subo" for ate Liza! :


Cheers Ate Liz for sending me this wonderful Christmas treat hehe.. I really appreciate it that even if I am drooling to taste the tuyo i have to take a picture first so I can blog it. Again, thank you so much! You don't know how grateful I am. ( felt like I won Best Actress when I opened your Parcel!)

" ....... Sa Uulitin ...." , hehehe

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  1. Ay ang bilis naman. Hehehe..Well, puros authentic yan, made in the Phils. lahat.. Para naman kahit paano eh di mo ma miss ang lasang pinoy..

    Pagbalik ko galing Pinas, mas madami pa dyan. yong box na talagang flate rate at tatapak tpakan ko pa, at sisiksikin pra masulit ang shipping charge..hehehe

    I am glad I made you happy. Oh luha mo, sahurin mo sayang..Hahaha!! Enjoy your alamang, tipirin mo, pra umabot ang ipadadala ko next time..



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