29 Jan 2009

The One I love...

I kept on moaning on Jamie about not giving me attention for how many weeks now since he bought his Playstation 3. He usually stay downstairs and I stay upstairs to blog while he is playing his newly bought games or presents he received on his birthday. Sometimes, he invites our neighbour and they play Call of Duty 4 Online till 2 am or so. I felt out of place. So when we go to Wirral to visit and treat my mother in law, I still felt the same that I have to just sit on one corner and use my laptop making myself busy blogging or surfing the net and checking my friendster. My mom-in law might have noticed it so when we go to Heswall for my haircut, she bring me to one of her favorite shop who's selling very unusual things. I know she got something but I thought it was for her.

That night I took half sleeping tablet so I can sleep straight through. I really find it hard sleeping whole 8 hours when I'm not in my own bed and not cuddling my own blanket. When I lift my handbag, here's what I saw :


I am touched about the card. But since I've already taken the sleeping tablet and it kicks-off before I found it out, that moment didn't register in my mind till the next morning. I thought I was only dreaming about it. lol

Here's what it says inside :


Isn't it sweet? Anyway, I told him I always love him even if we argue a lot. Then the next day, he came home from the shop with 1 dozen orange roses.... because he said he won on horse racing hehe.. At least I know now that he's always thinking of me.


Me and Jamie, January 26, 2009.


  1. Eh sweet naman pala siya, hahaha! nagmarakulyo ka lang dyan..

  2. hehe sinabi mo pa.. naghahanap nga kalinga .. KSP lang paminsan-minsan ahihi



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