6 Feb 2009

I want snow not hailstone!

Its been 5 days when Snow hit Great Britain. But its amazing that here in Cemaes bay, we dont have that snow. Too bad as I won't be able to see the real snow and will just be contented watching hail stone every now and then. My hubby says the reason why snow dont form in this area because we are near the sea and the ground is always wet. So even we get snow sometimes like last Wednesday, it will melt when it hits the ground.

Today, I took some pictures when there is hailstone outside. I opened our bedroom window and took some of these:


Big particles of hailstone .. " That's good! It looks like Blizzard.." Jamie


And another.. " Edna, i'll try to catch some hailstone on my hand for you.. Tsk! Too far to reach! Hmmp... nevermind. Just try taking some more pictures before it stops. It doesn't last long.." Jamie


Some hailstone trapped near our window...

Too bad that I wont be able to see snow. Well I did but I want to play like a kid with snowballs and make some snowman hehe.. (I'm just excited..lol) Anyway, Jamie said if dad is well in the next few days, he might pick us up and bring us in England where snow is very common everyday.


  1. looking forward in reading your post about your snow adventure in Englad soon.

    meantime, let Jamie play with me in the Cooperative campaign on Call of Duty : World of War PS3.. bwahahaha

  2. Hehe.. Palagi nman namamatay pero ayos n a ayos nag coop campaign .. hehe naaadik na rin ako waharharhar.. at napapanaginipan ko pa hayz!

  3. Naku wag kang maglalabas kapag may hailstorm, mabubukulan ka, hehehe..Masakit tumama sa bumbunan yan..Gaya ni zalds, I will look forward on your snow pictures..

  4. hehe i won't talaga.. kasi mejo malalaki ang particles feeling ko umuulan ng batong maliliit.. anyway, thanks for dropping by..



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