18 Jan 2009

Dream House Update


Here's the latest updates of our house. I know its a long way to go to finish this big house but i'm pretty sure we will all admire the outcome of our hardships.

The picture shows Nanay and Tatay posing in front of our house. My Tatay said he's planning to put circle cement or bulb on those posts. Thats a good idea I should say to prevent robbers from getting inside the house. I was planning to buy them another dog. I got them one few years ago but because they usually go to Cabanatuan and no one left in the house, they then arrived one day that Marius (the Dog) was already dead. Poor Marius! His death is still not resolved hehe..



Side view of the house. Nanay is just showing me where the money goes when I last sent her money for the House Project. Hehe (The fence is nearly finished)



And another side view shot which shows how good it will look like when its finished. I can't wait to see the house finished. Nanay told me that we will all get rooms when we visit them. And the rooms will be designed in accordance to our requests lol! Of course I have my A/C installed as Jamie can't bear the hot weather in the Philippines. I should be investing too for a small bar where we can drink some wines and Gin?? hehe

1 comment:

  1. Bar? sossy ka naman.. I bet your parents are so happy and proud of your house. I am so proud of all of you kids..



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