8 Jan 2009

Smoked Mackerel with vegetable salad - Filipino Style

I have been dreaming lately that I came back to the Philippines and was eating my favorite dishes like Pinakbet and some dried fish (tuyo or daing), Smoked fish ( tinapa ). I am brought up to these filipino dishes when I was young that is why since I go overseas I was like having a nightmare with these foods. Its my wildest dream to taste some Pinoy delicacies like these. Filipino Breakfast

Here in UK, they don't like fish with head. Take a look at the illustration above, the smoked mackerel don't have head nor bones. Anyway, it doesn't matter to me. Well, thanks to Morrisons for selling these smoked fish thats totally taste as good as our very own Tinapa made out of bangus or Galunggong. I really love it! When I bought these, I can't wait till the next day to cook it. Dreaming of something I can partner with my smoked fish meal, I ended up boiling some Chinese or Nana Cabbage (Baguio Cabbage) and Vegetable salad which is a combination of bagong halubaybay, onion and chopped tomatoes. Add some chilies (siling-labuyo) as appetizer while eating it with plain jasmine rice. Yummy!

Honestly, this is the first time i'll eat smoked fish and I've enjoyed it very much. I can't wait for my next food shopping again and sneak to Fish area to get some more of these haha.


  1. Kakagutom yan ha.. Wala pa ring sasarap sa Bangus na tinapa noh. But, I guess you have to be happy with what you can get right now.

    Daing pala ang type mo ha..,srap yun, sa sukang may sili...slurp...

  2. Correct ka jan. Basta Pinoy delicacy, join ako jan. Sarap kayang manginain ng daing kahit bahaw lang or kahit kaning mejo meron tutong! Sove-solve na!



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