9 Sep 2008

Latest Technology: HP All-In-One TouchSmart IQ500

I was browsing the net today and found out this elegant and stylish new Desktop made by HP. Truly magnificent invention! It is HP All-In-One TouchSmart IQ500. Compared to last years TouchSmart IQ770, this model is far better than that. Lots of improvement should be

taken down when it comes to comparison. The monitor is 22 inches compared  to 19 inches of IQ770. It has also TV tuner, larger hard drive and faster CPU than the old one. I can't wait to get one of these. If only I have tons of money I can buy this instantly. But as of the moment, I should just put it in my GOALS and strive more on blogging! For core specifications check details below:  HP All-In-One TouchSmart IQ500iq500_2

Processor Type Intel Core 2 Duo T5850
Clock-Speed 2.2GHz
Front Side BUS 667
Cache 2 MB
Operating-System Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
RAM Memory 4096 MB
Hard Disk Capacity 500 GB
Optical Drive 1 Dual Layer DVD Rewriter
Built-in TV Tuner YES
Built-in Digital TV Tuner YES
Built-in Radio Tuner YES
Remote Control YES
802.11g Wireless Network Ready NO
Graphics Memory 256mb MB
Graphics Description nVidia GeForce 9300M
Media Card Reader 5 in 1
No of USB connections 5
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse YES
Weight 10.7 kg
Height 535 mm
Width 442 mm
Depth 84 mm
Network LAN Ethernet 10/100/1BT integrated

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