26 Sep 2008

If I win the Euro Millions, What will I do?

Yahoo headlines today point out the winning jackpot in Euro Millions today. The lottery jackpot prize is the world's biggest lottery prize at an estimated £100,000,000.Gosh! That's a big amount of money. If you win the jackpot prize, what would you do? Personally, I'll save some money for my future. Buy things I need (such as things that I have not experienced to have), help family of course,travel, help charities and put up a business for long term investment. I mean hey, I can't be spending, spending and spending money everyday without securing my future right? But as yahoo suggests, if one person will win this jackpot prize they suggest to go for a vacation and think carefully on what will they do in their winnings. Which I think is true, lol. Sometimes we tend to be emotional and hyper due to excitement that we can't think of better things to do with the money matter. If you win the jackpot, what will you do? share your views.

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