2 Sep 2008

Spinach Recipe Experiment!

Are you familiar with the so-called Spinach? How often do you buy a pack of spinach but can't use it all because its too much? Well, theres a solution to that! Most of the time when I buy a pack of spinach, I only used it in one meal and put something left in the bin or just goes out of date.

Yesterday, I cooked "Ginisang Mais with Spinach leaves ( Alternative for Ampalaya leaves)."And because my spinach is too much, I had lots left. I've experimented recipe for it and here it is!

The picture you see in this post was the actual recipe I made out of the spinach. What you need to do is make a mix of flour,egg,black pepper,salt and msg (optional). Get the spinach leaves, coat it with the mixture and fry. Prepare a mixture of chopped onion, chilli and vinegar. You now have a crispy spinach snack! This is so yummy! I bet you will like it guys. You can also check the full procedure HERE.


  1. Wow..I can't believe that you are now becoming the next Nora Daza with all your cooking experiment..It looks interesting and yummie..Will try it sometimes...

  2. Try mo talaga.. kasi masarap kainin while watching tv or having some drinking session with you friends hehe.. ayos na ayos kasi crunchy sia and hindi pa masasayang ang sobrang spinach leaves mo.. o di ba?



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