13 Sep 2008


Please Note, this is a sponsored post. I would like to start by introducing my sponsor for today. It is an online entertainment site named money casino, I think the name gives away what type of entertainment site it is. Well if you like gambling, then this could be the place for you. It has all the trimmings just like a real casino does. With games such as roulette, blackjack and slot machines. There is currently a special offer where the casino will double your first five deposits up to a total of $500 in bonus chips. For example, if you deposit $100 five times, for each of your deposits you will be given an extra $100 in bonus chips. The specials don't end there, you can also be awarded matchplay bonuses and special promo coupons. Staff are online 24/7 and are their to help with all your needs. Even though I am being sponsored to write this post, I won't let it stop me in saying that you should gamble responsibly. You should only gamble what you can afford! If you have self control then i'm sure you can treat it as a bit of fun. My personal casino game is Roulette.

There are many systems people use. One such system is as follows.

The Low, Middle and High waiting game - all numbers are split into 3 categories - low numbers, middle numbers and high numbers

What the system involves is waiting patiently until one of the categories has not come up for 5 times. For example, Low and High have been coming up constantly over 5 spins of the wheel. Therefore you start by betting $1 on Middle, if it doesn't come up again then $2, and if it still doesn't come up then $3

You tend to make small profits but over time can become quite hefty.

I have tried this system myself. I started with $50 and if I remember correctly got to over $500 but ended up losing it all, probably due to greed. Anyway, without further ado. If you want to visit this website then please click here casino online.

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