25 Sep 2008

Curry Thursday!

When was the last time I posted my ramblings here in LAFH? Hmmm.. Its been a while because I was so busy learning and earning. But today, I finally have time to cook for my hubby. Not because I was busy working, learning and earning but because we are very tight in our budget and lived on tomatoes, eggs, bacon and bread for the past weeks. Lately, my hubby asked me to cook one of his favorite Filipino Dish - Chicken Curry (Pinoy Style). Also gave a bowl to my filipina friend so I can pay her back on giving lots of food and pretty plants.

Now, I'm thinking of going back again to learning how to optimize my adsense earnings lol. And then go back to eating eggs and tomatoes. By the time I have learned all the tricks in adsense, I'd be so skinny and yet lots of earnings lol!

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