25 Sep 2008

Where I would Choose a Holiday Home

Please Note: This is a sponsored post.

Today I have been asked to post about where in the world I would choose to have a holiday home.

The country where I would most like a holiday home is the Philippines. My reasons for this choice are because of the weather, people and scenery.

The weather has a six month dry season, which begins in March, and a six month wet season. Don't get me wrong though, the wet season does not mean constant rain. In fact it is like an endless European summer all year round.

Aside from the odd rouge, the majority of people in the Philippines are very pleasant, happy and religious people. Officially the Philippines is a third world country, but the people are very hard working and the cities are always bustling.

Scenery wise, the country has beautiful landscape. There are many sight seeing destinations such as Volcanoes, The Rice Terraces, The 100 Islands and my personal favourite local holiday resort - Baguio. Baguio is a City high up in the mountains and is a common destination for all the locals holidays. There is plenty of nightlife, parks, shops and other places of interest. If I could choose two holiday homes, my second would be in Bagiuo.

As I mentioned earlier, the Philippines is a third world country. Therefore, all prices are very low. You could buy a very nice, spacious, detached 3-bedroom house, in a safe area, for around £10,000 ($19,500).

The current exchange rates are

£1 is 86 pesos

$1 is 46 pesos

As of today 25th September 2008

Let me give you an idea of what just 100 pesos is worth in the Philippines.

100 pesos equals - 5 Tricycle fares from one side of a city to another. A tricycle is a motorbike with a side-car welded on.

100 pesos equals - 2x 2 litre bottles of regular coca cola with about 25 pesos change

100 pesos equals - 3 packets of 20 Marlborough Cigarettes

You could even cook a whole meal with 100 pesos.

All in all, my recommendation for a holiday home is the Philippines for sure. Check out my sponsors website

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