4 Nov 2008

Dreamhouse Updates

House Update

Time for updates! Few weeks ago, I posted here our house that is currently building in the province where me and my other siblings grew up. Today, my brother Jasper sent me updates of the house and the picture you see above was the House plan (It should look like that when its finished) and the picture on the right side was the current status of the house. Hmmm... its nearly looking the same.

We are all excited to see how will it look like when its finished. But hopefully, the roof will be finished by this month. My other brother is helping my parents now to finish this house and so we can plan going home maybe after another two years??

bhay ulit

It will be nice to spend a vacation here if we will be able to save some money for the flight. And I can feel that my parents have joys in their hearts while seeing every details and progress of the house each day. Let me think which side will be our room in this house.. hmmm.. Right side? or Left Side?? I told my nanay I'd choose the side where there is a good and relaxing view hehehe..


  1. Ang laki ah, at ang ganda, sino gumawa ng plan na yun? I am sure, your parents will have teary eyes while watching all the carpenters putting your house together. They can see the accomplishments of their kids. They are very lucky to have raised you the way you are.
    Oy ha, pa stay sa inyo once nasa Pinas kami, parang ang sarap tirhan..
    Kahit dun na lang kami sa terrace..
    I do believe, your parents are so proud of you all...

  2. Hi EDS, nice house you got in the Philippines, when we retire, your ate Liza and I will live there with maids and all...Hahaha, what a dream huh...Philippines is nicer than US when we get old..
    Take care..


  3. wow ate liza no problem. dalhin mo ang mga tsikiting at magpicnic tayo sa ilog like the old days hehe.. with Coke Litro na ibinabaon sa buhangin or ibinababad sa tubig para lumamig ..

  4. Hi Kuya Rodney, Me and my husband is planning to retire in the Philippines too. annd with maids?? hehe I'm sure ate liza will like that. :D

  5. wow ganda ng dreamhouse! whoa! ako condo lang dream ko.. hehehehe

  6. Wow Jehzlau thanks for visiting my site.. Sino ba di makakakilala sa great blagista na to. i heard so much about you ha.. eto lang kaya namin pangarapin para sa parents namin hehe lam mo na mejo matagal-tagal na natira sa gubat hekhekhek .. thanks again sa comment.. bisitahin mo nman palagi.. :)



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