4 Nov 2008

Wish Officially Granted

My Wish 2 Months Ago

Check the picture above. It was September 9, 2008 when I blog about this All-in-One HP Touchsmart IQ500.  I mentioned in the post that if I've got enough money to buy this very luxurious technology, I will definitely buy one for myself. I mean hey, I know it cost a lot but for a technology geek like me ( or should I say trying hard lol) I will definitely spend lots just to have one. You can check the specification of this HP Model in the above link.  And now take a look on the next picture.


This is the actual picture of my 2 months old wish! I finally had a chance to own one. Thanks for my hubby for granting my wish. Like what I've mentioned before, setting your GOAL really works somehow because you will be inspired to do everything and to strive harder to save for something you want to have. I think I've learned a lesson anyway. Before , I thought it will all be just capital  W-I-S-H! I had to put it as my desktop background so I can see it every time I open my laptop and boost myself to strive more.And every time I turn off my laptop, I will have a quick browse on the web to check for the price (monitoring the price huh?!) and glance on the picture and tell Jamie, " I can buy YOU one day, " pointing on my desktop background. And then Jamie will either smile or laugh as if he was saying, "its impossible..."

Finally, its officially granted. I'm talking about my WISH of course. When I bought this and was testing it (excited of course) I've realized that the cost of this computer is as expensive as a second hand car here in UK. Gosh! But nevermind, at least I'm happy and contented for achieving this goal. Not too bad ei? What about a Second hand car for my next GOAL? hmmm ..


  1. congratulations on your wish came true...you deserve it eds...
    next time, anak naman ang maging goal mo, hahaha!!!
    ska na ang car, wala pa naman kayong isasakay..mag bus na lang muna kau ni jamie..hehehe

  2. haha working on it.. lol pero mejo struggling pa.. cguro kelangan mo ako bigyan ng tips hehe

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