31 Oct 2008

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween to all! Yes its November 1st and its my first time to experience "Trick or Treat". I don't really know if this tradition really exist in the Philippines but as far as I know, November 1 is the time where everyone was rushing to go home to visit their love ones in the cemetery. But of course, those Pinoys and Pinays working in the cities will rush for the bus ride going home to their province. Some are excited on All saints day because this means they will have few days off work and will have some time to spend with their family.

Here in UK, I didn't know kids will be wearing horrible masks and then knock on your door and ask "Trick or Treat". Jamie told me he used to do that before and some neighbours do give money, candies and chocolates but there are some nasty people who get upset when someone knocked on their door every five minutes just to ask Trick or treat. Well, its pretty fun in fact. I ask Jamie to give those kids some chocolate as he's giving coins to some of the kids that passed by. In the Philippines, I used to be scared when November is approaching. Most of the TV Programs tackle about ghosts and spirits and sort of. Boooh! I don't like it really. I don't like the feeling of being scared. It affects me emotionally and spiritually. Like those programs like Magandang Gabi Bayan where Noli De Castro stood in the middle of Cemetery and will show some re-enactment of Ghosts. Makes me have this goosebumps all over my body like it was real. Anyway, I just hope the Ghosts or what they call in the Philippines "Mumu or Multo"will only be "Uso" in the Philippines and will not reach UK haha..

1 comment:

  1. Mumu, Multo and Uso? Hahaha...funny.
    None of my kids like scary costumes. That's why they always wear something like Fire Fighter, Princess or anything but scary masks. I guess, they don't like to look so horrible and scary,b ut some kids do like to wear something different.
    Anyways, I hope you had fun on your first Halloween in UK. Don't worry, those multo from Balite Drive won't reach you there...



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