29 Oct 2008

Just another lucky day..

My day started with a loud alarm coming from my mobile. I feel like sleeping more but I needed to get up to get ready from work. Jamie's downstairs already have a cup of tea and none other than his magic stick (cigarette). I fix the bed and go straight to bathroom.. Brush my teeth, wash my face and change my clothes. Its really cold today. I know we'll be welcoming winter soon but I think I'm not yet ready for cold winter. Here I think of going home again while shivering. Jamie came in with a piece of toast and cup of coffee ready for me and he noticed I can't speak straight.

"Edna its not that cold today... "

I told him I'm cold. How can he explain the way I look and feel at that moment. So I put on my tights, leggings and trousers then get the shirt, long sleeve and the fleece cardigan mam gave me. Whew! I can now appreciate the wonder of this jumper. Whoever the inventor of fleece, that's one heck a good job for making people like me warm and comfortable during winter. hehe

At work, I'm still cold but the hotel is warmer than our house. The arctic wind is here in Cemaes, the reason why its too cold.  Brrr.... I hate going to work if the weather is like this. Its horrible outside like no one wants to go out for a walk nor to shop for their food. I must finish my work quick and go straight under the quilt to give me warm.

At home, Jamie already lit the fireplace to make the house warm ready for me. I then asked him for a game of Wii Kart then watch a movie "Blast from the Past" after. As soon as the movie finished, Jamie told me to check if we have been paid. And yes we are. I'm in the cloud nine after checking the earnings. Got inspired to do more post and then go downstairs again to play Wii kart with Jamie. He treat me to a Steak and Kidney Pie and while we are eating, he asked me,

"If you are to choose between Mcolls and Post Office what will you chose?"

"Why will you ask me to chose among these two different establishment?"I answered.

"Just chose between two. You need to chose"

"alright.. Mcolls then.."I answered back.

So he gave me a Scratch Card he bought from the shop. He actually bought 2 the same scratch card from the shop and post office. Got all the diamonds, gold bar and 3 the same number and won a total of 25 pounds. Yehey! This is so cool. I've been lucky twice. Lol! I hope I'd be lucky again maybe, tomorrow???

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  1. God paid and won scratch 25 pounds? That's one heck of a Lucky Day for you..Susme naman Ednaleen, October pa lang, nanginginig ka na sa ginaw? how much more sa January and February. Jamie is right, it's not even cold yet. Hehehe, that's what happens when you're skinny, you have no enough fat to fight the cold. Have a little meat and you can stand the cold winter..
    Inip ka siguro, panay ang post mo ng personal eh, hehe..But that's good, I love reading your posts, you're so funny.
    Take care and best regards o Jamie..



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