28 Oct 2008

Christmas Ramblings!


I don't know why I get so bored waiting for christmas! Check out the playlist at the begining of this post, the all-time best Pinoy Christmas Songs I always love to listen during Christmas Day. You are free to comment if you like these songs I have here. I can't explain but the ambience was just to alive and carefree when I'm listening to songs that's really our own Pinoy original compositions.

Earlier, I called my Nanay and Tatay and check them if they were okay. Then started chatting to my brother online while talking to my parents. They seem pretty well. Busy and excited at the same time in their house project in the Province. I've posted here the recent picture of our house infact and tatay said there's more development at the moment. My brothers and I were so excited to see the result. Nanay was telling me some of her plans when the house is finished and I am sharing my visions with them. Well, they are still receiving some criticisms from our envy neighbourhoods and telling them why we chose to continue finishing the house when all the construction materials gone up? My tatay said,

"Bakit nakasisigurado ba kayo na bababa ang presyo ng materials?'

They have been talk of the town lately. Telling them positive and negative comments at the same time. But tatay is still positive that only few people will tell negative comments at the moment as they mouth is shut because of the continued progress of the house. We are all in a hurry to finish the house in fact to keep these envy neighbourhoods mouth shut forever lol!

Anyway, I hope they stop criticizing my parents as we are not there to protect them physically and emotionally. Why they just mind they're own business and be happy for their fellow kababayans who deserve such kind of what my nanay calls "ROI (Return on Investment) after so many years of sacrifices and hardships. hmmm

Peace everyone and Happy Christmas and Prosperous New year!


  1. Wow naman ha!!! Paskong Pasko na ah. Kakamiss naman ang Paskong PInoy. Mga paborito ko pa ang nilagay mo ha Ednaleen. Iba talaga ang kantang Tagalog lalo kapag pamasko, nakaka goosebumps at nakaka luha rin.
    Ang galing mo talaga. Thanks for all these songs. I can smell and feel the Christmas spirit..

  2. True! Walang tatalo sa paskong Pinoy. Pero when I read ur post mejo nainggit nga ako sau kasi ikaw nakatikim ka ng apple samantalang ako bayabas lang na sinusungkit pa namins a kapitbahay hehe.. Isa pa, di uso ang christmas sa amin nun bata kami. I dont know why. Cguro dahil sa walang budget para sa bagong damit hehe



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