28 Oct 2008

Loosing Pounds...

Alright, alright! I admit, I gain weight last year. I even reached 50 Kilos. Eating too much Jolibee, Mcdonalds, Chowking, Greenwich meals and the like. You know, restaurant meals that's always ready when you feel hungry. On the go when you feel lazy cooking meals. Drinking too much fizzy drinks like Coca-cola every after meal especially when it's too hot and you need some refreshing drinks to cool you down during summer. Whew! I end up gaining weight! From 45 to 50 kilos. But after that, I realized losing weight is really hard and expensive. The fact that you have to remove all your Extra-small or Small sized trousers and pants are really pain. I have to work and earn more to buy new clothes that will fit me and will make me more comfortable without trying to flatten my belly (check the picture below if you know what I mean) I've even experience openning my trouser's zipper when I am sitting so I can sit comfortably and breath right. Well I tried doing "After - 6" (eating anything you want before 6 P.M.) That's one way of losing weight but I'm always tempted. I always feel like eating at night while chatting to Jamie. And I always cook food like papaitan, pinakbet, sinigang na hipon as well as making graham cake which are really fattening.  I find it really hard. So I failed and try the next step. Cutting Rice intake. From 3 plates every meal to just one cup? I don't think so! What if the dinner in front of you is really tempting? I told myself, "No Way!". I'll eat more I can take in my stomach. I always love rice anyway. So I quit dieting then. And then I came here to UK. No changes from the first few months. After checking every month, my weight is slowing down. 50... 47...46.. then ended 42 kilos at the moment.


I am really shocked! My hubby is even more shock when I told him earlier. 2 more kilos and I can join the Olympics 2012 in track and field, high jump, long jump and even gymnastics! I'm really thin! Oh no!

'You need to eat more Mahal..." Jamie said.


On the other side, I like being thin. That means it will be more easier for me to get my clothes. Uh-oh! Not in this country though. As they seem to be oversize to me. Good thing there's petite clothes that I can chose from. I wonder what will my mother-in-law will say when she see me next. When I was winning about my fat belly she said,

"Edna, you're not fat... Your body if fine. You'll look anorexic if you will look thinner than that.."

Hmmm.. Let me just rewind the reason for losing weight. First, chocolate here are really cheap. but I'm not tempted to eat too much chocolate because I'm not really a fan of sugary products. Next, I ate rice in fact but maybe about 1-2 times a week. I always eat bread and make sure I eat vegetables within the week. Next, I'm not just sitting! I have a part time job that maybe burns some calories. Not really a full time job but working as a hotel cleaner really needs to be attentive, quick and needs more energy to do it in a certain time given. Whoa! Next, I like drinkng fizzy drinks but I also love Coke Zero and Max Pepsi. Lol! They are drinks that has less or no sugar. Hmmm.. Maybe these are the things that helps me lose weight. Anyhow I love the result! I don't need to go to gym nor go for a jogging like everyone else do. It just happen normaly without sweat! hehehe


  1. Hmmmm..being thin sometimes is not good if you are not healthy. You don't eat a lot of food because you have no time to eat? or you're trying to lose the weight and trying your best not to eat. You look great though. I like your style, you are so fashionista. Yup, when you are slim, there's a lot of great outfit that you can choose from. I remember those days. After 4 children,it would be a miracle to go back to 100 lbs. hahaha!! But, I had my days and now, I am OK with my vital statistics. Hehehe..
    Just make sure you are healthy and I won't say anything about you being so slim..One thing..Inggit ako sau!!!!Kaasar..hehehe

  2. Hehe I'm not skipping meals noh. Yun nga lang minsan I'd chose sleeping than having breakfast ( Important meal of the day) Pero when I Eat, without limit yun. hehe.. Nakita mo ba ang masel ko nun nasa pinas ako. Pihado kahit si Manny Pacquiao di uubra sa akin hehehe



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