27 Oct 2008

Christmas Time!


Take a look at my early Christmas Decoration for 2008. Finally, I put up my Christmas tree. I'm really excited and the house looks alive when its decorated. I feel like its Christmas tomorrow! Well, my hubby said it's too early to put up the tree as its only October 27 at the moment. But who cares? I'm a Pinay and in the Philippines, once September started, lots of Christmas garlands, Parol, and other Christmas decorations can be seen in the mall and public market. Gosh! I need to be honest, I miss the Philippines in times like this.Christmas in the Philippines is still the best Christmas at all times. Anyway, this year will be second Christmas here in UK. I arrived here last year 23rd of December. Just 2 days before Christmas and I've enjoyed it.


These are some of the pictures I saved last Christmas. The Big paper bag on top left corner was the first big Christmas Paper bag I've ever received in my whole life. I've even received lots of presents from Jamie's family and I'm quite shocked. I didn't even know I'll receive gifts then so I'm not bothered at first. But when Christmas Day arrives, I'm a bit ashamed as I don't have something to give them. Next picture was my sister-in-law Rachel and her Bf John cuddling in the sofa while watching for others to open their gifts. At the bottom part was a picture of me and mam when they take me for a Christmas Shopping at Birmingham. Next picture was me and Jamie on the couch at Wirral, England. And the best gift I've ever received, Nokia N800 which I then sell on Ebay after few months lol! I just realize I don't need it especially I'm just at home doing nothing but blogging.

This year, we are planning a lot of things. I want my next Christmas here to be memorable and happy of course even I'm away from my family in the Philippines. Right now we are busy saving every penny to buy gifts for everyone. Wow! I like Christmas! This is the best time of the year! Giving gifts, sending cards and sort of. Hmm... I'm also looking forward to a roasted turkey on my table lol! Jamie said his family will spend Christmas with us so finger's crossed, it could be one of my big christmas in UK. Hehehe.. Wonder what gift will I receive this year? Or should I make a wish list and send it to them? hahaha! just kidding!


  1. You said that you will give gifts to everybody...Wow!! You know where I live...hehehe.
    Feel na feel mo talaga ang pasko ha..I will probably put up my Christmas Tree after Thanksgiving. But I will not put any presents under it, since my kids will be ripping all the wrapping papers. Ang ganda naman ng iyong mga decors. Hay! parang tingin ko eh sobrang excited ka sa pasko ah, hehe, kita sa iyong post..I guess I would be excited too if I will be getting lots of presents, since la naman nagbibigay sa akin, kaya di ako excited. Mga bata na lang ang regaluhan, hahaha..Take care...

  2. Haha.. I'm excited kasi alam kong ang family ko rito wont forget about me. unlike sa pinas.. kahit isang milyon ubusin mo eh hindi ka bibilhan kahit isang balot na cloud 9 lol! anyway, hindi nman daw gifts a importante, yun makita mong everyone is happy and healthy eh ayos na di ba?



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