26 Oct 2008

Oh My Daylight!

My husband told me last night to change my clock time One hour backwards as the Daylight Saving will happen at midnight. I really don't know the reason why it has to change every now and then but I listened and changed the time in my mobile (Using it as my clock). Before we sleep, I asked him again if the time in my mobile is right and he answered me a loud "YES". So I started resetting my alarm so I can wake up 1 hour early before my work schedule and so I can have more time for a cup of coffee and a piece of toasted bread before I go.

Earlier, I woke up many times as if theres hailstone or big drops of rain hitting the window glass. Due to staying up late last night, I just didn't bother to stand up and checked but I manage to get my mobile under my pillow and check the time.

"Oh , its 6:55 o'clock and I still have 1:05 minutes to catch up on sleep."

So I fell asleep again only to wake up with a big loud voice from Jamie shouting,

"Edna, its already 9:35 in my clock!!".

I did'nt bother to open my eyes even if he's in a rush waking me up. I just check my mobile and saw there that its 7:35 am. I stand by the words he told me last night so I close my eyes again and told him,

Jamie its only 7:35 on my mobile. That means I still have 25 minutes to doze while waiting for it to alarm.

He answered back,

Yeah! But according to my watch its 9:35 and that means go back 1 hour and the right time will be 8:35am! Get up now sweetpeach or you'll be late to work!

I'm in a go to argue with him but rather than talk I just get up and budget the 25 minutes left for getting ready to work. I didn't realize that my clock could've been automatically adjust the time. Gosh! I should be careful next time or i'll lose my job!

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