27 Nov 2008

Watch Land Down Under Full Movie Trailer - Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin


"Land Down Under Movie" will be on the the cinema wordwide soon. Above is the sneak preview of the first movie team-up of Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin under ABS-CBN, Start Cinema Production. I'm pretty sure, there are lots of fans out there waiting for the release of this movie since its a different story plot. I know for sure that this will be another box office like the recent movie releases from Star Cinema, "Caregiver, When Love begins, A very Special Love, For the First time". Like those movies, the soundtrack of this album is also sung by none other than Piolo Pascual himself. Angel Locsin however improves in her acting since moving to ABS-CBN Station. I think she's proving everyone that she's really talented. She's singing, hosting and dancing now unlike before. Though there's a massive population of big stars on ABS-CBN, she still get some big projects like the recently finished "LOBO", the first Teleserye Team-up with Piolo Pascual.

Well, I will definitely watch this movie. I'm not a fan of Angel Locsin but I know she did well in this Movie. The trailer speaks for her how good she is, as well as Piolo Pascual. Lets supports this movie guys! Goodluck to cast of Land Down Under Movie!

Thanks to NassJamesGoodlooking for this trailer.

1 comment:

  1. Piolo!!!!!!!!!!!! ay ayaw ko si Angel..Hehehe.. May tag ako sau ha.. nakalimutan ko ang title, hehehe..about on the spot shot yata..la ka na kasi cbox eh..



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