20 May 2008

Cleaning Addict

Finally I've got time to BLOG! I've been up since 9:00 am this morning just to CLEAN the whole house. I cleaned everything and stayed half-day cleaning the kitchen. Lol! That's not a joke. I keep on scrubing the walls, cup board, washing machine, oven, freezer and refrigerator. And after I've cleaned it all, Jamie said, "Wow! Looks like its newly painted! Why are you so addicted to cleaning?"I simply replied him, "There's no way I'm cleaning each room in the hotel and won't be cleaning our own house.. Duh?!". He was laughing his head off with what I've said but to be honest, most of you who have the same job as me usually forgets cleaning our own house or area. I still remember when I'm working back home (Philippines), my desk is always clean and organize but my computer table at home was never like that clean. I don't know why, whenever I clean it, it gets messy before the day ends. Or another example was our preventive maintenance in the service department. Preventive maintenance simply means cleaning your computer be it software or hardware. We clean the CPU, printer, monitor and even the whole table of the person using it. Removing the spam, virus and etc. including reformatting and so on. But we have never done preventive maintenance on our own office equipments. Unbelievable! We should actually start all things with our self may it be regarding to work or any other else. If you are a salesman or businessman, you can't ask your customers to try your product/s unless you haven't tried it yourself. Same with our everyday chores or way of living. If we are pleasing others then it should be time to please yourself first. Everything should begins with ourself primarily.

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