19 May 2008

Busy Week

Busy Schedule! Those box shaded was my schedule the past 2 weeks and this week. Whew! Its tiring but I'm beginning to enjoy what I'm doing. On 23rd of this month I'll be on work twice in a day. I don't think I can blog by then. The manager told me that it will be a busy weekend as its one of the longest Bank Holiday in a year. I want to try the night shift so I will know what to do in case Kath wants to duty at night in summer. That might be tiring yet full of thrill for me. As you all know, I'm new in this line of career.

I'm looking forward to finish this weeks schedule. Like any other worker, I'm longing to finish my work quickly to have rest or a glass of cold water. I hope I get more days off next week. What a life!

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