18 May 2008

Blister and Callous!

I'd be honest with you guys. Upon searching on the web, I'm not too sure if the translation I saw was correct. I have this so-called "Kalyo" in may right palm I got from cleaning the hotel. Because my right hand works more than my left hand, I easily got this bad "Kalyo".

According to Webster Online Dictionary , The Kalyo translation is Callous. Since there are two synonyms in the context Callous, I might say I got the correct word for it. Callous means thick-skinned, Hardened skin, numb or dead skin and usually became senseless part of skin. I remember when I was in high-school and college, I usually get Kalyo in my fingers due to too much writing. My teacher used to ask me to make an outline of our lesson the next day especifically in Biology. She used to check our notes and will ask me to write it in the board so my other classmates can copy and use it as a reviewer on the following quizzes or exams after the discussion. Some got this Kalyo when you overuse you hand holding something for example Mop. When you Mop everyday like the way I'm doin you can get this KALYO. And that's one hundred percent! No wonder my father ( Tatay ) have this hard palms. Its because of using his Araro tilting the soil to plant different kinds of crops. It's not easy having this kind of hardened skin as its painful everytime you press it. But as soon as you get used to it, you might think that its been there because it protects you to have those Blister ( Paltos ) on and on. Oh by the way, I learned that today! Ahhhh!! I really need to improve my English Oral and written communication.

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