6 May 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Its one of the hottest days in Cemaes Bay since I've been here. It was a nice day outside. Everyone was out and excited to wear their short pants and sleeveless. at 5:00pm most of my neighbors are having sunbath. Cool! Cherry blossoms everywhere. Teenagers are out with their best summer clothes. Some are taking their top clothes off ( Men ) and some go to the beach to play kites and collect peebles. Whew! Cemaes bay is getting busy. Its still spring here but the temperature is not that cold anymore. Dad said that it will be officially summer in June 1st. How exciting! I have things to look forward too. I missed wearing my sleeveless, shorts and other fashionable stuffs that you can only wear during summer.

Anyways, aside from having a sunny day, today is also my first day of work. Its only a part time job but still excited to go back to work and have a little reward afterwards. I know it wasn't a pleasant job but I have to start on scratch especially now that im in the new way of life, new environment, new country. Everything new! As I've said on my recent posts, I met the Manager of the hotel yesterday. On today, she taught me everything that I should be doing during work hours. Four hours has passed and I finished all the jobs successfully. Theres some minor things that needs improving but all in all my job was great.

I got home at 12:45pm and I am really starving. Because I don't have much time before I went to work, I didn't had my breakfast. I guess thats the responsibility of Jamie from now on. To prepare my breakfast coz her wife will be going to work. Cool! Anyway, he prepared someting for me when I got home so it doesn't matter really. We go out for a walk later in the afternoon because the electricity keeps on going on and off. Hmmm.. I'm beginning to know everyone else in the village. As we pass through the shop, we saw Jane, Megan, Megan's friend, Dad.s friend, Neighbors, Christian and other else that I forgot the names. Im starting to get familiar in this country now and feels like I'm one of them. Great day.

The beach is low tide and we manage to take some pictures down the beach. Watching some ships on the sea, taking some pictures, playing with the sand and looking at the footprints. What a nice day! I hope everyday is like this. We head back home eating some tasty Ice cream cornetto then watched a movie called "Deep end of the Ocean"starred by Michelle Piffer while eating my tea of course, Chicken Spicy Wings! My day ends up sitting here making blog about things that happened today. See you again on my next post. Tara!

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