4 May 2008

My love story

I woke up late today because of not enough sleep last night. Jamie keep on waking up for what reason. Today is our two months being married and got a bouquet of flower from my husband. Thats it! He might have been planning this for a week and I was surprised. It was so romantic and sweet. He's always been since I met him 3 years ago.

Three years ago I am a simple Edna Leen who dreamt to be loved and be loved by someone. I am young ang innocent when it comes to love as I've never had a boyfriend since. I'm the only girl in the family and I grew up with fear from my father and three elder brothers. I've always been so old fashioned and conservative. But then , everything has always its end. When I turned 24 I came to realize that I missed most of my teenage days. You know, the typical courting and dating someone. Then Jamie came into my life. For me he was an answered prayer, heaven sent as they described because he came in during the time that I needed someone .

I met him online. Our love story begins when a spam message reached my email. It was an invitation of Elitemate giving a lifetime membership to register. Its a dating site for bachelors worldwide who are looking for a lifetime partner. I ignore it at first but then it keeps on sending invitation in my email so that pissed me off and signed up. Nothing to lose anyway. So I signed up and upload one picture in it. Weeks after, loads of single, divorced, bi-sexual emailed me interested to know me but ignored all of them as I thought they we're just looking someone for fun or flirting or just simply for SEX. Emails continue to flood but one mail caught my attention. The mail was just a typical message of someone who want to have a friend but I dont know what pushes me to reply back. His name is Jamie. A bachelor from United Kingdom.

We started mailing each other at first then later on I taught him how to use Yahoo Messenger as he was new to it. I don't know but theres something in this guy that I can't understand. He don't have a picture in his account but he's eager to get my trust. I know and I feel that this man I'm chatting to has a pure heart. I then convinced him to send me a picture although he keeps on refusing. Then I succeeded.

When I first saw him, he was thin, pale and looks like he's not sleeping because of black patches under his eyes. I was scared at first but still continue chatting to him. I know that I should not judge someone on his physical appearance plus I am not so pretty to act like that. I came to know him better. He's kind, thoughtful and sweet guy. He kept on telling me I am beautiful and smart even if I'm not. He boost my confidence and gives me moral support when I'm down. He courted me after few months and then I told him we can try online relationship but if it doesn't work we can remain friends or even best of friends.

It was hard at first especially telling my friends and family who's my BF. Invisible, Online BF that I have not even seen in person. I sometimes find it hard to tell them I already have a boyfriend fearing that they will criticize me. Some say don't trust him, some just say you can try, some say hes just fooling you and some just laughed at me. But it doesnt stop there. Jamie decided to meet me in person.

August 28, 2006, he arrived at NAIA and I picked him up. It was embarrasing at first. But since I'm the hostes, I should be very polite and entertaining.He met my parents after and asked if he can marry me. My parents never disagree whatever my decision will be coz they say I'm in the right age and as long as he will take care of me there will be no problem at all. My family and Jamie came along very well during his visits. When he got home, we realized how we missed each other very much.So he did his very best to get me and finally decided to apply for settlement visa here in UK. I got lucky and travelled here last December 23, 2007.

Finally, we got married last March 03, 2008 (Which is our 3rd year Anniversary) and now celebrating our 2nd wedding monthsary. Who would tell that my online buddy, my chatmate and my email buddy in that dating site will be my future husband? I realized that, no one can really tell who will be the right guy for you. There's no right and wrong guy. But theres only one person that is destined for you. The best thing we can do is just wait for that RIGHT TIME to come because only future can tell who and when will that person will come. I always read in some quotes not to look for it, instead just wait and it
will come naturally. In my case, its right! Who knows, one of your love story will be like mine? We can never tell! But if that man turn up, whatever struggles that come your way, he will be your 100% Lifetime partner!


  1. hi eds and jamie. congratulations!! i wish you happiness!!! may God always bless you.

  2. nakakakilig naman!!! inggit ako..Rodney can't keep track of our date of marriage, sa daming anak, birthday ko lang ang di nalilimutan, April fool's kasi eh, hehehe..

  3. Thanks ate tere and ate liza. Aba surprise yan.. ask ko kung ano ang clue the night before ang sabi red daw. so thats it, 1 dozen of roses pala .. hay buhay pag-ibig!

  4. hey edz and jamie! hugs!!! ingat kayo at magmahalan lagi.. hahabaan ko na lang comment ko next time..he he :P


  5. Thanks Kristine for that very thoughtful comment.. I'll chat to you soon ok?



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