7 May 2008

Cemaes Bay Beach - Anglesey

Here's the picture of Cemaes bay when its lowtide. Its my first time seeing it like that and it was captivating. The marks made by the small waves made the sand looks artistic.

Its amazing how deep the sea was when its high tide as I can even see the marks on the side of the hills. Whoa! I can still remember the fresh air when I'm there. It also helps when you're in deep thinking or just merely wants to unwind from busy work. Its worth a vacation when you visit this place. Just 10-15 minutes away was the Llanbadgrig Church which is belie
ved to be historical among Welsh. The place is also good for Mountain hiking. Its a small village and yet believed to be one of the great scenery in Anglesey. Theres hotels and beach house just round the village and some small shops where you can get some emergency stuffs. You'll enjoy the place. Very peaceful and the people were nice and polite. There are also bars where you can visit when you feel like having a night out. Harbour hotel, Woburn Hill Hotel and Douglas Inn. They serve great food if you feel like have a meal with your dates or with your family. Its a cool place and nice place for a great vacation. Highly recommended for all the tourists especially now that its nearly summer! Take your summer clothes and go to Cemaes Bay Beach!

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