25 May 2008

Patient? or Impatient?

Patience is the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset, or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties.

Impatience is an opposite of patience or having a lack of patience.

I have to open my computer and start searching for the right meaning of this two words. I felt being patient and impatient at the same time today. Lol It might be because my work is realy busy at the moment. Like my shift last Friday night, I worked twice a day. But today was a bit shocking to me. Its my first time serving loads of orders , getting their orders and clearing up tables but hey, Im not superman to do all this and not either trained for this job? I know I can't say no to the commands that has been asked but at least check them if i can do the job that quick. My patience earlier is really low. I didn't expect that there will be plenty of customer's coming in. I bet, tomorrow will be a lot more stripping than my work for the past week. Well i won't deny that I'm poor in being a waitress. First, I have the communication barrier. Second, I was shock on the bulk orders and third I only have a few idea on how to serve and accomodate them. Finally, the time pressure and pressure to learn the job itself. Lol!

I've done most of the cleaning earlier in 6 rooms. How tiring is that when you started working on the about 9:30 and you will have to finished it by 12:00? Geez! I dont know what to think but im getting impatient for the the job. They might say I'm a grafter but I cant possibly be good at all jobs. The good thing in it is I'm learning all of it but please, not to quick.

Right now I'm am so grumpy. I think I need a break on work. I have been duty for the last five days and been waiting for my rest day. Weeee! Finally I can sleep more than eight hours. Staying in bed till I have enough relaxation as well as a nice massage from my hubby. Looking forward to it now! Wohooo!

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