26 May 2008

Rest Day here I come!

Wow! This is my last schedule after 5 days! Wohoo! After helping the new girl in the hotel, I came home with a big smile in my face. You know what I mean why I'm so happy today. Its because I have 3 days off starting tomorrow! So even though there are lots of stripping and cleaning today. Even I'm really slow because of the effect of grumpiness and that sleeping tablet, I know theres a rainbow at the end of the day.

I have done lots of mistake last night and today. I can't concentrate in what Cath is asking me because of the slang accent last night. What will you do if you have about 20-25 British around you with different accent and speaking slang, and fast? Whew! I might say i'm grumpy mentally than physically! lol! I had a hard time translating each command in my brain. Sometimes I just do it logically when i got 1-2 clear words. I bet most of Pinays abroad is doing the same. Its really hard! I imagine my brain is a bit drained because of it. I've done better than what I've expected. Clap! Clap!

When I arrived home, I just had a coke and mushroom soup and go for a nap. Wow! I miss our bed!. And when I woke up? The manager called if I can do cleaning tomorrow. Not again! They say "No Pain, No Gain". More hours of work means more pay! Lol! Well I have no choice but to go there tomorrow. I spoke to Cath and she told me she'll explain it to me why I have to be there. I'm kinda nervous and worried. Jamie said I'd be alright as they probably like me do the job than any other girls. I just hope its not about me being a worst worker coz I'm doing my job well. Or the new girl must have been dropped the job because of the work itself. It's not really easy. The time constraint made it hard to finish all the rooms bu oftentimes there are few guests who are checking in. I'll be there tomorrow but hoping that I'll have my two days off after tomorrow. I'm still looking forward to it. And maybe, Jamie and I can watch Indiana Jones if im not to tired. hehehe

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