23 May 2008

Things to Ponder

Today was one of the busiest day on my CAREER LIFE. Lol! I got up 6:30 am till 12:40. Then go back again at 7:00pm till 9:20pm this evening. Its not hard really. The manager is guiding me in my every move and teaching me everything that needs learning. With me is her grandchild and daughter who was chatting me while working with the orders. Its indeed bank holiday today and they're expecting lots of customers coming in. There are quite few couples who drop by and order some drinks and food but beyond their expectation. They've compared it to the past bank holidays which is about 34 meal orders and so on. Well, people might have chosen to stay home and rest for a bit. Hopefully, they might go tomorrow or the next day to unwind with some pint of alcohol or a shot of lemonade and vodka. Hmm! Sounds interesting! I might do it again one time. Its been a whole since I last got drunk!

Anyway, I'd be honest but I saw the happy side of my co-workers today. Before, I am scared to commit mistakes as if I'll be shouted or told off with what I did but they aren't really like that. All I saw later was,they are joking around, winding up each other enjoying the times while working. The environment was really light. Opposite of the straight, serious face I've encountered at first. I'm quite chuffed about it. And not only that, I've learnt a bit of what they call British Humor. I don't get every joke but at least I'm picking up things.

I guess that's all for now! The sleeping tablet is kicking in and I will still need to get up early for my morning duty.. Tarah!!

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