28 May 2008


I can't help you with the procedure of another countries visa. But as for the uk visa process, here are some additional tips. Thanks for my hubby for helping me with these.

1. Tell your partner to keep all the letters (including envelopes) you send her.
2. Make sure you have 3 to 6 months of bank statements to hand before the application.
3. If you are a homeowner have your deeds handy.
4. If you rent then have a letter from your landlord saying it's ok for your partner to stay with you.
5. If you work then have your salary slips available.
6. If you're unemployed, have proof of benefits. (Unfortunately if your income is too low you will most likely be rejected as you have to prove you can support your partner without claiming any more public funds for him/her.) A way round this is to get letters from family members (saying they will help support you) along with their bank statements. Due to illness I recieve Income Support and D.L.A. This was deemed acceptable and my 'then' fiancee was granted her visa.
7. Include pictures of you together with your partner.
8. Write a letter of invitation

If all of the above are followed then a finacee visa shouldn't be a problem. A few years back my wife was refused a visit visa, she wasn't my wife then of course but she was refused on 3 points. She mentioned looking for work (A BIG NO NO on a visit visa) I mentioned she was having problems at home in my invitation letter (ANOTHER BIG NO NO) They said that she had weak family ties which led them to believe she wouldn't leave the uk and would become an illegal immigrant. The final reason for refusal was just a document problem which wasn't our fault.


If you are successful in your application, whatever you do DON'T just buy the ticket for the following Day. Your fiancee/spouse must attend a seminar and have her passport stamped. Nobody informed us of this, not even the Visa people so my partner had 2 trips through the seemingly endless security checks at Manila airport, the first time being refused at check in.


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