27 May 2008

Where is Karen?

As mentioned in my previous post, I was asked by the manager to clean the hotel today. Karen, the new girl wasn't able to continue the probationary because of some issues. Hmmmm.... Whatever it is, I hope it will be sorted. But I miss working with her. Telling her the tips I gained from cleaning everyday and sharing points of view about everything. Cath says she might come over tomorrow as she spoke to her about the matter. If that is true then Welcome back Karen!

Finally, I have my real day-off tomorrow. I cooked Pork Adobo earlier and had my dinner with Jamie. Before I came to work earlier, I asked Jamie to lit the fireplace so I can have a proper bath. And I did it. It was so relaxing. Then asked Jamie to give me a quick massage. I plan to sleep early tonight and rest the whole day tomorrow for my next duty. Life is really hard. We have to do everything just earn couple of pounds to send to your love ones in the Philippines :(

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